AFK Arena Voyage of Wonders: All Maps Detailed Guide in 2022


Voyage of Wonders:  Voyage of Wonders is one of AFK Arena’s most intriguing events. Voyage of Wonders breathes new life into the game by giving players a lot of fun, challenging puzzles, and a lot of money-making opportunities as they explore different areas. When participating in activities, many game lovers like to design hard enamel pins fortheir team. The pins can easily be attached to the lapels, giving players a

The Frozen Hinterland Guide: AFK Arena (Wandering Balloon)

Frozen Hinterland Guide

The Wandering Balloon is a new game feature in AFK Arena that allows us to re-play prior Voyage of Wonders realms, and the first one included is The Depths of Time, a fantastic Voyage of Wonders that we had back in May 2020. So, as always, I’ve included my step-by-step tutorial for this realm, which you can use if you get stuck or if you don’t want to solve the

The Depths of Time Guide: AFK Arena (Wandering Balloon)

The Depths of Time Guide

The Wandering Balloon is a new gaming feature in AFK Arena that allows us to re-play former Voyage of Wonders realms, and The Depths of Time is the first featured realm there. I’ve updated this guide with the creators’ tiny tweaks to provide you with the most up-to-date summary of how to solve The Depths of Time step-by-step. General & Reward Depths of Time The Depths of Time are essentially

Secrets Of The Forest Guide (Peaks Of Time Realm 3): AFK Arena

Secrets Of The Forest Guide

Congratulations on unlocking Peaks of Time’s third real, Secrets of the Forest. There is a thorough tour of the entire realm here so that you may finish it as quickly as possible. Hero levels of 125+ are recommended. If you recall from before, there were riddles in the realms of Peaks of Time. In Secrets of the Forest, you’ll first come across a challenge of this nature. To make matters more

The Fallen Souls Guide: AFK Arena (Wandering Balloon)

The Fallen Souls Guide: AFK Arena

In AFK Arena, a new feature called “The Wandering Balloon” allows players to revisit the previous Voyage of Wonders realms, the first of which is “The Depths of Time”, a very enjoyable Voyage of Wonders from October 2019. Below you’ll find a list of all the methods to take care of this problem, as well as a few more hints. General Information & Rewards for Fallen Souls As a general

AFK Arena Guide: Best Guide for Beginners

Afk Beginners Guide

I’ll admit it: this guide is more like a book than a plain instruction manual. To begin, I want to warn you that this is going to be a text-heavy tutorial, with some images sourced from other guides. A major factor in my decision is that updating text rather than images are considerably more convenient in the event of a debate on a topic. It’s my objective to answer all

AFK Arena Divine Realm Guide: Peaks of Time Chapter 7

AFK Arena Divine Realm Guide

In the AFK Arena 1.14.1 release, a new Divine Realm was added as the 7th Peak of Time, requiring you to establish teleports to two islands. From start to finish, let’s examine how to build the entire Divine Realm of AFK Arena. In the Divine Realm: AFK Arena To complete the Divine Realm in AFK Arena, find and activate three identical Seal kinds throughout the map ghostwriting. A platform is

The Burning Woods Guide (Peaks of Time Chapter 13): AFK Arena

The Burning Woods Guide

AFK Arena’s Peaks Of Time continues with The Burning Woods, the thirteenth chapter. Learn how to navigate through the Burning Woods in this AFK Arena tutorial. If you finish Peaks of Times, you’ll be rewarded with strong relics and treasure chests full of essential things. In AFK Arena, you’ve just finished reading the newest book in the POT series, The Burning Wood. However, aren’t you stumped on how to go

The Peaks of time Realm 5: AFK Arena The Ancient Ruins Guide

AFK Arena The Ancient Ruins Guide

The AFK Arena Peaks of Time Ancient Ruins map is one of the most difficult you’ll encounter. Players in the AFK arena are tasked with solving riddles that lead them to the location of all of the prize containers. Our basic tips and tricks guide is here to help you tackle this map’s challenge, which many gamers have been having a hard time completing. A hero level of 135 or

Contorted Realm Guide (Peaks Of Time Realm 15): All You Should Know About

Contorted Realm Guide (Peaks Of Time Realm 15)

We’ve arrived at a game that first focuses on waiting, but now we get to play a conventional role-playing game. With a little bit of art and a lot of styles, this game is coming to our heroes in the gaming world. The game includes a wide variety of characters and groups, making it a fantastic experience. Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of the Contorted Realm Map here. When playing