AFK Arena Guide: Best Guide for Beginners

I’ll admit it: this guide is more like a book than a plain instruction manual. To begin, I want to warn you that this is going to be a text-heavy tutorial, with some images sourced from other guides. A major factor in my decision is that updating text rather than images are considerably more convenient in the event of a debate on a topic. It’s my objective to answer all of your inquiries in one place. If you don’t know what you’re doing, don’t play this game. The way you play your account will be affected by the variety of pulls, fights, experiences, and information that you have. Ctrl+F should be easy to use because I’ve attempted to utilize the game’s in-game word for most items at least once. What’s the point when there are already resources available? Google search results for “Shemira” still direct you to out-of-date information and obsolete guides and images. I’d like to create a site where individuals can find out anything they need to know and make changes at any time.

That being said, there is a reason that guidelines are put together. As a result, I’d want AFk arena guide to include not just tips and techniques but also pathways you may pursue up to the start of mid-game, such as setting up your trademark goods and your first furnishings so that it’s a complete resource. Finally, with enough input and refinement, this guide might become a comprehensive resource for new gamers. With the new player’s experience in mind, I compiled and updated a lot of the old material that is already out there, and provided an extensive rationale for the options players must make.

Whaling 101

Let’s keep this short and sweet, shall we? You’re prepared to part with cash in exchange for pixels. Alternatively, you may donate to the developers. Then, you may believe that the price is worth it for what you’ll get in return. This is a long game. Instead of buying everything in the game right now, go out and buy a house. Buy a house for yourself and your entire family right now. NOW.

Having said that, the game offers a number of intriguing ways to spend real money. These essential purchases will set you apart from the rest of the crowd and those who aren’t careful with their money. Among whales, these purchases are the norm, and some of these are much sought after by those who only want to buy a little something here and there.

Doing things 1–2 is best if you only want to spend a small amount of money from time to time and get the greatest value for your money. In this case, if you’re willing to pay a bit more and have a little monthly budget, pick up items 3 and 4. All or part of item 5 would be included in a bigger monthly budget. If you plan to spend a lot of money, buy everything on this list. Everything else is optional and up to you. It’s not necessary for me to tell them what to purchase if they’re going to spend a lot of money.

Monthly Subscription

AFK Arena Guide

For the money and the length of time you’re paying, you’re getting a lot for your money. Through the use of mercenaries and other means, your campaign is bolstered.

Monthly Cards

AFK Arena Guide

As you can see, there are two sizes. Regardless of your monthly budget or log-in frequency, both are excellent options. Depending on your VIP status, you’ll receive more diamonds. Keep in mind that this purchase remains in this tier regardless of your level. There are several fantastic perks, and the diamond income is excellent. It should be enough to fulfill your cravings for a few days at a time.

Noble Societies

AFK Arena Guide

These are reasonable when compared to other purchases, but the ones above them are less expensive and far superior in every regard. Regal Rewards is the greatest option for newbies, but it fades away as your collection shrinks. Changing the benefits of Champions and Bounties is possible before you begin claiming them. Dust or red emblems are your best bet for getting past the barriers in Champions of Esperia. Because you’re still leveling up and getting capped by dust and don’t yet have high signature items or high ascension heroes, the first 1-2 dust cycles will be the most beneficial. Get EXP for Twisted Bounties because it’s always a smart idea. Twisted Essence is at best mediocre, and at worst a waste of money. But they aren’t horrible, and they’re probably only worth it once or twice.

When do things unlock?

