Stellaris Cheats: List of every cheat code and console commands

Stellaris is a 4X grand strategy video game developed by Paradox Interactive. The gameplay is about space exploration, diplomacy, managing an empire, and space warfare with other civilizations. This game is on every platform For Windows, OS X, and Linux. In 2019 it was released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The beginning of the game is in the year 2200 and it is a real-time game, set in space. At the starting of a game, the player has to explore the space and take control of species in the space. The game either start by taking the premade empire or Customized player-made empire. The process of making species involves many choices.

This game has plenty of situations where you can use cheat codes. Here is the list of all console commands and cheat codes for the game on Windows, Linux, and Mac. You can use these cheat codes to make your gameplay more thrilling and interesting.

You can open the console in the game by pressing the ` Key which is usually located above Tab key and below ESC.

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Stellaris cheat codes

Here is the List of Cheat Codes:

Command NameSyntaxWhat it will doExamples
3dstats3dstatsEnable and Disable the 3dstats feature.This command show and hide the 3dstats information
achievement_statusachievement_statusPrint your current achievement status to the console.The command will print your ahievement status to the console
activate_all_traditionsactivate_all_traditionsActivates perks for all traditions.Activate all perks traditions
activate_ascension_perkactivate_ascension_perk [ascension perk id]Activates the specified ascension perk.To activates the 'Evolutionary Mastery' ascension perk. activate_ascension_perk ap_evolutionary_mastery

To activates the 'Voidborne' ascension perk
activate_ascension_perk ap_voidborn
activate_traditionactivate_tradition [tradition id]Activates the specified tradition.To activate the "Expansion Traditions" tradition.
activate_tradition tr_expansion_adopt

To activate the "Drone Network" tradition.
activate_tradition tr_synchronicity_drone_network
add_anomalyadd_anomaly [anomaly category]Adds an aberration category for the planet that you currently have selected in-game."Life Signs" anomaly to the planet you currently have selected.
add_anomaly life_gasgiant_category
add_ethic_popadd_ethic_pop [population id] [ethic id]Adds the specified ethic to the specified population.To add the "Pacifist" ethic to the population with ID 24.
add_ethic_pop 24 ethic_pacifist >
To adds the "Fanatic Militarist" ethic to the population with ID 35.
add_ethic_pop 35 ethic_fanatic_militarist
add_opinionadd_opinion [source id] [target id] [opinion amount]Add or remove opinion from one empire to another.To adds 10 opinion from empire with ID 3 to the empire with ID 0.
add_opinion 3 0 10

To remove 10 opinion
add_opinion 3 0 -10
add_popsadd_pops [species id] [planet id]Populates an entire planet with all of the species.To lists the IDs of populations/species.

