Outward Guides: Maps, Classes, and Skills

Outward is a video game that focuses on the survival of human beings. The game offers many hurdles which would include the basic survival need and other aspects of life. The game also has some enemies that would either kill the player or help them in moving ahead. However, the locations in the game can be identified with the help of the Outward map. But the locations have different demands and you would have to undergo training for various Outwards skills. The Outwards skills are a part of Outward classes and you have to take it up to survive. However, the training is not free and you would have to pay for them.

Outwards Map

The game starts from one location and would move upto the other locations that would include interesting locations. The list of the maps is described below.

  • Cierzo – This is the first location and you would start from here. In this location, you would be like a reborn and you would have to start finding your survival kit. You can collect as many things as you want such as weapons, fishing Harpoon, and waterskins.
  • Blister Burrow – Reaching the second location is easy and you can reach there by traveling through the roads. Here, the location has a bow arc, and also on completing the trainer’s task, you would get a shield to protect yourself.
  • Bandit Camp – The place is situated at the outer part of the location and would have some basic bandits. You can find a Brutal club weapon with Brutal Greatmace.
  • Montcalm Clan Fort – You need to have a Halfplate armor if you survive in this location. There are several enemies here for which you would need precious weapons which you can buy from the silver that you have in the game.
  • Ghost Pass – After this place, you would be able to move to another location. All you have to do is fight with the ghosts. You can fight with your regular weapons and you would find a recipe for Cungent Paste that would help in regenerating food for survival.
  • There are two roads that would lead to different locations called Hallowed Marsh and Enmerkar Forest.
  • The forests would be further surrounded by other locations such as Vendavel fortress, Cabal of wind Tower, Vigil Pylon, and Conflux Mountain.

However, all these locations have to be dealt with with different strategies because it would help in surviving. The locations are all available on the Outward map and can be used further for fighting and moving forward. However, every location has special enemies that may cause trouble for you. So, the best way would be to take some Outward Skills training from trainers. Also, Outward skills are divided into various Outward classes that would decide the price of the training.


Outward Classes And Outward Skills

The Outward skills are important for survival in the game and so the person has to gain them. However, the general skills do not have any class but they are essential for every player.

  • General Class – The general class helps in gaining different skills such as Push kick, Dagger Slash, Fire/Reload, Throw Lantern, Enrage, Predator Leap, and Spark. The basic skills would require some of the stamina and Mana.
  • Kazite Spellblade class – The skills in the class are Gong Strike, Elemental Discharge, Infuse Fire, Infuse Ice, Spellblade’s Awakening, Shield Charge, Steady Arm, and Fitness. This also requires some stamina and Mans to gain it.
  • Wild Hunter – The skills in the class are Evasion Shot, Enrage, Hunter’s eye, Sniper shot, Survivor’s Resilience, Predator Leap, and piercing Shot. These skills are essential to kill some dangerous beasts in the second and third locations. However, these would cost some passive ability along with stamina and Mana.
  • Rune Sage – The Rune class skills are Shim, Dex, Fal, Egoth, Well of Mana, Arcane Syntax, Internalized Lexicon, and Runic prefix. These Outward skills can help in casting rune and getting a stronger spell. (Tramadol snappywap.com)
  • Philosopher – The Outward class would have other Outward skills that would include Chakram Pierce, Chakram Arc, Fire Sigil, Mana ward, Leyline Connection, Chakram Dance, Ice Sigil, and Fire Affinity. These skills would help in aiming correctly and hitting more than once. This would make the player more powerful and it would cost some Mana and passive ability.
  • Warrior Monk – The class deals with Outward skills such as Focus, Brace, Slow Metabolism, Steadfast Ascetic, Perfect strike, Master of motion, Flash Onslaught, and Counterstrike. This would help in blocking any attack and becoming safe immediately. It would cost some stamina and passive ability.
  • Mercenary Skills – This Outward Class offers the best Outward skill weapons that would help in gaining access to new weapons. The skills would be Shatter Bullet, Frost Bullet, Fast Maintenance, Armor training, Swift Foot, Marathoner, Blood Bullet, and Shield Infusion. You would have to use the same load and reload technique to make these weapons work.
  • Rogue – The rogues Outward Class would include skills such as Backstab, Opportunist Stab, Sweep Kick, Pressure Plate Training, Feather Dodge, Serpent’s Parry, Stealth Training, and Pressure Plate Expertise. The skills would help in creating impact and hitting the target hard. So, in this way, you can survive longer.
  • Shaman – The Shaman class deals with Outward Skills such as Reveal Soul, Call to Elements, Mana Push, Weather Tolerance, Shamanic Resonance, Wind Sigil, Infuse Wind, and Conjure. These skills grant many boons to the players and they can kill humans by seeing their souls.

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Thus, the above-stated Outward Skills and Outward Classes would help in surviving in the game. There are many different enemies that can challenge you and you need to be ready to defend them. However, these Outward classes would be applicable only after reaching the desired location. So, you can refer to the Outward map to reach the desired location so that you can survive. Thus, the game is quite lengthy which makes it tough to live in it. So, the best you can do would be to take up as many skills as possible and work on it to sustain and win.

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