AFK Arena Rest In Peace Guide: Peaks of Time Chapter 4

Hey, gamers over there! Here is the best thing for your next step- unlocking rest in peace- in your favorite Peaks Of Time version 4.

AFK Arena is really a successful game, especially in the year 2020, this game has gained nearly $333,9 million. Though this game was first launched on April 9th, 2019, for operating systems like Android and iOS. This game became so famous within one year, that nearly 10 million times this game has been downloaded from the Google play store

In case you don’t know, AFK is an internet acronym for “away from keyboard”. Also, this game was introduced by Lilith Games from Shanghai.

Rest In Peace Map And Guide

Here we are putting down all the details of the AFK arena rest in peace road map through which you can step into the game and reach your final destination. Also, we are going to note down all the related guides that will help you to be the winner of the battle. 

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Step 1:

Rest in peace archer icon

Enter the battle place. Instantly you will get to visit the Archer Icon. But! If you go for stepping into it, all the heroes you are carrying will get harmed. 

So, instead of this process, what you can do! There’s a way you can step in. First, try to step in this Archer symbol on the ground. Then you can see one tile that is there which stays just behind the anchor symbol. But what you need to do, don’t make use of any of your heroes while you are in the Anchor symbol. After you cross this one, you can try the fountain. 

Step 2:

Rest in peace fountains

Now you have already crossed the first boundary. At this stage, you will get to visit the fountain. Take your right side. Before taking the right side, at the top, your eyes will get stuck at the top because there is a bow and a sword. Don’t even try to go at the top position.

Just take the right side. Why so! After you reach the right side, you will be offered a trigger. Now you may ask what should I do with the trigger? Listen to us, this trigger will help you to deactivate them. When you will win against all of your enemies on the battleground, you can be more strong because you will have the option to obtain new relics like the coral vow, Haven’s grace, shadowfall, etc. that will help you and your gang to be stronger.

Step 3:

Rest in peace shrine

Now is the time to follow the detailed map because when you will visit the map, you will visit a few elite groups. But the fun fact about this road map is that- it is the easiest way to cover up the total afk arena rest in peace. 

When you come to the end, you will get a shrine. This shrine is complete of your use. You can get rid of all kinds of negative impacts on your game. After using this shrine, you will have no other negative facts that will reduce the speed of your heroes of the battle in the AFK arena rest in peace.

Step 4:

Rest in peace shrines

Now you have come almost to the end of the road of the AFK arena rest in peace realm. You will get the last two battles which will be against other elite groups. In this step, you will get other shrines those need to be deactivated. Only when you will deactivate these shrines, you will reach the final section i.e. the top section of the AFK arena rest in the peace guide map.

These two shrines will be your best buddies because these two will remove all the debuffs i.e. the negative impacts of the battleground.

Rest in peace Rewards

Rest in peace Rewards

As a reward, you will get a lot of Dura’s calls along with lots of gold chests.

The concluding words

So, here are all the details through which you can make the battle clear. Now you can return to your first position where you have moved to the right section. Go ahead to the topmost section of your battle in the rest in peace.

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