Best Internet Devices that You Can Have

After the virus outbreak hit, the entire population was stranded inside their homes, the only contact happening through the internet. It was our smartphone, tablet, or laptop that allowed us to virtually communicate with our loved ones continents apart, all whilst connected to stable, high-speed networks like Spectrum Internet. Though the vaccine is out and things are looking better, we still do not know what the universe has in store for us. To be prepared, or just to lead a much better lifestyle, and even be efficient in remote work, online education, and get the best entertainment, we recommend having the following smart devices in your homes!


This is for all the parents, parents-to-be, and those who want to be parents in the future. It is a sleep training and monitoring device that recognizes and learns your child’s sleeping patterns and tells you when to put the child to sleep and when to wake the child up. Furthermore, it has in-built features to give ‘sunlight’, makes soothing sounds, and generates white noise – all to make the baby’s sleep cycle better.

Amazon Echo

This fourth-generate speaker is quicker, faster, and is a home companion. From telling you the weather to playing your favorite song and setting an alarm, it does it all, by following your voice demand. It is also known to virtually assist other devices as well.

Google Nest Hub

Also a virtual assistant, Google Nest Hub has a visual tablet-like display. It works just like the budget-friendly Google Nest Mini but also has extra features such as supporting smart home cameras and a variety of setting options.

Ecobee SmartThermostat

Very popular and rated the best smart thermostat on the market, Ecobee is Wi-Fi based and with your voice, you can control the house’s temperature by changing the settings of the air conditioning or home heating system. It also has an auto mode where it can itself adjust the room’s temperature without you tempering it. You can also change the temperature of one room and not change the temperature of others. How convenient is that?

Ariel by Solar Breeze

This is mandatory for everyone who owns a pool! This device cleans an average-sized pool in one and a half hours and even collects the tiniest of debris, leaving your pool sparkling clean. It has in-built lights for nighttime cleaning and also has rechargeable batteries. Quite the steal!

Wyze Cam v3

Talk about budget-friendly options! Just for $20, you can install this indoors or outdoors and it comes with HD vision and supports Google voice assistant and Alexa. For fourteen days, the cloud storage is free, but you can always upgrade it later. It also has great night vision. This is one must-have smart gadget!

Nest Hello

This gadget is on the top of our wish list because we did not know how easy it would make our lives. First, it is a doorbell video assistant that lets you know who is on the door, on your smartphone, or on any device you have linked it to. Second, it can make free video recordings for up to three hours so you know what has been happening outside the door. Third, and the best, it has a facial in-built recognition feature, which means that it knows when the house owner or the family is there and will notify you accordingly. You can build the facial-recognition software yourself.

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

Though this is a controversial smart device because people believe that it can compromise their security if a hacker gets hold of the smart lock, it is still wildly popular and requested. This portable small lock will open only on a virtual demand and will make you feel as if the keys are old-fashioned. No more frantically losing and searching for keys!

Hex Home

Unlike other traditional home security systems, Hex Home is small, portable, and promises to reduce the number of false house alarms. It comes with a pod and senses human motions, learns, and can be altered to alert at specific times. Though its price is higher, its functionality is dual.

Wrapping Up

In this article, we have mentioned some devices that you can buy online for a better and smart lifestyle. With an internet connection, you can simply buy anything online from digital stores. Over time we have seen that the focus of technology is reverting to bring in ease in the lives of people. So, if you have access to a good internet connection and you can invest in these devices, simply get your hands on the devices that you need and are meant for you. We have listed our favorite devices from which you can choose the ones that are aligned with your interest or need. Happy online shopping!

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