How to Open and use console in stellaris

Stellaris is a 4X grand strategy video game where you can use cheat code to make your game more interesting and these cheat codes help you to get better at the game. Using Cheat codes you can skip the situations or parts of the game which you don’t like. To execute these cheat codes you can open the console. Console is a text box where you can type cheats and execute it. In this article, we have explained how to open the console and use it.

Stellaris game cheat code

You can open console just by pressing a single key which is Key. Usually, this key is located under and above key. If this is not working and your keyboard doesn’t have this key then there are other methods also to open the console and these are:

You can open the console simply by these keys and you only have to write the command and enter it. For example, Write food and simply enter it. This will add the specified amount of food to your current amount. You can use the cheat code from our other article.

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