9 Best Stellaris mods you should try in 2020

Stellaris has become a fantastic video game of the decade. So far, the game is made available to all types of platforms such as Windows, OS X, Linux, and even for PlayStation and Xbox. But well, the best thing about this game is the mods. Even when the Crusader Kings II’s 2,000 mods or even the Europa Universalis IV’s 4,000 mods weren’t enough, Stellaris loads itself with an entire galaxy

List of Stellaris Traits with IDs

Stellaris Traits

In the game, you can create your empire. Players are recommended to make their own empire so they get to know about the major parts of the empire i.e, traits, ethics, homeworld, government, civics, and starting tech and how these major parts can affect the gameplay. There are traits that you can select for your species. Basically traits are useful for the Empire species. Here is the list of Traits in

List of Stellaris Resources with IDs

Stellaris Resources

Stellaris is a game that is based on space. At the starting of the game, the player has to explore the space and advised to send their ships to surveying the neighboring systems. Some celestial bodies contain resources like minerals and energy credits. The player has to do a survey to get these resources. These resources help the player for a better start and these can also help the player

List of best Stellaris Ascension perk with IDs

Stellaris Ascension perks

You can acquire the ascension perks slot by finishing an entire tradition tree. Here is a list of ascensions perk with their cheat codes. The Syntax you have to use for this: activate_ascension_perk [ascension perk id] Here are some examples: 1. activate_ascension_perk ap_evolutionary_mastery This command activates the ‘Evolutionary Mastery’ ascension perk. 2. activate_ascension_perk ap_voidborn This command activates the ‘Voidborne’ ascension perk.

List of Stellaris Traditions with Cheat IDs

Stellaris traditions

Stellaris is a game based on space. At the starting of the game, the player can explore the space and can build the empire. As the player gains unity in the game, they can select a tradition for their empire. Here is the list of traditions with their IDs. The Syntax you have to use for this: activate_tradition [tradition id] Here are some examples: 1. activate_tradition tr_expansion_adopt Executing the above

List of Stellaris Technology with Cheat IDs

Stellaris is a 4X grand strategy video game based on space exploration. It allows you to use cheat codes which make your game more interesting. In this game, there are plenty of situations where you can use these cheat codes. Suppose you would research Proximity Mines so you can use this tech_aura_minefield code for your empire. As Technology is used to get resources easily here is a list of Stellaris

How to Open and use console in stellaris

Stellaris is a 4X grand strategy video game where you can use cheat code to make your game more interesting and these cheat codes help you to get better at the game. Using Cheat codes you can skip the situations or parts of the game which you don’t like. To execute these cheat codes you can open the console. Console is a text box where you can type cheats and

Stellaris Cheats: List of every cheat code and console commands

stellaris cheats

Stellaris is a 4X grand strategy video game developed by Paradox Interactive. The gameplay is about space exploration, diplomacy, managing an empire, and space warfare with other civilizations. This game is on every platform For Windows, OS X, and Linux. In 2019 it was released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The beginning of the game is in the year 2200 and it is a real-time game, set in space. At the starting of a game, the player has to explore

Best Fortnite settings for Xbox One

xbox fortnite settings

Are you a gamer looking to become a professional at what you play? Do you play Fortnite on a daily basis? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you have reached the right destination. We say so because, in this post, we will discuss the best settings for this game if you are wishing to play this on an Xbox One. So make sure to read

10+ Must-Play Fortnite Creative Maps

Fortnite Creative maps

Are you a dedicated Fortnite player? Have you been playing this game for a long time? If that is yes, there are chances that you are familiar with all aspects of the game and keep yourself up to date with the game’s updates. Well, no offense, but it can get boring. To avoid the boredom factor, Fortnite keeps up the pace through regular updates, but the cherry on top is