Best Characters to Play in Apex Legends Season 18

Choosing a Legend to play is complicated for new and returning players, especially when choosing from so many. While there is certainly a character for everyone, we will focus on a few of the most popular ones in the ongoing season and figure out what makes them tick. With no further ado, let’s meet the champions!


Despite the series of nerfs, this character’s awesome mobility and ability to get on the high ground makes her one of the top picks in the current meta, especially in the higher ranks. Do not underestimate her ability to drop from above and shoot, as it greatly benefits her pro-aggressive playstyle and pushing capabilities. While the Black Hole ultimate is not so powerful and can be easily avoided by experienced players, the overall character’s toolkit perfectly makes up for that. And, still, a well-placed ultimate is a useful tool to block the opponents when you’re retreating from the gunfight or throw an extra thing when aggressively engaging the squad.


Since the day the character was introduced and up to date, it is an obvious choice for the tryhard players. The Legend is packed with great mobility tools and useful tactical ability, allowing her to move faster and flank opponents while she is invulnerable. Her passive activates a warning similar to certain Call of Duty perks, informing the players that they are in the enemy’s crosshairs and should move from the line of sight. Finally, her iconic ultimate creates linked portals that anyone can use for an entire minute, which can be used to both lure enemies to their demise or get your squad out of the danger zone.


One of the most fun characters to play, and if mastered, it can be used with unique movements unlike any other Legend. Even nerfed, the grapple is a powerful mobility tool, and the Zipline Ultimate can quickly relocate your entire squad from one area to another. Using his passive trait to scan the Survey Beacons decreases the ultimate cooldowns for the entirety of the match and instantly recharges it, which makes his kit even better. Positioning is crucial for this character, and you will spend some time practicing both the map and your abilities, or you can get a coaching session with experienced players using the Apex Legends boosting services and learn the tricks of the character much faster.


Generally, this is one of the best Legends in the game, thanks to his accessible kit that essentially allows you to track down enemies, eventually scanning them and highlighting them through the walls for the entire team. Being able to detect footprints on the ground, you’ll be ready to meet the enemies and provide your teammates with reconnaissance data that can sway the situation on the battlefield in your favor. It’s always good to have such utility in the team.


Filling a support role, Gibraltar finds his place in higher ratings, with the Tactical Shield capable of saving the lives of your entire team by blocking the incoming damage and increasing healing, and his personal gun shield blocking not much, but enough damage to give him an edge over an opponent in most of the gunfights. His ultimate ability is great area control, calling in the air strike in a large radius, capable of downing an entire team when timed correctly.


Thanks to his stims, he is another champion with great mobility, but the tradeoff is your HP, so you should use them cautiously if you’re expecting a gunfight. Another great mobility tool at his disposal is the iconic jumping pad, which can be used to gain height advantage or cross a map section. His passive ability, Adrenaline Junkie, will slowly restore Octane’s HP while he’s out of combat, allowing him to rest and restore health before the next engagement if you’re playing tactically than aggressively.


Jetpack is a great mobility tool at Valk’s disposal, allowing her to reach advantageous positions on the map, gain the high ground, and do that quite frequently. Her ultimate ability greatly benefits the team, allowing them to redeploy the squad and relocate to a different area on the map. That alone secures Valkyrie’s spot on the team and makes her worth mastering. You can use the ultimate to reposition if you’ve found yourself too far behind the circle or to escape the skirmishes not playing in your favor safely.


Another supporting character, but with quite different tools to help the team – as a combat medic, she provides teammates with heals and can revive two players simultaneously. Her well-timed healing drone can quickly get the team back on its feet in dire situations, and the called-in care package provides the team with much-needed gear upgrades, especially valuable during the game’s early stages. Otherwise, you can use it to lure the opponents with a promise of great loot and deliver their demise.

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