List of Stellaris Resources with IDs

Stellaris is a game that is based on space. At the starting of the game, the player has to explore the space and advised to send their ships to surveying the neighboring systems. Some celestial bodies contain resources like minerals and energy credits. The player has to do a survey to get these resources. These resources help the player for a better start and these can also help the player to build the ships and stations without much waiting. Here is a list of all resources with their IDs.

The Syntax you have to use for this:

resource [resource id] [amount]

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Here are some examples:

1. resource

The above command will credit you with the default amount of resource points – 5000.

2. physics 34

Executing this command would give you 34 resource points.

Stellaris resources
NameID / Cheat Code
Energy Creditsenergy
Physics Researchphysics_research
Society Researchsociety_research
Engineering Researchengineering_research
Terraforming Gasessr_terraform_gases
Terraforming Liquidssr_terraform_liquids
Garanthium Oresr_garanthium
Neutronium Oresr_neutronium
Living Metalsr_living_metal
Yurantic Crystalssr_yuranic
Teldar Crystalssr_teldar
Satramene Gassr_satramene
Lythuric Gassr_lythuric
Dark Mattersr_dark_matter
Alien Petssr_alien_pets
Pitharan Dustsr_pitharan
Engos Vaporsr_engos
Orillium Oresr_orillium
Riggan Spicesr_riggan
Betharian Stonesr_betharian
Muutagan Crystalssr_muutagan

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