Executing the above command would populate all of the planet with ID 33 with species with ID 4.
add_pops 4 33
add_shipadd_ship [ship name]This command helps to spawn a fleet of the specified ship.To spawn a fleet of 'Battle' ships.
add_ship Battle
To spawn a fleet of strong battleships.add_ship Relic
To spawn a fleet of Titans.add_ship Keeper
add_trait_leaderadd_trait_leader [leader id] [trait id]Add the specified trait to the leader with the specified ID. Use 'debugtooltip' to find leader IDs.To add the "Agrarian Upbringing" trait to the leader with ID 1.
add_trait_leader 1 leader_trait_agrarian_upbringing
add_trait_speciesadd_trait_species [species id] [trait id]Adds the specified trait to the species with the specified ID.To add the "Agrarian" trait to the species with ID 4.
add_trait_species 4 trait_agrarian
add the "Persistent" trait to the species with ID 12.
add_trait_species 12 trait_persistent
advanced_galaxyadvanced_galaxyThe command causes every default empire to gain colonies, fleets and technologies.advanced_galaxy
aiaiEnables and disables (toggles)
ai_anomaliesai_anomaliesEnables and disables (toggles) AI-only anomalies for human empires.ai_anomalies
alienfxalienfxIf you have an alien case, this command will attempt to integrate with AlienFX (changing your computer lights).alienfx
ambient_objectambient_object [object id]Spawn an ambient object, relative to the specified ID.ambient_object [object id]
attackallfleetsattackallfleetsThis command makes all fleets under your control target every fleet that isn't under your control.attackallfleets
audio.playeffectaudio.playeffect [effect name]Play a specified sound [effect name]
(The name/ID of the sound effect you wish to play.)
audio.setactivegroupaudio.setactivegroup [group name]Allows you to set your active audio [group name]
(The name of the group you wish to activate.)
berserk_aiberserk_aiThis sets all AI aggression to 10.berserk_ai
blend_post_effectblend_post_effect [setting] [time] [mode]Blend into a new post effect setting, relative to the specified type, transition duration and mode.blend_post_effect [setting] [time] [mode]
bordersbordersCalculates the map borders and prints them to your console.borders
cashcash [amount]Adds the specified amount of energy credits to your energy credits amount.To add 5000 energy credits
To add 240 energy credits
casusbellicasusbelli [casus belli id] [empire id]Initiates the Casus Belli with the specified ID against the specified empire. To start the Casus Belli "Subject" against the empire with an ID of 4.
casusbelli cb_subject 4
To start the Casus Belli "Containment" against the empire with an ID of 23.
casusbelli cb_containment 23
clear_debug_linesclear_debug_linesGets rid of any 'debug lines' from your screen.clear_debug_lines
clear_debug_stringsclear_debug_stringsRemoves any debug strings.clear_debug_strings
collisioncollisionEnables and disables the display of collision boxes for entities in the game.collision
colonizecolonize [population id]Colonize the planet you currently have selected with the population of the specified ID.colonize 44
communicationscommunications [empire id]If executed with an argument (an empire ID), this will toggle communication on or off with the specified empire. If executed without an argument ('communications' on its own), this will toggle communications on or off with all empires in the game.To toggle communications on or off with all empires.
To enable and disable the communications with the empire of id 4
communications 4
contactcontactEnables contact with all empires currently in the
controlcontrol [planet id]Allows you to instantly occupy the planet with the specified ID.To make you occupy the planet with the ID 432.
control 432
copy_popcopy_pop [population id]Copy the population with the specified ID to the planet that you currently have selected.Copy the population with ID of 45 to the planet that is currently selected in your game.
copy_pop 45
crashcrashThis will crash your game if you enter it into the console.crash
create_navycreate_navy [percentage]This command will create a naval fleet with up to 100% of your naval capacity ('create_navy 0.5' for 100%). The designs used are all of your latest.To create a naval fleet with 100% of your naval capacity.
create_navy 0.5create a naval fleet with 50% of your naval capacity.
create_navy 0.25
create_megastructurecreate_megastructure [megastructure id]Create the megastructure with the specified ID.create_megastructure [megastructure id]
damagedamageThe ship you have selected to take the specified amount of damage.This command cause your currently selected ship to take 2 damage.
damage 2
This command cause your currently selected ship to take 41 damage.
damage 41
debug_achievementsdebug_achievementsErase all achievements you have currently acquired.debug_achievements
debug_achievements_cleardebug_achievements_clearDebug achievements. debug_achievements_clear
nomennomenThis will cause all empires (AI-controlled) to never (ever) agree to any deals or proposals.nomen
yesmenyesmenThis will cause all empires (AI-controlled) to always (regardless of prerequisites) agree to any deals or proposals..yesmen
debuglinesdebuglinesEnables or disables (toggles) debug lines.debuglines
debugtexturedebugtexture [texture name] [transparency] [alpha channel]Debug textures - see argument information for further help.debugtexture [texture name] [transparency] [alpha channel]
debugtooltipdebugtooltipEnable and Disable debug tooltips.debugtooltip
democratic_electiondemocratic_electionStart the next democratic election.The only to execute the democratic election
depositsdepositsPrints deposit statistics to the console.deposits
effecteffectExecutes the specified effect script.effect
electionelectionForcefully start the next ruler election.election
engineeringengineering [amount]Adds the specified amount of engineering points to your current amount. engineering [amount]
(The amount of engineering points you wish to add. Use a negative number to remove points.)
errorerrorPrints errors to the game log and console.error
eventevent [event id] [empire id]Starts the event with the specified ID in the specified empire.To starts the event with ID 'anomaly.5' (Pirate Treasure) in the empire with ID 44.
event anomaly.5 44
To starts the event with ID 'colony.150' (Underground Vault) in the empire with ID 0.
event colony.150 0
eventscopeseventscopesPrints the scope trees of events that are currently to the console window.eventscopes
