How loud exactly are Mechanical Keyboards

Mechanical keyboards are a gamer’s choice. The majority of gamers prefer using mechanical keyboards over normal keyboards just because it has some extra features in them. You might be confused if mechanical keyboards are worthy or not, is it loud or not. Well, the loudness of mechanical keyboards depends upon the type of switch it has, like tactile, moderate, or linear switches. 

For a keyboard, to be loud and to produce a clicky sound are very attractive. Very few mechanical keyboards are loud. If you are finding one then you have to look into the features minutely before buying it. The extra features in a mechanical keyboard are due to upgraded technology with variations in designs and features.

Is there any difference between Clicky keyboards and Silent Keyboards?

 There is a difference between loud clicky keyboards and silent keyboards. Actually, it varies with three switches of type linear, tactile and clicky switches. Linear keyboards are usually smooth with coherent keystrokes and silent clicks. Linear Keyboards are found only in BlackWidow Chroma V2. The tactile switches and clicky switches. Clicky Keyboards generally produce a loud noise.

Linear switches are red, yellow, and black in color. Tactile switches are brown in color and clicky switches are blue and green in color. Tactile switches produce a medium noise and linear switches produce no noise. 

Loud Keyboards for Gamers

The majority of gamers prefer to use keyboards with clicky switches and mechanical keyboards as the best gaming keyboards are more durable and stable and are very fast. Buying a loud clicky keyboard depends on the individual’s choice as it also depends on the type of games you are playing. Generally, all types of mechanical keyboards produce sounds.

The keyboards which produce no noise are usually made up of rubber and silicon. The only disadvantage of using a loud keyboard is that as it produces noise, it’s difficult to play it at night and gamers generally prefer to play games at night after working throughout the day.

Why Are Mechanical Keyboards so loud?

Mechanical Keyboards are generally loud as it is most of the gamer’s preference. So, what can be done with loud keyboards? Well, it’s a fact that almost all keyboards have typing sounds. But mechanical keyboards usually have loud-typing sounds as gamers find it interesting to have typing sounds while playing a battle. The sound of the keyboards is generally due to a stabilizer that gets hit by a steel bar present in the spacebar.


Now, you came to know why gamers prefer loud mechanical keyboards and why the sound is important to them. It’s completely your choice. If you do research on what is important to gamers, then you will come to know that those who are actually game addicts are very conscious about each and every piece of equipment they use and they always prefer to have a proper gaming setup. So, if you are planning to buy a new keyboard then keep everything in mind.

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