Choice Of Mousepad Pros And Gamers Use For The Best Gaming Experience

The use of a mousepad is an excellent option for gamers as it helps in improving gaming performance. People starting up to become gamers want to have the best style setup; while they can easily choose everything required for it with the help of an expert, getting a mousepad can be a bit confusing. Selecting the best alternative is a hard decision to make. This article will inform you what pros use and how they choose it.

Pro gamers like to have a comfortable mouse pad for the smooth surfacing that improves the accuracy and control over the mouse providing the best gaming experience. These pads also add an aesthetic gaming vibe to their setup. Pro gamers prefer mousepads depending on the size, requirements, thickness, RGB light, sensors, surfaces, and many other factors. The gamers who play fast-paced games are more into hard surfaced mouse pads as they are suitable for smooth gliding, whereas FPS gamers like to have soft surfaces so that there is no damage to the mouse ball along with more control and accuracy in their gaming experience.

There are multiple options from which you can choose a mousepad as per your suitability. 

Mousepads like Steelseries QCK+, BenQ ZOWIE G-SR, HyperX Fury, Corsair MM200, and Logitech G640 are some famous names among pros.

If you want soft surface mouse pads, Roccat Taito is suggested to use, while the hard-surfaced Logitech G440 is preferred.

Also, several other factors need to be taken care of when it comes to the best mousepads:

Settings of your gaming mousepad

When you choose a mousepad based on size, the DPI setting is the first factor to look upon. If a mouse is moved across a larger area to play FPS games, then the low DPI is set, and a big mousepad will be the best choice. For other games which do not require movement of the mouse, the moderate size is suitable.

Gripping Style Of Mouse

The gripping style is different among individuals. If the mouse is controlled with a palm, you need a cushioned mousepad to be comfortable for the arm. People holding only with fingers and wrist a small size mousepad is okay.

Desk Size

The size of your desk matters as if the mousepad is large; it can make your desk look unpleasant. So, the size shall be well measured beforehand.

Gaming mousepads are made according to the preferences of the gamers. Dimensions are available for buying, and you can choose with its help the best suited for you. Brands make them available in small, medium, large, and extended sizes, but the size can differ from brand to brand.

        Dimensions of mousepads= length x width x height mm


So yes, many pro-gamers like to have a mousepad to have the best gaming experience while playing and keep the mouse safe from wearing. Getting a mousepad is a good choice, but various factors have to be looked upon while choosing it. Make a checklist of the relevant factors according to you and choose the best mousepad for your next gaming session. 

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