5+ Best Mouse Pad for Gaming (For Speed and Comfort)

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Ever thought that mouse pads might start gaining importance. No? Well, start thinking now. Gone are the days when we could do tricks to make our mouse work without a mousepad. We would use any surface to traverse either a wall or our faces too. But in today’s world where gaming is at its peak of development, choosing a well-equipped mouse pad is a must. This rather small piece has become very crucial. Also, these mouse pads come in various designs, styles, and shapes too. Giving you a variety!

Thou, A right mouse, needs a good mouse pad!

So here we are providing you with some properties from which you can judge and choose the best mouse pad.

How to choose an ideal Gaming Mousepad?

1. Control

Control is an essential requirement that a mouse pad must fulfill. It is a boon for low-sensitivity gaming. Different textures determine lots of power. With control, you do not sacrifice with speed. If you choose to control, there is less wear on the feet of the mouse.

2. Speed

Speed is the most crucial property to choose the best gaming mousepad. Speed defines the rapidity and accuracy with which we can play and handle the game. Speed is exceptional for high sensitivity gaming. Speed provides accuracy with low friction. Rate follows when you have an ultra-smooth tracking surface. When you choose speed as customization, it is easier on arms and hands when you have extended gaming sessions.

3. Quality

There are two types of varieties of mousepads; Soft mouse pad and Hard Mouse pad. They are discussed individually below.

A soft mousepad is made of foam or rubber composite that has a fabric cover. This texture is ideal for roller ball mouse that was previously being used. The soft mouse pad is still in work and popular as they now support optical mice. They help in gliding across very smoothly. It gives a cushioning beneath the mouse so that the gamer has comforting issues for long gaming hours.

A hard mousepad commonly has a soft synthetic surface and a rubber backing which can be easily cleaned. Hard mousepad functions great with laser and optical mice and provides accurate mouse movements. Optical mice work well with both hard and soft mousepad, but on the contrary, laser mouse performs phenomenally on the hard mousepad. Hard mousepads are also cheaper than soft ones.

4. Size

Size is the primary requirement that you need to keep in mind when selecting a mousepad. There are more extended mouse pads which are prominent in length and give you ample space to drag and glide on each pixel of the game. The shorter mousepad is generally the usual one that comes in a rectangular shape which somewhat restricts the movement of the mouse. So, prefer more extended mouse pads for gaming purposes as they provide a larger space to move your mouse. It enhances your gameplay and mobility across the screen both.


Nevertheless, we have got your back. We have got budget options, faster options, and sleek options. But one thing is sure that you can find out as below are some of the best mouse pads of good class.

Best Gaming Mousepad of 2020


Razer Goliathus Extended Chroma

Razer Goliathus Extended Chroma

  • Size: 255 mm (length) X 355mm (width) X 3mm (height)
  • Weight: 230 g
  • 16.8 million Customizable Colour options


steelseries dex

Steelseries Dex

  • Size: 0.08" x 12.60" x 10.80" (H x W x D)
  • Weight: 0.41 lbs
  • Waterproof


Steelseries QCK

Steelseries QCK

  • Size: 250 mm(length) x 210 mm(width) x 2 mm(height)
  • Weight: 150g
  • Washable and Durable


  • It provides a smooth surface with tremendous tracking
  • The RGB lighting is not blindingly bright
  • To prevent shredding over time, edges are stitched
  • RGB lighting has extensive coverage on the desk


  • There is a USB port just for RGB lighting.

It is one of the best mousepads for gaming in 2020. Razer is commonly known for its Chroma lighting. This is a soft mouse mat that comes with RGB lighting. It has a steady speed and control features with a full system lighting integration. It powers about 16.8 million customizable color options. It has Razer Synapse 3 beta version enabled in it. It has a rubber base that is no slip.

 It has an approximate size of 255 mm (length) X 355mm (width) X 3mm (height). It weighs about 230 g and a cable length of about 2.1 m. This mat has a pretty simple design.


  • The futuristic and robust look
  • High Performance with both optical and laser mice
  • Swift movements and accurate gestures


  • Limited functionality
  • Not much padding and cushioning

The Razer Sphex V2’s has an ultra-thin form factor that is combined with an enhanced adhesive base. It is the best mousepad for the gaming experience. It is developed for enhancing your Performance and works best with optical as well as laser mice. It is supported for speed and control gameplay. It is made up of tough polycarbonate material which resists wear and tear and stands tall in tough gaming situations and sessions. The regular size available for this gaming mouse pad is 355mm (length) X 254 mm (width) X 0.5 mm(height). It weighs approximately 51 g. It is the best budget gaming mousepad.


