Terraria developer donates $200k to Godot and FNA open-source engines amid Unity controversy.

Snapshot Re-Logic, creators of Terraria, responded to Unity’s controversial Runtime Fee policy by donating $100,000 each to open-source engines Godot and FNA. Despite not using Unity themselves, Re-Logic aims to support alternatives with $1,000 monthly sponsorship on top of the $100,000 donation. Re-Logic emphasizes the importance of standing by emerging open-source engines and urges Godot and FNA to keep improving for developers worldwide. The minds of Terraria, Re-Logic, have taken

Elon Musk brought a gun to “ask” for a Cyberpunk 2077 cameo

Well, that’s certainly one way to secure a cameo in a game like Cyberpunk 2077. Snapshot Elon Musk’s audacious demand for a cameo in Cyberpunk 2077, armed with a 200-year-old gun, is detailed in Walter Isaacson’s new biography. The book also delves into his fascination with the game’s cybernetic future, mirroring his own ventures with Neuralink. The biography is a mosaic of Musk s achievements, eccentricities, and unpredictable endeavors. In

More than ten million players have taken to the cosmos in Starfield

Starfield might not be the biggest game to be released on the Xbox but it’s right up there. Snapshot Bethesda’s Starfield has achieved a landmark with over 10 million players in just two weeks of its release, marking the largest launch in the company’s history. Its performance on platforms like Steam and in European sales underscores its success, although comparisons with older Bethesda titles remain. With future expansions and updates

FTC pins blame on massive Xbox leaks on Microsoft

In its response, Microsoft stressed the importance of Forza Motorsport for the Xbox platform. Snapshot Confidential Microsoft documents revealing potential future strategies for Xbox were inadvertently made public due to an error attributed to Microsoft itself. While these disclosures offer fascinating insights into Microsoft’s plans, they also underscore the crucial importance of data security in today’s digital era. Phil Spencer has since clarified that Microsoft’s real plans remain undisclosed. Audiences

Lords Mobile – Free Codes (September 2023)

Rule the realms with these Lords Mobile codes. Acquire resources and boosts for your base in this popular tower defense game. (Images: IGG) Lords Mobile summons players to battle, with the primary objective being to construct your own fortress, enlist strong heroes, and gather elite soldiers to defend your main base against waves of adversaries attacking from all directions. Gamers can engage in difficult game modes and gather resources and

Baldur’s Gate 3 cast play D&D TTRPG live on Twitch

Baldur s Gate 3 s voice cast of Originals will play a one-shot Dungeons & Dragons tabletop game via High Rollers on Twitch. (Images: Larian Studios/ Wizards of the Coast; BTS photo courtesy of Devora Wilde) Snapshot The fan-favorite voice cast of Baldur s Gate 3 will have a one-shot actual play of the Dungeons & Dragons tabletop RPG, hosted by High Rollers. The voice actors are ecstatic to get

RUMOR: Bungie’s upcoming IP codename ‘Gummy Bears’ will be developed using Unreal Engine

Snapshot Bungie, renowned for iconic franchises like Halo and Destiny, is reportedly working on a new game codenamed ‘Gummy Bears’. The game is believed to be powered by the Unreal Engine, marking a departure from Bungie’s staple Tiger Engine, which has been central to its successes. Unlike Bungie’s previous titles, ‘Gummy Bears’ is rumored to be a MOBA-style game with isometric gameplay, featuring colorful characters and real-time strategy elements. With

Will Nintendo ever port Tomodachi Life to the Switch?

Snapshot Tomodachi Life, a popular life simulation game released in 2014 for the Nintendo 3DS, is being speculated for a potential port to the Nintendo Switch. A hint towards this possibility came from a renowned leaker, Pyoro, although the statement was ambiguous. The game allowed players to manage a virtual island filled with Miis, and it sold over 6.72 million copies, becoming the tenth best-selling game on the 3DS. It’s

Ex-WarnerMedia CEO Jason Kilar joins Roblox’s board of directors

Snapshot Jason Kilar, former CEO of WarnerMedia, has joined Roblox’s board of directors. Kilar’s expertise in media and entertainment could hint at Roblox’s ambitions to expand beyond gaming into broader entertainment horizons. Kilar has had a mixed track record, with his decision at WarnerMedia to release films simultaneously on HBO Max and in theaters drawing backlash from significant figures in the film industry, including director Christopher Nolan. The former CEO

Microsoft’s Chief Product Officer, Panos Panay, is reportedly taking his talents to Amazon

Snapshot Panos Panay, the face behind Microsoft’s Surface products and Windows 11, has announced his departure from Microsoft after nearly two decades. There are strong rumors that Panay is moving to Amazon to take charge of the Alexa and Echo divisions. Yusuf Mehdi, a veteran at Microsoft with over 30 years of service, will now lead the Windows and Surface divisions. Panos Panay of Microsoft, the guy responsible for the