Outward Cheat Codes and Console Commands

Outward is a video game that has attracted many gamers. The concept of the game revolves around the fact that a gamer is a common man and not a superhero. The game features the common man who was left on the coast of his home city in a huge debt without money. He has to find survival in the game. Each spell in the game would lead to real-life hurdles such as hunger, thirst, and other aspects. He has to survive through this and even save himself from enemies and getting arrested. However, the game might be tough at some point and you would need Outward cheat codes to survive. The Outward guide here would highlight some of the Outward cheats that you can use in the game.

Outward cheat code

Outward Guide

The Outward guide would help you in surviving in the game. The main requirement of the game is to provide support to the player so that they can survive in the game. There are three basic requirements in the game and they are Mana, Health, and stamina.

  • Stamina is essential for surviving because you would have to walk a lot in the game. There would some instances where you would lose your strength but you have to gain it back to survive.
  • Health is the measurement of your fitness. It is shown by a red circle and you have to retain it to a higher level or else you would lose the game.
  • Mana is a magical resource but it is not active. If the player rests for the longer time then they would not lose the Mana and if not then they would gain the power. It is helpful to manipulate others.

How To Use Outward Cheats?

The cheat codes are possible after using the debug file. The game has a debug menu that you can enable by following the below-listed steps.

  • Create an empty Notepad file and name it DEBUG.txt.
  • Save the file in the Outward_Data folder. The folder might be in the drive in which you usually save your game files.
  • If you want to remove it then you can simply delete the file.

You can use the menu while playing the game by pressing Escape or Start on the menu. It would open up a drop-down menu and you can choose the option ‘Spawn Item and Cheats’.

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Outward Cheat Codes

The common outwards cheats are listed below.

F1 Item Spawn Menu
F2 Menu for some gameplay features such as fast travel
F3 Add or Remove Skill
F4 Quest menu
F11Recall an item
F12 Screenshot

The following options are related to the numbers on the Numpad menu.

1Slow Game
4Kill anybody
6Testing status effect
7Remove the status effect
8Heals the player
9Take damage

The below options would highlight the functions which are activated by the keyboard.

Ctrl + Alt + S save game
Ctrl + Alt + L Skip loading
Ctrl + Alt + X Opens Photon network room
Alt + Page up Next graphics settings
Alt + Page down Previous graphics settings
Shift + O Open GUI
Shift + U Player Ragdoll
Shift + HHide UI


The Outward cheat codes are essential for survival and it would help in speeding up the game. However, the debug can cause bugging and other issues in the game. So, the game would stop by itself while playing. So, you need to use the Outward Cheat codes carefully.

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