Best Gaming Chairs 2020 (Under Budget and Comfortable)

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What is your idea of getting a relaxed and comfortable sitting? Of course, a good chair. Same is the case with your gaming tenure. You, obviously, need a good gaming chair that bears your hyper intense moments through your gaming sessions. The modern gaming chair is extremely  solid , durable and outrageously comfortable.

The best of the gaming chairs are agonizingly engineered to support our back and body. They are thoroughly tested along every condition. These chairs are designed to fulfil what a chair is destined for: lets you oversee that it even exists plus gives you utmost comfort

Plus, these gaming chairs come in a huge variety and features. Choose wisely!

There are some features or properties you need to keep in mind while buying a gaming chair for the best gaming session ever. Let us look at what are they?

How to choose an ideal Gaming Chair?

1. Design

Gaming chairs come in thousands of colours, style and sizes. Some of them have a classic look while others give out a sporty look. There are various varieties of life, such as bean bag gaming chairs, racing style chairs, reclining chairs, and so on. The models have different styles and designs accordingly. The best gaming chairs support swivelling mechanism, woven mesh back, sturdy frame, adjustable armrests, neck support, or mesh backing for form-fitting back support. Gamers choose the one that fits their room decor and comfort level.

2. Material

Matching regular chairs gaming chairs also are made from different materials like leather, mesh, fabric, cloth, vinyl, polyurethane. The choice remains in your hand. Leather chairs are easy to clean and resists stains. If seating is your major problem, then you got to choose the fabric chairs. Mesh chairs are breathable plus prevents sweating. Vinyl is cheap and lasts long. You can access your options and have an informed decision rather than an impulsive one.

3. Comfort

The next most important feature is a comfort. Comfort helps with lengthy gaming sessions. Comfort is essential for people having issues with their lower back and poor posture. Ideally, a gamer looks for a model that supports headrest, large seating surface, three or five-point tilt, and metal spine support and has ergonomic features. The swivel movement chairs are the best option as they resist stiff joints and muscles.

4. Technical Features

You have to decide what you need from your gaming chair. Do you look forward to the one that has wireless capabilities, vibration mechanisms, built-in steering wheel, great sound? All the latest models possess, advanced features like volume and bass controls, pedal peripherals, three-zone vibration, subwoofer, headphone jack. To make the best choice, you need to consider all the elements and not solely base your decision on the price of the best gaming chair.

Nevertheless, we have got your back. We have got budget options, and sleek options. But one thing is sure below are some of the best gaming chairs in their class.

Best Gaming Chair of 2020


Vertagear SL5000 Gaming Chair

Vertagear SL5000 Gaming Chair

  • Height: 1330-1430 mm
  • Weight: 27.5 kg
  • Max. Load: 150 kg


DXRacer Drifting Series OH/DF73/NC

DXRacer Drifting Series OH/DF73/NC

  • Height: 1330-143 mm
  • Weight: 22 kg
  • Max. Load: 100 kg


AKRacing Core Series EX-Wide Gaming Chair

AKRacing Core Series EX-Wide Gaming Chair

  • Height: 1330-1430 mm
  • Weight: 23 kg
  • Max. Load: 150 kg

Best Gaming Chair


  • Surround sound and chest shaking subwoofer are a boon while gaming.
  • Rocking motion enhance performance and experience.


  • No USB ports are available on this chair.
  • Vibrations pose some problem while playing

This chair is the best rocker game chair. It is the most desirable chair for gamers across the world. It blends with the environment due to its black design. It is mostly assembled but does not only include a voltage adapter required for wireless sound. It has a surround sound, subwoofer and wireless audio mounted on the seat. It has no Bluetooth, USB ports and adjustable armrest. It is compatible with Xbox, Playstation. Additionally, it has a foldable design and wired audio too. This gaming chair has a vinyl covering for comfort and less irritation for long sittings. The current problem that this gaming chair faces in about the hit and miss of vibrations while gaming and absence of USB ports.


  • Works with all the devices.
  • Durable for young users


  • No surround sound and USB ports.
  • Vibration still does not work.

