Warframe tier list 2020: Best Warframes

Remember, how we used to be a fan of candies as kids? Sweets were everywhere, a candy store was like heaven where we would get in a quarrel with our parents if they did not get us what we have been desiring. But the problem arises when you become older than your age and get overwhelmed by all the options that are available. 

It is more similar to staring at the Steam library, and asking yourself – “Which game should I start as of next?” Well, let’s go-to basics and focus on playing the old classics – Warframe. All you need to do is pick the right game and you are good to go! The best warframe will turn out to be an overwhelming choice. Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself. We have created a warframe weapon tier list for you to help in sorting the best from the Wardrains. Let’s give you more information on this one in this article. 

Tier 1



Nova has the first and foremost on our list. Why? It just kicks off the entire Warframe tier list and has an ultimate that makes it an ideal choice for preferring the damage and taking it a bit slow. Anything that is taken out during this effect will burst out in explosion and thus, creating a chain reaction. To top it off, Nova has the ability to cause huge damage over a wide spectrum. It can create portals as well! The only drawback that comes along is that it is pretty flimsy. 



You can never expect one of the toughest Warframes to be relative to music. They would summon an orb that effectively spits damage back at enemies that are forced to shoot it. As we mentioned earlier, they have an ultimate which helps in becoming a stronger version. It overlooks the noise factor too! It makes up for the unbelievable damage output for the latter. You will have to practice every single time to be a pro as it can be a bit complex to use primarily. 



There is yet another reason that is backed up with a great choice for selecting the finest players. It is a true beast and yet that makes up to be the most resilient in this game. They have the capability to take an unimaginable amount of damage such that they are able to level up. The only real downside happens is that it is not a very flashy Warframe. This has not been a troublesome situation for many of you and yet, it has remained on the top priority list in the Warframe tier list. 



It is not a character from the Matrix but has always remained excellent support to keep the people alive. Trinity has the power to heal and replenish energy from the damage that has been done. The only downside is the low armor that can be an offset for you. Because that won’t allow making the use of the best of the abilities. 



This character is considered to be a damage-dealing machine. It has an ultimate auto-targets that helps in doling out big damages in the line of sight. It can reflect a lot of hampering that will create weakness in the armour. 



Ivara is said to be not in a specific area but it is one of the talented Warframes and this character deserves to have a high ranking in the Warframe tier list. It can wield the mightiest bow that has the power to turn invisible. One of the most suitable places that they are found out is the home that is on the stealth missions.



It is an excellent tank that has the ability to heal and resurrect itself. It includes a few tricks that can lead to an incredible level of damage as well. The ultimate has the buffer to defend itself and then ultimately, it wipes off the armies of all the enemies and draining the health, thereafter. The only downside that is there is to select the abilities that you will get used to it in some time. 



Chroma will be an amazing preference but with a pinch of weirdness. Each ability will be chosen on the basis of their color and before the mission aborts. So, you can be anything that you like to be and that will stand out as a tank. The nuance means that it can be a little difficult. 

Tier 2



Ash is amazing at killing things and is not even a complicated Warframe, either. Its ultimate will automatically kill everything that touches while you can do whatever you wish to be. One of the downsides is that it consists of a dull stealth ability. 



If you are fan being all loud, at every hour, then Warframe will ultimately be your ideal choice. You can mark weak spots, stun foes, and unleash an enormous AoE attack. Sadly, they’re also especially easy to kill.



It is one of the cool Warframes, it can switch between two of the separate stances that will further allow the different buffs and other abilities to create an astonishingly talented Warframe. The downside is when modding it is hard to cover both sides.



It is one of the sword warframe, that has been popular and is incredibly powerful in the game. It has a huge downside unless you are one of the founders of the game and you can not gain access to the prime version of the same.



This one has a really good support class that will help in striking out on its own. All the abilities that will help in training the opponent and will help in boosting your self. It has no real weakness in the class outside. It is the only effective way to play this game.



It is here to take care of all the groups that are present. This can also become a body of water that will damage all the enemies before it unleashes the hell. One of the most ideal versions will utilize the Pilfering swarm mod. It helps in boosting the drop rates and is one of the pain to get a hold right there.



Who does not want to enact as a Tom Hiddleston? Loki is yet another master stealth Warframe. It tops the chart of the entire tire list. One of the most difficult ones to pin down or to mess with each other’s enemies. All you need to be aware of is that you need to be useful against all the enemies.



This one is a Tanky Warframe if we say so. It has become more stronger than ever and the trouble is that it has created a momentum that is worth for the long missions. It is worth for every stellar and remains in the longest flight.



It is an incredible MELEE monster that will shred the enemies entirely. Yes, it includes many great bars and other debuffs for boosting. Valkyr Uses a lot of energy in accomplishing all the objectives and learn a few things as well in the meantime.

Tier 1 Medium



Frost is amazing at defending a space that does not hold a huge amount. That is what it’s kind. When you hit the lull in the warframe tire list.



This one is the odd character. It is amazingly well and confusing all the enemies out there! There have been various areas that need to be held down. But it takes a lot of time to be used to the same.



It has remained an amazing pet which is at times, a little dance. It is perfect for the healing and the damage caused. Yet, this is not as great as it can be! 



It has remained a good little support for many group enemies. It has tried to bolster allies in a group. No, it does not deal with tremendous damage.



It is ultimately great for avoiding attacks. Most of the abilities that are set up on the things are no under control. Means the other times, sometimes great and sometimes rubbish.



It has remained as an acceptable and commendable support system in the entire tire list of the warframe. With a good mix of damage dealing, healing, it has surely made strong preferences in both the spectrums.



This is one of the decent colors that have some good AoE attacks. Certainly, this can damage a percent of health that will help in many games and other fights. The entire combo will not sure game up while you get going with the same.



There is one of the simplest defense class. Vauban is all about this!



It is one of the fun characters that will help in their support. It can further buff the team’s attack and will be a little difficult for the damage buff to get going.



It is one of the fantastic airborne that will help in looking cool. When it comes down to that, there are multiple abilities that are a bit hard to process and it looks like an ideal choice.

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