Elden Ring Alexander Guide 2022: How do you Finish Iron Fist Alexander’s questline?

Iron Fist, a superhero who fights crime, Since his public revelation before Elden Ring’s network test late last year, Alexander has managed to become quite a breakthrough figure. He mixes a fresh (but iconic) shape with the jovial, courageous temperament of a Catarina knight. This is what peak performance looks like, lads.

Iron Fist Alexander’s journey is long and winding, with interactions at nearly every turn along the way.

Walkthrough for the Elden Ring Iron Fist Alexander questline

The Iron Fist Alexander quest in Elden Ring is fairly lengthy and requires you to visit a variety of locations. This quest can be begun within the first hour of the game, but you won’t be able to visit any of the essential locations to meet the pot boy until later on. Here’s a map of where you’ll need to meet Alexander in order to continue his mission. Below there is a step-by-step analysis of each stage of the quest, as well as what you must do, which is usually only to exhaust Alexander’s speech.

  1. Free Alexander from the earth near Saintsbridge: Alexander may be located early in the game near the Saintsbridge Site of Grace in the northern section of Limgrave. You’ll ultimately locate him wedged in the ground on a cliff if you listen to his cries for aid. When you speak with him, he will beg you to give him a wallop (strike him in the back with a weapon) to set him free. Alexander will tell you about Redmane Castle in Caelid if you exhaust his dialogue.
  2. Get to the bottom of Gael Tunnel: The entrance to this mine dungeon may be found in Caelid. Working your way down, you’ll come to a tunnel with a closed wooden door at the end. To progress, open the door to reveal Alexander, then go through all of the dialogue.
  3. Meet Alexander at Redmane Castle: Head to the stronghold in southern Caelid, where he’ll be one of the festival NPCs. Notice that you can skip the first two steps and begin Alexander’s quest right now. (Xanax Online: Overnight Delivery) When you know how to beat Radahn in Elden Ring, speak to the pot to summon him, then speak to him again once Radahn is dead and you’ve rested at the Site of Grace.
  4. In Liurnia, go to the Divine Tower in eastern Liurnia and look to the south for Alexander, who is stuck in the earth once more. You’ll need an oil pot to liberate him this time, which is a craftable item with a recipe available from one of the Elden Ring merchant spots in the Siofra River. Once you’ve released Alexander, finish his dialogue. At this point, you can also go to Jarburg, a nearby town, and speak with Jar Bairn, who will appear later.
  5. To find Alexander soaking in lava, travel southwest from Mount Gelmir’s Seethewater Termius Site of Grace to the lava pools. You’ll be able to reach an island where you can chat with Alexander after dealing with a Magma Wyrm boss. You’ll be able to summon him again in the Fire Giant boss fight once you’ve exhausted this discussion.
  6. Find Alexander in Crumbling Farum Azula by using some Elden Ring Stonesword Keys to open a path to the Dragon Temple Lift in Crumbling Farum Azula. You may see an unintentional bridge created out of ruins here. After turning left, run around to the right until you reach the ruins. Follow them until you come across Alexander on a bridge portion.
  7. Fight Alexander: If you speak with Alexander, you’ll discover that he aspires to fight a warrior as powerful as you. Continue talking, and you’ll accept his ordeal as a pretext to begin the fight. Unfortunately, you must fight the iron-fisted pot, so even if you die, you can continue to challenge him until you finally shatter him. As he dies, he will bestow Alexander’s Innards and the Shard of Alexander Talisman upon you if you speak to him. After he dies, you can take the Warrior Jar Shard Talisman from his body.
  8. Return to Jar Bairn in Jarburg: New in the Elden Ring 1.03 update, you can return to Jar Bairn and give them Alexander’s Innards, and they’ll give you the Companion Jar Talisman to end Iron Fist Alexander’s narrative.

Locations of Iron Fist Alexander, Edlen Ring

Western Stormhill

Iron Fist Alexander

Alexander initially appears in Stormhill, which is located to the east of Stormveil Castle. When you get close enough, you’ll hear him crying for aid in a ditch near an enemy encampment and a site of grace at the end of a bridge with a pumpkin head on it.

Iron Fist Alexander will request that you use a hefty weapon to knock him out.

I switched to a greatsword I didn’t have the strength to use properly and knocked him out with two hits (though you may knock him out with any weapon). Listen to Alexander’s entire conversation on who he is and the Radahn Festival, and then follow him to his next place after resting at a site of grace.

Gael Tunnel, Caelid

Iron Fist Alexander

The Gael Tunnel, located early in Caelid, is the next destination on the Pot Boy World Tour. It’s also where you’ll find the fantastic Moonveil Katana, one of Elden Ring’s best weapons. There is a back entrance to the tunnel in Limgrave that will allow you to speak with Alexander, but you’ll want to enter from the main entrance in Caelid, clear the dungeon, and open the locked door that Alexander is standing near from the other side to complete the dungeon and hear everything he has to say.

Alexander will go to the Radahn Festival if his discourse is exhausted here.

Redmane Castle and Starscourge Radahn

Iron Fist Alexander

During the Radahn Festival, Iron Fist Alexander will be one of several NPCs gathered in the courtyard of Redmane Castle.

