List of best Stellaris Ascension perk with IDs

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You can acquire the ascension perks slot by finishing an entire tradition tree. Here is a list of ascensions perk with their cheat codes.

The Syntax you have to use for this:

activate_ascension_perk [ascension perk id]

Here are some examples:

1. activate_ascension_perk ap_evolutionary_mastery

This command activates the ‘Evolutionary Mastery’ ascension perk.

2. activate_ascension_perk ap_voidborn

This command activates the ‘Voidborne’ ascension perk.

Stellaris Ascension perks
NameID / Cheat Code
Evolutionary Masteryap_evolutionary_mastery
The Flesh is Weakap_the_flesh_is_weak
Synthetic Evolutionap_synthetic_evolution
World Shaperap_world_shaper
Mind over Matterap_mind_over_matter
Master Buildersap_master_builders
Imperial Prerogativeap_imperial_prerogative
One Visionap_one_vision
Consecrated Worldsap_consecrated_worlds
Executive Vigorap_executive_vigor
Galactic Force Projectionap_galactic_force_projection
Defender of the Galaxyap_defender_of_the_galaxy
Galactic Contenderap_galactic_contender
Technological Ascendancyap_technological_ascendancy
Mastery of Natureap_mastery_of_nature
The Circle of Lifeap_the_circle_of_life
Galactic Wondersap_galactic_wonders
Interstellar Dominionap_interstellar_dominion
Eternal Vigilanceap_eternal_vigilance
Grasp the Voidap_grasp_the_void
Synthetic Ageap_synthetic_age
Machine Worldsap_machine_worlds
Shared Destinyap_shared_destiny
Colossus Projectap_colossus
Enigmatic Engineeringap_enigmatic_engineering
Nihilistic Acquisitionap_nihilistic_acquisition
Transcendent Learningap_transcendent_learning

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