This chair is one of the best chair for gaming. This chair requires minimal assembly. It has a surround sound, adjustable arms and wireless sound. It has no Bluetooth, vibration and adjustable arms. It is compatible universally. It lacks a couple of features of the pro series. This chair is designed for juvenile users with lots of durability. It has a black vinyl design that blends with the environment well. It does not have a foldable design, and the chair is hefty.


  • Many colour choices
  • Additional comfort considerations


  • Somewhat gaudy look
  • Not much of a realistic experience.

This gaming chair by Vertagear is a bargain in between comfort and authenticity. This chair provides a bit more basic cover as it is made with faux leather and additional cushioning. This chair requires assembly taking very less effort and time. It has a 360-degree swivel with wheels, recliners, adjustable height, back and arms and has a headrest too. Those who game for long hours this is the best pc gaming chair choice. It is cushioned to support you back, and spine problems are having average to best quality cushions.


  • Very adjustable
  • Comfortable padding


  • Does not follow a race car seat.
  • A little heavy.
  • It is made up of polyester which does not breathe well and absorbs sweat and other emissions.

This is one of the great choice in gaming chairs that comes with headrest and lumbar support. It requires assembly to be done, but it is easy to accomplish the end product. It comes with a 360-degree swivel including wheels, reclines, adjustable height, back and arms plus a headrest. The chair tries to give an illusion of a real racing car but resembles more like a luxury car in its built.  The lumbar supports and headrest are heavily cushioned. The chair is a bit heavy.


  • Well-built high-quality chair
  • Comfortable and has ample of room


  • The plastic grooves are not sturdy
  • It is quite expensive.

Secretlab Titan is one the finest PC gaming chair that has existed. It has a load of 290 pounds with adjustable seat height. Where most of the gaming chairs have a marketing strategy of showing how luxurious there product is but Secretlab has displayed that fabric is the way to go. It has a fabric exterior and plush padding, and it is incredibly soft and comfortable. It has a large seat with proper moulding and lumbar support built-in.


  • The pleather cover feels like a cushioning of a luxury car.
  • It is very adjustable.
  • It is attractive in its design and appearance.


  • It does not support any cushions additionally.
  • It is an expensive buy and the pleather after sometimes wears or gets punctured. So you got to be gentle with this chair.

This is the best gaming chair that offers luxury. It has a polyurethane cover with a thick foam cushion.  Additionally, It has the broadest reclining angle. It has a 360-degree swivel with wheels, reclines, adjustable height and arms. It does not have a flexible back and heads rest or lumbar cushion. It needs minimal assembly. It has a stylish appearance and material composition. It is very comfortable to sit on for long gaming hours. It is unsurprisingly quite expensive gaming chair.


  • Packed with features
  • Awesome styling
  • Comfortable and aided with adjustable back support


  • Quite expensive
  • The 4D armrest movement is notchy
  • Has an aggressive thigh bolster installed

Corsair T2 Road Warrior is the comes with a lot of comfort to it. It is quite heavy to handle. It comes with an adjustable seat height. Corsair provides us with the best gaming chair to sit and have great gaming experience. The Corsair T2 Road Warrior has a breathable PU leather from top to bottom. The neck and lumbar region are covered with microfiber and fives an extensive gaming experience overall. With this chair, you compromise on none comfort or style. Also, this gaming chair comes with rollerblade style wheels that can move around on any surface without scratching the floor.


  • It has a sleek and simple style to it.
  • Very versatile
  • Mesh is comfortable.


  • No armrest swivel
  • The lumbar cushion is awkwardly placed and hard to handle.

This is the unsurpassed gaming chair which has a fantastic mesh cover given to it. It has a maximum weight of 275 lb. It has adjustable height and depth. It has a 360-degree swivel. It is made up of leather and fabric and provides comfort and texture with both. It has the utmost breathability and suits a warmer climate. It combines the racing seat design and lumbar support. It does take comfort and compatibility to another level.

It does take comfort to another level. It also has a lumbar cushion tucked behind which provides excellent support. This gaming chair has a unique look and is very angular than other chairs.

Gaming has been extensively popular since its advent. If you have a high-quality chair then you have a lot of easy gaming sessions. They are designed for the utmost comfort of the gamers and gamers tend to buy these gaming chairs to have a smooth experience.They enhance one’s experience to triple times. Some of the gaming chairs are mentioned above with all their. All in all, It is highly recommended to have a gaming chair and use it wisely.

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