Sims 4 Eco-Lifestyle Expansions pack Guide and new features

The Sims4 Eco Lifestyle Expansion is released on June 5th, 2020. It can be operated on both PC/MAC and the Playstation 4 and Xbox One consoles. Sims4 had a simultaneous launch of the new expansion. And for the first time ever, the console players will enjoy the new system. 

This game allows the players to build a community within and leave no space for a sustainable lifestyle. That’s how they learn the importance of collaborating in a community. Yes, even little steps and changes can make a huge impact as well. Some pros are as follows:

  • Great new hairstyles and accessories
  • A genuine approach to going green with added Sims silliness
  • One of the more dynamic expansion packs available

The key features of this game expansion pack are:

  • Sustainable Living,
  • Collaborative Community,
  • Change the world, and 
  • Upcycled Decor.

The DLC’s entire focus is a new environmental system that will allow players to change the world that they are living in. Be it for better or worse, there are additional features that must be added to achieve the goal. To refer more, please do not forget to see our things to no guide that will help you understand better. Read below to grab more information on the speed and for the website.

The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle – More Features & Additions to Know

Here is a guide for you to know the top features of this game – Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle Expansion Pack.

This will certainly determine how polluted the neighborhood has been. The sense of air quality needs to be improvised. While those who are on the green ones will enjoy great views and amazing air quality. Yes, even the Auroras and the salaries can also be observed in this world.

There are multiple layers that have been limited to the new world. It is an essential thing for every kind of player to realize the same. So, if you want to save yourself from the global impacts on Sims-like any other character as Willow Creek or San Myshuno, say in another world. The trash will not pile up at the external as the players have already lost their way in Evergreen Harbor. The trash is not at all bound to the Eco Footprint. While you have a certain role in cleansing the air via the Eco Footprint system, it will however require you to pass a Neighbourhood Action Plan to clear all the trash that has been piling up. Make sure that you’re not misled, as it is not possible to create a trashy world. That’s how they are supposed to start. There is much more to this. For better information, you should be known as there are two paths:

– Modern Development, or 

– Green Initiative

One of these creates modern home and others make and blend it with nature. Both of them clean up the trash well! Although, the player has a small bearing capacity for trash levels. This is yet not productive in any way. Many players are excited to play around in a trashy world but now it is getting worse than ever. Yes, it is confined to the Eco Lifestyle’s Evergreen Harbor. Players will get only impacted by the air quality that is built with several choices and with few selective activities. There are several action plans that have been taken for Modern/Green Initiatives through the process of neighborhood action plans. The industrial world needs to modify it in order to play. When you check out the Eco Footprint page, it will make you understand how it works. This entire system can also help you understand how the to disable option works in the game menu. Yes, there are cheats present and one can decide which world type you wish to live in. 

Sims 4 eco prints

To support the Eco Footprint system, there are new wind turbines and solar panels, dew collectors. It will help in minimising your heavy bills. And if you have generated more power than usual, you will have to sell the electricity back to the local power station for credit on your bill.

On an alternative basis, you can also store an excess amount of power and water in-house. It will be useful in the long run as you can easily craft out and play on an OFF THE GRID, many a times. When you run a fabricator, it will certainly take more energy than the normal use and you’ll have to lean on the stockpile to get the rest of the work done.

This however, comes along with the pack. Players might as well be hooked to their screens for the first time. 

Community Shared Lots

Community Shared Lots

Players share community spaces. It is a new lot of space where there is a kind of abandoned lots and the community can easily decide what they want to do with the same. You can easily host a weekly workout and turn this into a public garden or any kind of maker space. Yes, certainly this can be placed in any part of the world you wish to live or accommodate in. 

You’ll have to sue the voting system to get ahead as well. Although, not many people from the crowd are aware of the same. They use the power of Influence to get the currency as of now. Broadly, this will be used on voting out the community and the neighborhood action plans (NAPs). It influences the whole neighbourhood and may impact on the Sims behaviours’ such as the Sims that will bag a trailer of ‘free love’ and will make the viewers jealous after disappearing. 

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Reduce and Recycle: Maker Career

Reduce and recycle

While anybody can participate in the process of recycling and other similar activities which can help in the repurposing of many things. Crafting is a huge part of the same process and comes along with the pack. Yes, anything that can be put in your inventory has the ability to be recycled and many such things, likewise. To break this down, there are vegetables or mySims collectibles that can cut into bits and pieces that can be used to craft other things.

There are 2 new skills. Please have a look!

  • Fabrication,
  • Juice Fizzing.

So, basically, Fabrication is to craft furniture. It also covers candle making and is done at any new dipping station. Another skill that comes is to brew craft ‘juices’ from many produce ingredients. The juice fizzing will get only one ‘brew’ or a six-pack. All the players who have mastered the skill that will certainly acquire the ‘Affizionado’ trait, wins the reward! Although, we are still uncertain of what it actually does. 

Bug Motels

Bug Motels

If you have seen the trailer, you must be aware that a Sim hugs the bug that many of us swore by that it is a chick. And to the greatest disappointment, it was a grub in the first place. Yes, this is a new bug hotel that will help in growing and developing into a variety of purposes. You can transform that into a cricket flour or probably, a biofuel. Yes, it functions as another ingredient where sustainable insect-based protein diets are still a part of a multitude of cultures that are present all across the globe. It will also serve the Sims well enough when they opt for living off the grid. Yes, there are many other features that will support the playstyle in this pack.

Meat Wall?

The team of The Sims tweeted way long back a GIF where they showed a lump of carving meat from the wall. Yes, it is created from a vertical object that is present in the garden. Therefore, if you massage the meat right, that will help in improve its quality. And on the worst end, if you try neglecting the same it will dry up soon and will transform itself into jerky.

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