Gear EnhancementComplete Stage 1-1
RanhornComplete Stage 1-12
Noble TavernComplete Stage 1-12
Temple of AscensionComplete Stage 1-12
Barracks StoreComplete Stage 1-12
Rickety CartComplete Stage 1-12
Dark ForestComplete Stage 2-4
Arcane LabyrinthComplete Stage 2-4
Labyrinth StoreComplete Stage 2-4
StoreComplete Stage 2-8
King’s TowerComplete Stage 2-12
LibraryComplete Stage 2-16
Battle Speed x2Complete Stage 2-16 or VIP 2
GuildComplete Stage 2-20
Guild StoreComplete Stage 2-20
Arena of HeroesComplete Stage 2-28
Progression Reward PurchasesComplete Stage 2-28
Bounty BoardComplete Stage 3-12
Fast RewardComplete Stage 3-36
WishlistComplete Stage 4-4
Resonating CrystalComplete Stage 4-36
Wall of LegendsComplete Stage 4-36
Legends’ Challenger TournamentComplete Stage 5-40
ArtifactsComplete Stage 6-4
Peaks of TimeComplete Stage 6-4
Guild GroundsComplete Stage 6-4
Voyage of WondersComplete Stage 6-20
MercenariesComplete Stage 6-40
Bountiful TrialsComplete Stage 6-40
Peaks of Time: Unrelenting BlazeComplete Stage 7-4
Peaks of Time: Secrets of the ForestComplete Stage 8-4
The Champions of EsperiaComplete Stage 8-20
The Elder TreeComplete Stage 8-40
Twisted EssenceComplete Stage 8-40
Peaks of Time: Rest in PieceComplete Stage 9-4
Legends’ Challenger TournamentComplete Stage 9-20
Challenger StoreComplete Stage 9-20
Arcane Labyrinth Hard ModeComplete Stage 9-24
Peaks of Time: The Ancient RuinsComplete Stage 10-4
Legendary+ Gear from Guild StoreComplete Stage 10-22
Mythic Gear from StoreComplete Stage 10-22
Peaks of Time: The Far FrontierComplete Stage 11-4
Legendary+ Gear from AFK RewardsComplete Stage 11-18
Field of StarsComplete Stage 11-40
Mythic Gear from Guild Store & Lab MerchantComplete Stage 12-2
Peaks of Time: The Divine RealmComplete Stage 12-4
Bounty Board AutofillComplete Stage 12-40 or VIP 6
The Twisted RealmComplete Stage 12-40
Peaks of Time: Rancid ForestComplete Stage 13-4
Artifact EnhancementComplete Stage 13-40
Peaks of Time: Viper’s MarshComplete Stage 14-4
Towers of EsperiaComplete Stage 14-40
The StargazerComplete Chapter 15 or VIP 13
Peaks of Time: The Dismal DescentComplete Stage 15-4
Abyssal ExpeditionComplete Stage 15-40
Peaks of Time: The Savage WastesComplete Stage 16-4
Mythic Gear from AFK RewardsComplete Stage 16-11
Primordial Emblems from AFK RewardsComplete Chapter 16
Peaks of Time: The Solar PlaneComplete Stage 17-4
Amplifying Emblems from AFK RewardsComplete Chapter 17
The Oak InnComplete Chapter 17 & 1 Ascended Hero
Peaks of Time: The Burning WoodsComplete Stage 18-4
Faction Emblems from AFK RewardsComplete Chapter 18
Peaks of Time: The Abysmal DelvesComplete Stage 19-4
Peaks of Time: The Contorted RealmComplete Stage 20-4
Wandering Balloon: The Depths of TimeComplete Stage 20-20
Peaks of Time: The Forgotten MineComplete Stage 20-44
Wandering Balloon: Fields of StoneComplete Stage 20-50
Mythic Tier 1 Gear Upgrades from AFK Rewards & StoreComplete Stage 21-1
Wandering Balloon: Highburn StrongholdComplete Stage 21-20
Battle Speed x4Complete Chapter 21 or VIP 11
Mythic Tier 2 Gear UpgradesComplete Stage 26-1
Dismal LabyrinthComplete Chapter 26 and 30 Normal Lab Runs
Hero Choice Pack1 Ascended Hero
Guild Boss Quick BattleVIP 6
Arena Battle SkipVIP 6
VIP Exclusive SupportVIP 14
VIP Exclusive Redemption CodesVIP 14
+1 Hero Choice Pack DrawVIP 15

AFK Arena Tips and Tricks

1.) Build And Develop The Best Team

In this section, we’ll go over everything you learned in the tutorial thus far. Start by assembling your dream squad of superheroes. Make use of the tier list to identify the finest characters you’ve ever had. Focus on enhancing their abilities in numerous ways, such as levelling up, climbing, etc. Conjure as many diamonds as you can and see what happens. If you’ve invested time and money on a character that isn’t worth it, you may simply reset or retire him or her.

Add all classes of heroes, including tanks, DPS, and healers/buffers. Put the most important weapons in the front row, followed by the remainder of the tanks.

2.) Play Every Game Mode

In addition to the campaign mode, you may collect valuable items in various types of play. Whether it’s guild wars, bounty boards, arcane labyrinths, or king’s towers, make it a point to play them all on a regular basis. EXP, in-game currency like diamonds, and hero essence may all be earned while playing the game.

3.) Complete The Quests

Tap the missions button in the upper-right corner of the campaign mode screen to complete the daily chores and earn diamonds, scrolls, soul stones, and more. It’s also a good idea to complete the weekly challenges. Make sure you complete all of the tasks to earn all of the prizes.

4.) Join A Guild

In order to participate in the team hunts, join a guild that is active. Guild money, gear, jewels, and a slew of other items are all up for grabs. Guild coins may be exchanged for other valuable things at the guild shop.

5.) Claim The Free Daily Gift

Grab free diamonds and soulstones every day by tapping on the Gift Set option in the upper-left corner of the game’s screen. In order to be called a hero, you need to gather enough soulstones. In the bag menu, you may put it together as you choose.


Well, by now you might have acquired a thorough picture of how exciting the game is. So what are you waiting for? Get your game immediately, study our AFK Arena guides and get the finest experience of gameplay.

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