7+ Best Gaming Controller for Xbox, PC, PS4 (Wired and Wireless)

The best gaming controller is an essential part of a gamer’s gadgetry. A gaming controller is essential to play video games on a console and quite helpful to play open-world adventure games on PC, though a keyboard and mouse are always the first choices for a shooter game.

If you’re on a console, you must’ve got a basic gaming controller packed with your console itself. If you’re on a PC, you may not even have that. But what you want a better gaming controller than the basic one provided with your console or want an edge over other players? What if you want the best gaming controller that is out there?

But why exactly do you need a gaming controller, especially if you’re on a PC? 

Well, look no further. This guide will provide you with the best gaming controllers that can be bought with money. This will also cover a few pocket-friendly options if you’re just looking for a new way to play on your PC.

How to choose an ideal gaming controller?

1. Weight
If you’re opting for a controller, it’s certain that you’ll need to hold it for a long time. The ideal weight of a controller varies from person to person. But, to give you a rough sketch, if you like light controllers, opt for wired controllers and if you like heavy controllers, opt for wireless controller as they come with the additional weight of the batteries. Pro or elite controllers are a good option if you want to adjust the weight all the way to the grams, but that often comes at a cost.
2. Third Party Software
By default, windows support only Xbox Controllers and consoles support only first party controllers. Now, it’s not impossible to use a controller that is not supported on your system. All you need is a third party software. The degree of efficiency and ease of use varies from software to software. So if you’re opting for a third party controller, keep this
point in mind.
3. Connectivity
You need to keep an eye on the connectivity technology, especially if you’re buying a controller for PC. Wired connectivity may or may not translate into plug and play. But at least, you won’t have to worry about battery life. On the wireless side of things, the connectivity may be based off a dongle or bluetooth and the battery consumption will be proportionate.
4. Price
Price is the most important factor while picking up a controller. They range all the way from $10 to $250+. You need to figure out how much you’re willing to shed out and what you expect in return. In depth price study of each controller can be found below.

Best Gaming Controller of 2021


Sony DualSense Wireless Controller thegamedial

Sony DualSense Wireless Controller



Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 Thegamedial

Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2



Razer Wolverine Ultimate

Razer Wolverine Ultimate




The Best Controller for PC

 The Microsoft Xbox One wireless controller is one of the best controllers to ever come out of a factory. It’s the default controller of Xbox One and has native support for PC as Microsoft is integrating Xbox with Windows gaming. Any game that supports PC controller will be mapped to an Xbox One controller so you don’t need to worry about remapping it. Moreover, it offers Bluetooth connectivity for an easy connection with Laptops and tablets.

It’s chunky and feels solid in the hand. It’s rumble motors which are integrated into the trigger buttons provide an extra layer of immersion. You can get your hands on it for under $50 which makes it a heck of a good deal. However, as good as it is, it still uses old-style AA batteries which drain very quickly.



While the new generation PlayStation has already been released, many customers are still using the PS4 as their daily gaming console. If you are one of them, then you will find the Sony DualShock 4 Wireless Controller an amazing product. It comes in six different color options: white, black, gold, red, blue, and green camouflage. The packing includes the rechargeable batteries that can provide you with long gaming hours.

It is certainly an improve from the previous generation controllers in terms of shape, size, and the all around gaming feel. Also, the multi-touch and clickable touchpad remains one of the biggest highlights of this controller. Of course, it comes with a built-in microphone and headphone jacks to save you any extra trouble.



If there is a company that can rival Sony in the console industry, it’s Microsoft and their Xbox series. While Sony might have had an upper hand in consoles, when it comes to controllers, Microsoft has always been superior. The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 is an upgrade from the previous gen controllers. It can work with your Xbox One and will provide you an amazing gaming experience.

It can be connected to Xbox One and Windows 10 devices as well. Moreover, you can use bluetooth or a type C USB cable to connect it to the above-mentioned devices. The interchangeable thumbstick and the paddle shapes are the newest features in the product.



The best affordable gaming contoller (wired).

If you’re a PC gamer who’s never had a controller and just want to try out the feel of a gaming contoller, the AmazonBasics Xbox One Wired Controller is what you go with. It’s a wired controller built in shape similar to Xbox One’s vanilla controller.

It’s an affordable choice that you simply can’t go wrong with. It features ‘plug and play’ with Windows 8 and above the 9.8 feet wire will not fall short. Another feature that is not quite common in cheap controllers is the 3.5mm jack which you can use to plug-in headphones. The only downside of this gaming controller is the rather cheap built quality, something which is not surprising given the price.



The gaming controller with all the bells and whistles

If you’re looking for a controller with all the bells and whistles such a remappable buttons, interchangeable D-pads and joysticks and RGB lighting then look no further than the Razer Wolverine Ultimate. It is, as Razer named it, the ultimate controller.

The Razer Wolverine Ultimate is compatible with Xbox One and PC, unfortunate for PS4 players. It features an Automatic Hair-Trigger Mode with Trigger Stops and a quick control panel which you can use for things such as adjusting game volume, adjusting chat volume and muting mic, something which may prove quite helpful while playing multiplayer games.

Then there are all other sorts of things that you’ll find on a pro controller such as 6 Remappable Multi-Function Buttons joysticks and D-pad.



It goes without saying that Sony PlayStation is the most popular gaming console out there. So, it makes sense that the controller for the console needs to have top-notch features. The Sony DualSense Wireless Controller certainly checks all the boxes in that department. It comes in three different colors as per your needs and the design is just beautiful. Sony completely revamped the product and gave fans an amazing controller.

The haptic feedback feature helps in enjoying a game to its full extent. These dynamic vibrations are something never seen in the previous generations of the PlayStation. Moreover, you can talk with the other members in your party with ease, thanks to the built-in microphone and headphone jacks.



The Original King

The Xbox 360 Controller is the pioneer of the modern gaming controllers. The amazing thing about it is that it offers native connectivity with all windows and would not at all cost you a fortune. It’s comfortable to hold for long hours and the rubberised joysticks provide an extra edge of grip. I would not recommend you to go with the wireless version because it drains the AA batteries like a drunkard empties the third shot of vodka.

There are a few other downsides as well. The D-Pad, supposed to somehow mimic a stick, is all messed up. The triggers are small. The plastic feel of the controller will make it slippery if your hands sweat. An easy fix to this problem is installing a silicone grip on top. And then there is the battery hump at the back which is an utter inconvenience. 

So that was our round-up of the best gaming controllers for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. We hope you found out just what you were looking for.

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