  • Cheap and reliable
  • Smoothest tracking surface ever
  • A big tracking surface for subtle movements


  • Requires continual cleaning
  • Easily gathers dust and lint

If there are a lot of options, Steelseries QCK is a great gaming mouse pad you can choose. This mousepad is thick and portable to accommodate your wrist. It has a variety of sizes, shapes, and thickness available according to the customers’ need and requirement. The standard size of the Steelseries QCK mousepad is 250 mm(length) x 210 mm(width) x 2 mm(height). It is washable and durable. It supports both low and high CPI tracking movements. It is the top choice for gaming mousepad amongst players.


  • High Performance
  • Low friction for pixel-perfect tracking
  • Wear and tear-resistant


  • Expensive in its price

This mousepad has a stylish surface and is one of the best mousepads of 2020. The CORSAIR firm recently launches it. It has a gaming area of about 930 mm x 400 mm x 5 mm. The mousepad is created with rubber for a smooth surface with no obstructions. It is best suited for daily gaming purposes and has a high tracking movement ability. It is precise and has 360° anti-fray edge so that the surface does not peel off. The mouse does not skid on its surfaces and stays securely at its place during the intense gaming session.


  • It has smooth glide on the surface when small mouse movement
  • It has great built-in functionality


  • Syncs with Corsair products only

The Corsair MM800 is not just a flashy light business, but it features a very high-quality micro-textured surface that makes it easy to move without keeping aside precision. It is precision with high quality. It endorses 15 LEDs way brighter than Razer and has a USB port which is used to plug in the mouse or flash drive. It has an additional cable for desktop clutter. The approximate size of the mouse is 350 mm x 260 mm x 5 mm and an estimated weight of 0.56 g. It has a price of about 45$, which is not a budget buy mousepad and is quite expensive.


  • Cheap and comes in varied sizes
  • Comfortable and extends the battery life of wireless mice
  • It is recyclable and eco-friendly with regards to its material
  • Guarantees pointer precision and no skidding
  • Comes with antimicrobial precision


  • The grooved surface attracts dust and dirt very easily
  • Its packaging is quite low, and some users have even received a warped mouse.

3M accurate mouse pad with wrist rest tops the gaming mouse pads prevailing in the market. It offers an array of unique features and functionalities to become a proper mousepad. The wrist rest that this mouse pad provides is antimicrobial and ultra-comforting. It has fast speeds and is precise up to the mark. They work well for optical mice. It helps to keep your hand and wrist in straight alignment.

It is one of the excellent gaming mousepads for longer gaming sessions. It has an approximate size of 9.25 in x 8.75. It has a non-skid base. This mouse has a grooved surface with a double-edged sword.


  • Designed for high DPI movement
  • It has a textured top that gives you a high ironclad accuracy


  • Works best with only Logitech G mouse series sensors
  • Costly for material use

The unsurpassed mouse pad amongst all the other mousepad is Logitech G440. It has a hard surface with plastic material and a rubber base. This mousepad has optimized speed and substantial low resistance. It has a flat friction surface that lets you glide your mouse easily. It provides swift navigation. It provides its users with ultra-smooth speed. It has the perfect design and perfect feature that are just perfect for you. Moreover, it is the top choice due to its speed.

The mousepad gives you rapid mouse movements without much noise to it. It is the best mousepad during the intense battles in gaming as it is abrasive and smooth and provides a seamless flow across. It is a non-skidding pad and provides rapid mouse movements. Also, it has a dimension of about 340 mm (Length) x 279 mm (Width). It weighs about 8 ounces and is quite durable and stable and is undoubtedly the best mouse pad for gaming


  • Frictionless and high Performance
  • Extremely durable
  • Waterproof
  • Heat resistant


  • Quite Expensive to buy
  • Relatively smaller in size

The Steelseries DEX mouse pad is one of the excellent choices for a gaming mouse pad with absolutely no friction to it. The surface is smooth where the reaction time is predominant, rendering a consistent and smooth glide overall. It is highly durable in addition to providing anti-fray edges. It has a bit high price but is still the most superior gaming pad in the market.

It has an approximate size of 0.08″ x 12.60″ x 10.80″ (H x W x D) and a weight of 0.41 lbs. It torture tested and water-resistant as well. It is well suitable for both laser and optical mice. The logo does not fade away from prolonged use. It is non-skidding. It’s gamers first choice for longer gaming sessions.

All in all, the best gaming mousepads are evolving at a rapid speed, and in no time, there will be more features to these little mats. It is recommended to use them for fantastic gaming experience which is fast, accurate, and comfortable like anything. Using these mousepads is a boon and never a cumbersome task. They facilitate you with immensely benefitting features and functionalities that can be enjoyed at an extent.


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