It’s been mentioned by some players that you can bypass Alexander’s first two encounters and still locate him here, where he’ll have alternate dialogue introducing himself for the first time. I’m unable to confirm this at this moment, but if you’re interested in learning more about Alexander’s journey, make sure to visit his first two sites before confronting the Starscourge.

Alexander will be summonable during the Starscourge Radahn boss battle, although it does not appear that calling him is essential to completing his objective. In previous FromSoftware games, particularly Dark Souls 2, there were strict prerequisites for calling NPCs in order to witness their whole quests. I was able to complete Nepheli Loux’s questline without summoning her to Godrick, and I only summoned Alexander on my first attempt against Radahn—he was not present when I completed the boss’s last run.

You can locate Alexander nearby after beating Radahn and resting at his Site of Grace. If you finish his dialogue, he’ll go on to the next place.

Acquiring Oil Potts: An Interlude

Iron Fist Alexander

The next time Alexander gets stuck, he’ll need some lube. Unfortunately, the only way I know of to get the oil pot item he needs is to use the Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook [17], which can be bought from the Nomadic Merchant in the Siofra River underground zone.

Go north from the Siofra River Bank Site of Grace, avoiding the opponents along the route. Thanks to some scaffolding, you can climb the second set of gigantic pillars on your way. Get to the top and follow the scaffolding west into the cliff face until you reach a location where you may drop down and speak with the merchant.

The cookbook costs 1,000 runes, and the pots require one cracked pot and one melted mushroom each to make.

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In Liurnia, Alexander and Jarburg

Iron Fist Alexander

Next, Alexander can be located in east-central Liurnia of the Lakes, close to the Artist’s Shack Site of Grace and the Liurnia Divine Tower.

He’s returned to get a better look at his hometown of Jarburg (which is also vital to his questline), and his girthy form has become trapped in the ground once more. Grease him up with one of the oil pots you made, then whack him with charged power attacks from a heavy weapon once more. This battle was a bit problematic for me—I had to use a number of oil pots and switch weapons to get him out—but this combo will ultimately jar him loose.

After exhausting his dialogue once more, it’s a good idea to return to Jarburg to speak with the new Jar Bairn who was added in the 1.03 patch. They play an important role in the closing phases of Alexander’s quest, providing context for his travels as well as in the Dialos Hoslow NPC questline.

Jarburg is right over the cliff from where Alexander was stranded, and just south of the Divine Tower are some tombstone platforms to climb down.

Mt. Gelmir, Alexander

Iron Fist Alexander

Alexander has traveled to Mt. Gelmir in the north to “strengthen himself.” He’s a little more literal than you may think: he wants the volcano’s heat to bake his clay exterior even harder!

Alexander is located southwest of the Grace Terminus Site of Seethewater. This zone is reached by following the canyon from the Seethewater River Site of Grace in the western Altus Plateau, which might be a little confusing on maps. The Volcano Manor Legacy Dungeon does not have access to it.

Follow the path across the canyon and around Mt. Gelmir to the north. Just before the Primal Sorcerer, Azur Site of Grace, you’ll have to face another Demihuman Queen (while you’re here, pick up the powerful Comet Azur sorcery for Sellen’s Questline).

You’ll have to fight a Magma Wyrm boss between the Seethewater Terminus and Alexander’s location. It has the same moveset as the one you battled in the Gael Tunnel, but it has been scaled up for this stage of the game, so keep that in mind when fighting it.

Walking on the magma will simply slow you down and do little harm. Torrent can run at full speed and yet take damage. You can talk to Alexander and collect his present, a snazzy and lovingly-crafted helmet, from a big island in the lava near his location. Even after you’ve exhausted Alexander’s talk, he’ll stay here until a certain trigger is met—possibly slaying the Fire Giant, but it may be sooner.

The Fight of the Fire Giant Boss

Iron Fist Alexander

For this late-game Elden Ring boss, Alexander will be summonable once more. Again, it doesn’t appear like you need to summon Alexander here to help him with his goal. He is not available for conversation anywhere in the Mountaintops, and you will have to wait until one of the game’s final stages to speak with him.

Crumbling Farum Azula

Iron Fist Alexander

In the Crumbling Farum Azula Legacy Dungeon, Alexander will appear in the above-mentioned place. The story comes to a sad conclusion with Alexander seeking a death duel, as is customary in the Souls series. When compared to ordinary Living Jars, he has a lot of mixups. However, once you defeat him, you can face him again.

After you’ve defeated him, speak with him one last time, and you’ll notice that he’s left you a Warrior Jar Shard, a powerful talisman that boosts Ashes of War and Alexander’s Innards.

You only have one stop left in the quest as of the 1.03 release.

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Return to Jarburg

Iron Fist Alexander

You may need to finish Jar Bairn’s dialogue immediately before handing over Alexander’s innards if you haven’t already. You’ll get the Companion Jar talisman in exchange. Raising the potency of throwing pots isn’t the best effect of all the Elden Ring Talismans, but how could you ever un-equip it after you’ve had it? Additionally, you can check out our legendary Talismans Elden Ring Guide.

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