eventstatseventstatsThis command prints statistics about events that are currently running to the console window.eventstats
factions.showallfactionsfactions.showallfactionsPrints a list of all factions currently in the game, along with statistics for each.factions.showallfactions
factions.showattractionfactions.showattractionPrints a list of all factions with their attraction levels.factions.showattraction
factions.spawnallfactions.spawnallThis command works if 10 years have passed in the game. This command will spawn all factions in the game.factions.spawnall
fast_forwardfast_forward [days]Skips forward the specified amount of days in the game.To skip forward 365 days (1year)
fast_forward 365
To speed up the game for 10 days.
fast_forward 10
filewatcherfilewatcherEnables or disables (toggles) filewatcher.filewatcher
finish_researchfinish_researchFinish the research
To advance any and all technology research that's currently in progress to 100%.
finish_special_projectsfinish_special_projectsFinish all special projectsfinish_special_projects
foodfood [amount]Adds the specified amount of food to your current amount.To add 5000 food - 5000 is the default amount this adds.
To add 22 food to your empire.
food 22
To removes 20 food from your empire.
food -20
force_integrateforce_integrate [empire id]It causes the empire with the specified ID to integrate into your empire.This would force the empire with ID '4' to integrate into the empire you are currently playing as.
force_integrate 4
free_governmentfree_governmentEnables or disables the time limit that prevents you from changing governments too soon after another.free_government
free_policiesfree_policiesEnables or disables (toggles) your ability to make policy changes with no restrictions.free_policies
ftlftlEnables or disables (toggles) faster than light travel.ftl
fullscreenfullscreenEnables or disables (toggles) fullscreen mode.fullscreen
game_overgame_over [victory type]This command forcefully ends the game with either domination (0), federation (1) or conquest (2).To ends the game with the victory type domination.
game_over 0
To ends the game with the victory type federation.
game_over 1
To ends the game with the victory type conquest.game_over 2
gfxculturegfxculture [culture id]Change your empire's graphical culture (the way it looks).gfxculture [culture id]
(The ID of the culture you wish to set.)
gotogoto [x] [y]Move your camera with specified co-ordinates.To move your camera to the location of X 20 and Y 15 in the game.
goto 20 15
grow_popsgrow_pops [growth rate]This will help to speed up the growth of population of the planet.grow_pops 10
guiboundsguiboundsDisplay bounds around GUI elements currently on the screen.guibounds
hdrhdrEnables or disables (toggles) the graphics setting for high-dynamic-range rendering.hdr
helphelp [command]Print a list of all commands in the game.The command will print help for the energy cheat.
help energy
hsvhsvConverts HSV to RGB.hsv
human_aihuman_aiEnables or disables (toggles) AI for humans.human_ai
influenceinfluence [amount]Credit you with the specified amount of influence points.This will give you 50 influence points.
influence 50
This will give you 10,000 influence points.
influence 10000
infoinfoEnables or disables (toggles) debug
instant_buildinstant_buildInstantly completed the building.Only way to execute the command
intelintel [low / high]Change the intel level of the space you currently have discovered - 0 for low, 1 for high.This sets your intel level for currently discovered space to low.
intel 0
This sets your intel level to high for all currently discovered 1
invincibleinvincibleMake all ships invincible.invincible
kill_countrykill_country [empire id]Kill your current empire if no ID is specified. This will kill your current empire.
This will kill the empire with the ID 33.
kill_country 33
kill_leaderkill_leader [leader id]Kill the leader with the specified ID.This will kill the leader with an ID of 3.
kill_leader 3
kill_popkill_pop [population id]Kill the population with the specified ID.This will kill the population with the ID 442.
kill_pop 442
kill_rulerkill_ruler [population]Kill the ruler with the specified ID.This will kill the ruler with ID 35.
kill_ruler 35
lockcameralockcameraEnables and disables (toggles) the locking of the camera.lockcamera
map_namesmap_namesPrints a list of all of the map names..map_names
mature_galaxymature_galaxySkips forward 100 years, replicating a 'mature galaxy'.mature_galaxy
max_resourcesmax_resourcesGives the maximum amount of all resources in resource storages.max_resources
memtestmemtest [iteration count]This is an advanced debug command. It is used to test for memory leaks.memtest
messagemessagePrints a list of message types.message
mineralsminerals [amount]Adds the specified amount of minerals to your minerals storage.This will add 5000 minerals to your mineral count.
This would add 450 minerals.
minerals 450
noguinoguiEnables or disables (toggles) the GUI.nogui
nomousenomouseEnables or disables (toggles) the scrollwheel.nomouse
observeobserveEnables observer mode, use 'play 00' to exit.observe
overnightovernight [ticks to skip]Set the game into 'overnight session' mode. overnight [ticks to skip]
(The amount of ticks you wish to 'skip' )
ownown [planet id]Claim the planet with the specified ID for your current empire (may also work for fleets, starbases, colonies, etc).To make your empire the owner of the planet with the specified ID.
own 445
particleparticleEnables or disables (toggles) particle debug information.particle
particle_editorparticle_editorOpens the particle editor window.particle_editor
pathpath [start index] [end index]Find paths between stars.path [start index] [end index]
peace_on_playerpeace_on_player [empire id]Forces the empire with the specified ID to offer peace to you.To make the empire with ID offer your current empire peace.
peace_on_player 44
physicsphysics [amount]Credit you with the specified amount of physics points.This will credit you with the default amount of physics points - 5000.
This command would give you 445 physics points.
physics 445
planet_classplanet_class [planet class]Change the class of the planet you currently have selected to the specified planet class.Switch the class of the planet you currently have selected to "Gas Giant"
planet_class pc_gas_giant
Switch your selected planet's class to "Toxic World".
planet_class pc_toxic

