How to get Warframe Vauban: Prime, Abilities, and Builds

Vauban is the most effective warframes that use the strategy and great crowd control. 

All the abilities have the power to distract the enemy’s actions and stuns them. It also knows them back when completely rendering them immobile. This can certainly create a lot of disturbance to their enemies.

How to Get Vauban?

The Vauban warframe and other parts can be acquired as in relation to the rewards of different alerts and other purchases from the night wave offerings. The walls credits and the blueprint can be purchased from the in-game market were in the orbiter that can do for 35,000 credits.

Warfare vauman rework can easily be directly purchased from the in-game market for at least 300 platinum.


Vauban Prime

Vauban Prime is the Prime variant of Vauban and has increased armor, energy, and shield.

Relics that contain Vauban Prime:

Vaulted: Lith F2, Neo V2 Available: None
Vaulted: Meso N2, Neo V3, Neo V5 Available: None
Vaulted: Lith V4, Meso V4, Neo V6, Axi V1 Available: None
Vaulted: Lith V2, Neo N2 Available: None


This character is capable of deploying rollers that execute though electrocute enemies. It also lays different kind of mines that has special effects and also calls down the photon strikes. However, it also forces down the enemies that can be raised and pulled together.

Passive dismantled and calls will want to deal with 25% of increased damage. It can also create enemies against the team, which is incapacitated.

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Tesla Nervos

Tesla Nervos

Vauban releases a roller drone that helps in rolling the enemies and will automatically attach an electrical damage deal later on. It will also help to find the enemies in the area that the ruler drone will find attached to itself and will periodically create more and more damage. This will remain stand for a few seconds. It is particularly great for the dealing area of effect and other damages for maintenance of the crowd control. This will however help in electrocuting the enemies and will make them vulnerable such that they are unable to attack the aftermath.

However, this will give them the ability to hold the cause of Vauban for charging up and throwing multiple roller drones. This will certainly toss the drones and will release the ability to juggle up.

Augment Mod: The enemies that have a warframe Vauban prime with a novice attached to them, it will certainly release a post of electricity there is an 8 m radius apart far from death.



This character has the power to choose between the four different mines such as:

  • Tether Coil, 
  • Flechette Orb, 
  • Vector Pad and 
  • Overdriver.

Each of these mines has a unique and decent effect that can help in aiding the Vauban and other allies for different kinds of situations.

All of his mines are useful in dealing with the damage and giving that mobility for the squad.

Once it is thrown away, the flechette orb will be over there and along with the shoot will be scattered in different rounds and other directions. It will be a little difficult and may cause damage to the enemies of that particular area.

Vector parts are essential and help in pushing the direction that is facing when you walk over your enemies or sometimes, they push off. It can be a director of the Vector part that may point out when they might step on it.

Other buff allies get attached and had a certain percentage of damage that may intensify for a long span of time.

It also needs to quickly pull the enemies altogether and hold them for a specific period of time is such that until the ability ends over.

Photon Strike


It also throws a targeting beacon that specifically marks a target location where they want a photon strike and certainly they fire upon. It can deal with a large amount of damage in any kind of area. 

Enemies won’t be only damaged but will also have to be knocked back that will give another chance for the photon strike. It is the time where the team needs to be active and capsize the entire team for being down. 

You can use this ability for good and the betterment of the entire group. Try dealing with the damage and knock down your enemies for better crowd control.

Augment Mod: However, this will allow you to cast the photon repeater and there will be no energy cost that has previously hit five or maybe more enemies. It will be a long casting of the ability.



This might cause an area to the containment sees and can suspend many enemies out of the air and strips them for their armor or for a specific period of time such that they can give you and your allies the potential and the power. The longer the enemies are suspended, there will be a probability of getting more or more which is straight from the enemies and which would mean more armor for you and your allies that are putting up inside the containment field.

There are multiple containment fields that are created every now and then and it is activated when is the ability, Lanza. There is that Bastille containment feels that however, turns into vortexes.

It has to hold the capability of causing all the Bastille containment feels that will turn into a vortex and later on, it will suck for various kinds of enemies that try to render them helplessly. Meanwhile, taking damage over time.

Augment Mod: Repelling Bastille causes enemies within bastille to be repelled every 4 seconds as well as increases the duration of Vortex by 70% for each Vortex thrown inside a previous one.

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Suggested Builds

The particular build is meant for dealing with a high amount of damage with the abilities of Vauban and it has a higher ability strength with greater efficiency.  

Certainly, it makes room for dealing with more damage and has a higher efficiency that allows casting more of the abilities. 

Photon Strike has a substantial role that helps in requiring more through the timeline and emphasizes on them while it can cast in dealing with the damage. 

Balanced Build

It aims to intensify the Vauban’s ability that has the statistics in increasing the abilities for ever-increased effects. Vauban will also cast his abilities in a repeated form, and it will also deal with having a greater duration. It is exceptional for having associated with the set up by different areas and can be taken down by providing crowd control with Bastille.


Vauban is amazing for dealing with damage and crowd control. It is easy to combine and bring out multiple enemies. 

He is capable enough of safeguarding a location or protecting the area from enemies that can easily bring down for him and his team as well. 

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