Outward Guides: Maps, Classes, and Skills

Outward guide

Outward is a video game that focuses on the survival of human beings. The game offers many hurdles which would include the basic survival need and other aspects of life. The game also has some enemies that would either kill the player or help them in moving ahead. However, the locations in the game can be identified with the help of the Outward map. But the locations have different demands

Outward Cheat Codes and Console Commands

Outward cheat codes

Outward is a video game that has attracted many gamers. The concept of the game revolves around the fact that a gamer is a common man and not a superhero. The game features the common man who was left on the coast of his home city in a huge debt without money. He has to find survival in the game. Each spell in the game would lead to real-life hurdles