planet_happinessplanet_happiness [amount]Adds the specified amount of happiness to the planet you currently have selected. Add 80 happiness to the planet you currently have selected.
planet_happiness 80
planet_resourceplanet_resource [resource id] [amount]Add the specified amount of the specified resource to the planet you currently have selected.Give 10 "Terraforming Gases" to the planet you currently have selected.
planet_resource sr_terraform_gases 10
Give your currently selected planet 1 "Orillium Ore".
planet_resource sr_orillium 1

planet_sizeplanet_size [tile amount] [planet id]Change the size of the planet with the specified ID. The maximum size is 25,Set the planet with ID 444 to the size of '25', which is the largest possible size.
planet_size 25 444
planetsplanetsPrints a list of all planet classes, and the amount of them in the current game.planets
playplay [empire id]Switch to another empire. Make you switch you to your starting empire
play 00
make you play as the empire with ID 23
play 23
populatepopulate [planet id]Populates all free slots on the planet you current have selected in-game.populate [planet id]
productionproductionPrints debug information about production.production
random_rulerrandom_rulerReplaces the ruler of your current empire with a random ruler.random_ruler
recalc_fleet_presencerecalc_fleet_presenceIt is a debug tool, when executed it will recalculate the fleet presence cache.recalc_fleet_presence
regenerate_border_colorsregenerate_border_colorsChange the border colors of empires that share the same color.regenerate_border_colors
reloadreload [file]Reload all of the assets the game currently has loaded.reload [file]
reload_galaxyreload_galaxyStarts a new game.reload_galaxy
reload_graphical_mapreload_graphical_mapReloads the GUI map.reload_graphical_map
reloadfxreloadfx [map / .fx file]Reloads the game's shaders.reloadfx [map / .fx file]
remove_ethic_popremove_ethic_pop [population id] [ethic id]Removes the specified ethic from the population with the specified ID.Remove the Spiritualist ethic from the population of ID 22.
remove_ethic_pop 22 ethic_spiritualist

remove_notificationremove_notificationRemove all notifications currently on the screen.remove_notification
remove_trait_leaderremove_trait_leader [leader id] [trait id]Removes the trait with the specified ID from the leader with the specified ID.Remove the "Curator" trait from the leader with ID 44.
remove_trait_leader 44 leader_trait_curator

remove_trait_speciesremove_trait_species [species id] [trait id]Removes the trait with the specified ID from the species with the specified ID.Add the "Very Strong" trait to the species with ID 43.
remove_trait_species 43 trait_very_strong

rendertyperendertypePrints the current rendering system that is being used to the console.rendertype
research_all_technologiesresearch_all_technologies [creature / crisis] [repeatable]Research all non-repeatable technologies if no arguments are specified. Research all non-repeatable tech including creature and crisis technology.
research_all_technologies 1 0
Research all technology in the game, including repeatable, creature and crisis tech.
research_all_technologies 1 1
Researches all repeatable and non-repeatable technology that isn't creature or crisis tech.
research_all_technologies 0 1

research_technologyresearch_technology [tech id]Research the technology type with the specified ID.Research "Proximity Mines" (tech_aura_minefield) for your current empire.
research_technology tech_aura_minefield
Research the "Robotic Workers" technology.
research_technology tech_robotic_workers
resourceresource [resource id] [amount]Credit you with the specified amount of resource points.Credit you with the default amount of resource points - 5000.
Give you 34 resource points.
physics 34
resourcesresourcesPrints resource statistics to the console.resources
reverse_diploreverse_diplo [diplomatic action id] [empire id]Send the specified diplomatic action from the specified empire to the empire you are currently playing as.reverse_diplo [diplomatic action id] [empire id]
runrun [file name]Run a list of commands in .txt file that is within the root game directory.Run the list of commands in a file called commandTest.txt.
run commandTest

