5+ Best Gaming Keyboard (Mechanical and RGB) You Should Buy in 2021

Membrane Keyboard days are long gone, and the Mechanical keyboards are shining their way out in the modern era. Mechanical keyboards are also known as tactical feedback keyboards that makes the overall experience of casual typing that might get frustrating after some time to a seamless, enjoyable feedback experience. 

Such Mechanical Keyboards don’t just improve your typing experience, but mainly improves gaming. The response time, feedback mechanism, perfectly shaped keys, RGB lighting, precise actuation force, increases a gamer’s skills drastically. 

Gaming Keyboards comes into hundreds of forms, pumped with features which may fit your needs well. Thus, we scratched every feature and functionality of such gaming rigs and shortlisted some of the best mechanical gaming keyboards for you. So that you can save up your time, get what fits you the best, start working on your gaming skills and pump it up.

How to choose an ideal gaming Keyboard?

When you are looking for such mechanical gaming keyboards, the first thing that comes up is the type of switches used by the rig. Switches here means keys in the board. Thus, there are multiple options which you can select from as per your choice and preference.

Some of the best switch types are as follows –

  • Tactile Cherry MX Blue, Brown, Red, Clear etc.
  • Razer Green, Yellow
  • Razer Opto-mechanical switches

As there are several options to go for, there are categories in which these switches fall to make it easier to get the feel of them. Similar categories include Tactile & non-Clicky, Linear, Tactile & Clicky, Speed & Silent.

Tactile and Clicky Switches provides a bump kind of feedback as if something is bumpy. The clicky nature means, these switches offer a Clicky sound on the press, that sounds satisfactory and amazing. And that’s the beauty of the Tactile key switches; you need some actuation force to register them. These include Razer Greens, Cherry MX Blues, Whites and Greens. These are the best switches for the people who need Clicky sound with tactical feedback for that mental satisfaction. These are great for gaming purposes.

Linear switches provide you with vibrant yet cosy feedback that doesn’t need much of the actuation force. These switches include Cherry MX Reds, MX Speeds, MX Silent Blacks etc. Such switches are the best for the people who need fast and silent experience with top-notch quality switches. These are fantastic for typing and gaming areas.

Tactile and non-Clicky are the ones that provide the tactile feedback same as tactile and clicky, but there is no Clicky sound, or just a minimal sound is heard. It’s great for the people that want that Tactical feedback but doesn’t want their keys to produce sound.

We hope you must have decided what kind of switches will fit your needs the most. So, let’s jump straight to the Best Gaming Mechanical Keyboards.

Best Gaming Keyboards of 2021



Corsair K100 RGB optical



Logitech G915 Lightspeed



Alienware AW768 Pro Gaming Keyboard

Alienware AW768 Pro


Best Gaming Keyboard



While buying a gaming keyboard, there are many things to keep in mind. The Corsair K100 RGB optical keyboard check off in most of the departments. Although it will cost you a little over $200, believe us each feature is worth the money.

For starters, the beautiful RGB lighting will light up your gaming experience. Couple that with a control wheel to optimize your productivity, the product is just amazing. Lastly, it supports polling rate up to 4,000 HZ.



Razer has been in the gaming keyboards or gaming scene in general for a long time. Razer has been developing top-notch, hyper-performance monitors, mice, headphones and keyboards for the professional gaming scenes. The technology used in the Razer Huntsmen Elite is breath-taking. Switches used in huntsmen and huntsmen elites are Opto-mechanical switches. These are a well-executed blend of technologies. The traditional mechanical switches with a mix of optical sensors.

Thus, instead of registering a stroke using the contact of metal, razer uses a process which involves crossing the beam of light through the stem as it descends. Virtually, no actuation delay at all. Apart from all the best in tech features, Razer Huntsmen Elite packs a stunning design with magnetic wrist rest, with volume dial and static macro keys.

With full RGB lighting, the gaming experience becomes much fun and you can customize it. The Razer Huntsmen Elite has one of the most advanced and insanely fast switchs. It also comes with onboard storage, media keys and many more features.



Logitech is known for making excellent gaming keyboards. Once again, the company has done a commendable job with the Logitech G916 Lightspeed gaming keyboard. Moreover, this mechanical keyboard can be used for both gaming and typing at an elite level. If you buy the wireless product, it can support up to 30 hours of battery life with a single charge.

You will get improved and accurate performance even though the height of the mechanical keyboard is almost half of its competitors. Five G-keys to assign different command as per your needs.



If you are looking for a top-notch optical keyboard loaded with premium features then the ROG Strix Scope RX is the perfect product for you. The product boasts to provide 100 million keystrokes without batting an eye. Excellent built quality to ensure the product will last for a long time. 

Moreover, it comes with a satisfying click feel that can resist up to 55g of accidental key stoke. Also, the dedicated Stealth key can hide all the running apps with a single key! Now, that’s what you call a superb privacy feature.



Alienware has been known for its Iconic and Elegant design in their edge to edge, top-notch rigs, whether be Keyboards, monitors etc. Alienware never lets us down with their best in-game performance. Alienware introduces its AlienFX RGB backlighting that adds fantastic glow to your keys.

With dynamic lighting effects, features like Anti-ghosting and N-Key rollover mean you can register any number of keys simultaneously. With over 50 million keystroke lifecycle, the Alienware AW768 Pro Gaming Keyboard is one of the most premium gaming keyboards in the market. A modestly priced rig makes it stand out from the expensive market. Thus, this makes it the best within this price bracket with a satisfying typing and gaming experience.

The mechanical keys used in the AW769 Pro Gaming are designed with keeping, all impactful challenges for gamers, in mind. They have built the AW768 with solid tactile feedback with low actuation and 15 programmable macro keys.

With adjustable feet angles onboard, it provides extreme comfort and ergonomic design and also comes with optional magnetically attached palm rest.



The G.Skill KM360 can be defined as a budget friendly mechanical keyboard that will still live up to your expectations. Unlike most mechanical keyboards, this product provides soft and cozy keycaps to improve your typing experience.

The small design helps in making the product portable with ease. However, due to this, the design itself is not that aesthetic. Lastly, the keyboard is well rated for over 50 million keystrokes.



Similar to the Corsair K70, the K95 is packed with all the great stuff that comes with K70. Furthermore, the K95 is more on the premium side of the spectrum. On the Corsair k95 Platinum, you get Cherry MX Reds and Browns switches which individually rules the gaming keyboards whatsoever. Red switches are for the typists who like a quiet yet tactical bump. And the Browns serve elite gamers.

Alongside the heavy-duty, build is concerned, the K95 Platinum is built extremely sleek and premium. K95 comes with several macro programmable keys that can serve your purpose. It comes with full RGB 16 million colour support. You can customize the LED backlighting with software and the colours are much better on Corsair K95 Platinum than the K70 and K55.

It comes with attached palm rest that leads to longer and comfortable gaming sessions. Although, it comes with a price, it’s all worth it for every penny you spend on it — a sturdy, rugged gaming keyboard with a better tactical feel and best for comfortable gaming hours. K95 Comes with a braided cable for no wear and tear whatsoever. With that, it has a smart cable management system built on the backside of the Keyboard, which makes it efficient in cabling.



Saving arguably the best mechanical gaming keyboard for the last, the HyperX Alloy Elite RGB keyboard is everything you desire. Top-notch RGB lighting design along with elite looking designing will give you a premium feeling while using it. 

Dedicated keys and a big volume wheel allows you to easily navigate everything on the keyboard. The key switches are highly responsive & accurate as compared to its competitors. Despite these features, the product still comes with an affordable price tag.

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