Best Gaming Chairs 2021 (Under Budget and Comfortable)

Best gaming chair

What is your idea of getting a relaxed and comfortable sitting? Of course, a good chair. Same is the case with your gaming tenure. You, obviously, need a good gaming chair that bears your hyper intense moments through your gaming sessions. The modern gaming chair is extremely  solid , durable and outrageously comfortable. The best of the gaming chairs are agonizingly engineered to support our back and body. They are

How much RAM do I need for gaming

RAM for gaming

With those numerous sorts of costs, you might be pondering purchasing more RAM for your PC. However, what amount of memory do you truly require, 8, 16 or 32GB?  Throughout the long term, the requirement for more RAM all in all has obviously expanded. Website pages, applications and games are distributing and utilizing more RAM contrasted with only a couple years prior. A couple of years back, PC clients had

How to use and download OBS Studio

How to use OBS

In case you’re hoping to record your screen or stream on the web, OBS Studio (earlier Open Broadcaster Software) is an incredible choice. This device makes it easy to catch screencasts, record your interactivity, stream to Twitch, and substantially more other than.  Be that as it may, in the event that you’ve never utilized it, OBS Studio may appear to be a touch overwhelming from the outset. In this guide,

Sims 4 Eco-Lifestyle Expansions pack Guide and new features

sims 4 eco lifestyle

The Sims4 Eco Lifestyle Expansion is released on June 5th, 2020. It can be operated on both PC/MAC and the Playstation 4 and Xbox One consoles. Sims4 had a simultaneous launch of the new expansion. And for the first time ever, the console players will enjoy the new system.  This game allows the players to build a community within and leave no space for a sustainable lifestyle. That’s how they

Outward Guides: Maps, Classes, and Skills

Outward guide

Outward is a video game that focuses on the survival of human beings. The game offers many hurdles which would include the basic survival need and other aspects of life. The game also has some enemies that would either kill the player or help them in moving ahead. However, the locations in the game can be identified with the help of the Outward map. But the locations have different demands

CK2 Guides: Tips to Conquer Crusader Kings 2

Tips and tricks of ck2

Crusader Kings II, a game from Paradox Entertainment, the sequel to Crusader Kings, is a strategy-based video game. This game is not just about killing people and conquering their territory; it’s far more than that. Crusader Kings 2 gives you a new experience of running a kingdom first and then the battle. Well, the duty of an emperor does not limit him to fighting in battles. So well, if you