scalingscalingEnables or disables (toggles) the scaling of models.scaling
skillsskills [amount]Adds the specified amount of levels to every skill.Default way to execute this command
smoothsmoothEnables and disables (toggles) Stellaris' graphical frame smoothing feature.smooth
societysociety [amount]Credit with the specified amount of society research points.Default way to execute this command.
Add 44 society technology points.
society 44

spawnentityspawnentity [entity id]Spawn the entity with the specified ID at the current location of cursor/mouse in the game.spawnentity [entity id]
(The ID of the entity you wish to spawn.)
srgbsrgbEnables and disables (toggles) SRGB color.srgb
surveysurveyProvide one science strip.survey
switchlanguageswitchlanguage [language name]Switch to the specified language/localization type.Swtich to english
switchlanguage English
Switch to russian
switchlanguage Russian

techupdatetechupdateCommand will refresh the technology tree.techupdate
techweightstechweights [tech area]Prints the weights for the specified technology tree.Prints techweights for the physics technology tree.
techweights phy
Prints techweights for the engineering technology tree.
techweights eng

terraforming_resourcesterraforming_resources [amount]Adds the specified amount of terraforming resources to the planet you currently have selected.terraforming_resources [amount]
test_achievementtest_achievement [achievement id]This is a debug tool. It will test the trigger of the achievement with the specified ID.test_achievement [achievement id]
threading.taskthreadscountthreading.taskthreadscountPrints the amount of threads the game is utilizing.threading.taskthreadscount
ticks_per_turnticks_per_turn [tick amount]Adjust the amount of ticks per turn in the game. This can be used to speed up the game.Make the game run at 2x usual speed
ticks_per_turn 2

timetimePrints the current time of your computer (not the game).time
triggertrigger [script name]Execute the test script with the specified name.trigger [script name]
trigger_docstrigger_docsPrints information regarding triggers and their effects.trigger_docs
trigger_filetrigger_fileThis is an advanced debug command. It will test the specified trigger script file.trigger_file
unlock_edictsunlock_edictsUnlock all of the game's edicts for application to either a planet or your entire empire.unlock_edicts
unityunity [amount]Adds the specified amount of unity.Adds the default amount of unity, which is 500.
Adds 50 unity.
unity 50

versionversionCopies the current version of the game you are running to your clipboard. version
volumevolume [volume]Set your game volume to the specified delta value.Set your volume level to 25
volume 25
Set your volume level to 0.
volume 0

war_on_playerwar_on_player [empire id]Make the empire with the specified ID declare war on your current empire.Executing the command would force the empire with ID '44' to declare war on your current empire.
war_on_player 44

warwar [declarer empire id] [subject empire id] [war goal id]Make a specified empire declare war on another specified empire with a war goal of your choice.Make the empire with ID 9 declare war on the empire with ID 0 with the war goal 'humiliation'.
war 9 0 wg_humiliation

warexhaustionwarexhaustion [amount]Adds the specified amount of war exhaustion to all empire's active wars.Add 10 war exhaustion to each of the wars empire.
warexhaustion 10
windowwindow [open / close] [gui name]Opens or closes the specified GUI.Close the advisor window.
window close advisor_window

wireframewireframeEnables and disables (toggles) wireframe.wireframe
draw.asteroidstweakergui draw.asteroidsEnables and disables (toggles) the rendering of asteroid belts.tweakergui draw.asteroids
draw.backgroundtweakergui draw.backgroundEnables and disables (toggles) the background of the game.tweakergui draw.background
draw.borderstweakergui draw.bordersEnables and disables (toggles) the rendering of borders.tweakergui draw.borders
draw.centertweakergui draw.centerEnables and disables (toggles) the flow in the center of the galaxy.tweakergui
draw.clusterstweakergui draw.clustersEnables and disables (toggles) the drawing of clusters.tweakergui draw.clusters
draw.combatdebuglinestweakergui draw.combatdebuglinesEnables and disables (toggles) the target line that is drawn between a ship and the target it is currently attacking.tweakergui draw.combatdebuglines
draw.dusttweakergui draw.dustEnables and disables (toggles) galaxy dust visibility.tweakergui draw.dust
draw.hyperlanestweakergui draw.hyperlanesnables and disables (toggles) hyplerlanes visiblity.tweakergui draw.hyperlanes
draw.namestweakergui draw.namesEnables and disables (toggles) the display of names for things like empires and galaxies in the map.tweakergui draw.names
draw.navigationarrowstweakergui draw.navigationarrowsEnables and disables (toggles) the navigation arrows that show in-game.tweakergui draw.navigationarrows
draw.nebulatweakergui draw.nebulaEnables and disables (toggles) the visibility of nebulas.tweakergui draw.nebula
draw.neighborstweakergui draw.neighborsEnables and disables (toggles) the visibility of the lines that connect a system to its neighbours.tweakergui draw.neighbors
draw.objectstweakergui draw.objectsEnables and disables (toggles) the visibility of objects on the screen like stars, ships, stations and planets.tweakergui draw.objects
draw.pathtosystemtweakergui draw.pathtosystemEnables and disables (toggles) the 'path to system' feature. tweakergui draw.pathtosystem
draw.sensortweakergui draw.sensorEnables and disables (toggles) the visibility of ships and owned systems sensor ranges.tweakergui draw.sensor
draw.shipintersectiontweakergui draw.shipintersectionThis command enables and disables (toggles) the display of the ship intersection.tweakergui draw.shipintersection
draw.starstweakergui draw.starsShows and hides black holes and stars.tweakergui draw.stars
draw.systeminittweakergui draw.systeminitEnables and disables visibility and a systems initialisation template.tweakergui draw.systeminit
draw.systemlinestweakergui draw.systemlinesShows and hides planetary orbits, warp bounds and outer bounds.tweakergui draw.systemlines
draw.tigridtweakergui draw.tigridShows and hides the galaxy map grid.tweakergui draw.tigrid
draw.trailstweakergui draw.trailsEnables or disables (toggles) ship trail visibility.tweakergui draw.trails
draw.weaponlocatorstweakergui draw.weaponlocatorsShows and hides (toggles) weapon locators.tweakergui draw.weaponlocators
enable.aitweakergui enable.aiEnables and disables (toggles) AI.tweakergui
enable.assertstweakergui enable.assertsEnables and disables (toggles) asserts.tweakergui enable.asserts
enable.framesmoothingtweakergui enable.framesmoothingEnables and disables (toggles) frame smoothing.tweakergui enable.framesmoothing
endscreentweakergui endscreenOpens the end-game screen.tweakergui endscreen
entity.namestweakergui entity.namesEnables and disable entity names showing.tweakergui entity.names
entity.recursiveboundingvolumestweakergui entity.recursiveboundingvolumesEnables and disables (toggles) recusive bounding volumes.tweakergui entity.recursiveboundingvolumes
gui.wireframetweakergui gui.wireframeEnables and disables (toggles) the GUI's wireframe.tweakergui gui.wireframe
instant_colonytweakergui instant_colonyEnables and disables (toggles) the wait-time it takes for colony ships to settle.tweakergui instant_colony
instant_movetweakergui instant_moveEnables and disables (toggles) the travel time it takes for ships to move. tweakergui instant_move
maxfpstweakergui maxfps [fps cap]Set an FPS limit for your client. If executed with no arguments, this will remove the FPS limit.tweakergui maxfps [fps cap]
mesh.miplevelstweakergui mesh.miplevelsPrints a list of all texture mipmap levels.tweakergui mesh.miplevels
mesh.namestweakergui mesh.namesPrints a list of loaded textures.tweakergui mesh.names
mesh.texturenamestweakergui mesh.texturenamesPrints a list of all texture locations on your filestystem.tweakergui mesh.texturenames
mesh.wireframetweakergui mesh.wireframeShows and hides (toggles) the wireframe visiblity of models.tweakergui mesh.wireframe
music.fadetweakergui music.fadeThis song fades the currently playing music track into the next.tweakergui music.fade
music.nexttweakergui music.nextMakes the next song queued play.tweakergui
normalstweakergui normalsShows normalisation points for nodes.tweakergui normals
pathfindcachetweakergui pathfindcacheClears the pathfinding cache (frees up memory).tweakergui pathfindcache
popfactionlogstweakergui popfactionlogsIt will print logs regarding populations and factions.tweakergui popfactionlogs
portraitstweakergui portraitsThis command is a debug command, used when portrait modding.tweakergui portraits
portraits.popleveltweakergui portraits.poplevel It is used when portrait modding.tweakergui portraits.poplevel
terraincognitatweakergui terraincognitaThis command will reveal all space that is currently uncharted.tweakergui terraincognita

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