Warframe Endo Farming Guide: How to Farm And different ways to Get Endo?

This is a unique sort of asset used to overhaul Mods by means of combination and comes in little amounts more often than not. 

The more you redesign your mods, the more Endo you will need and it is important to have a plentiful measure of Endo to overhaul all the mods you require. 

Endo is fundamental to having great and solid forms as you need maxed mods to make the most out of them. 

Beside being an award from turns on various missions there are a great deal of different approaches to farm Endo. 

Knowing, how to farm Endo will be basic for later on, when you have to overhaul an enormous amount of your mods. 

How to farm Endo? 


To farm Endo consistently you should follow certain means to arrive at the mission that permits you to do as such and this will occur on Sedna. 

Sedna has three Arena missions which are Nakki, Yam and Vodyanoi. 

These mission pit the player and their crew (in the event that they are with a crew) against Grineer enemies as they fight in a warrior type field. 

The primary team to get 25 kills will be the champ and after winning, the players will gain Judgment Points. 

Judgment Points are expected to advance to elevated level fields and our point is to farm Endo on Vodyanoi. 

Getting Judgment Points 

There are two fields you can decide to do first before going to Vodyanoi which are Nakki and Yam. 

These two missions furnish you with Judgment Points that you may later use in Vodyanoi. 


1) Nakki 

Nakki is the main field mission and cost no Judgment Points to enter. 

The enemies are set to level 40 which may demonstrate hard for a portion of the more current parts in Warframe. 

This level can be soloed by players effectively however going with a crew makes it quicker as enemies will bring forth in greater numbers. 

There are a great deal of edges you can carry with you and most weapons will have the option to effortlessly kill the level 40 enemies in Nakki. 

Since, the enemies are not high some ability dependent edges may likewise be utilized. Nonetheless, observe that the energy drops around probably won’t be adequate for the entire team as they just give a modest quantity. 

Endless supply of Nakki you may acquire a normal measure of 15 to 200 Endo and you will be compensated with 10 Judgment Points. 

2) Yam 

Not at all like Nakki, Yam requires 10 Judgment Points to start and major parts in a crew that are in mission, the said focuses will be forgotten about once the mission begins. 

Enemies here will be level 60 and can be trying to try and experienced players. 

A team is suggested for this level because of the high enemy level as well as the pace of which the mission will get done with more individuals. 

Enemies will have higher shield, since they are level 60 and might be somewhat perilous for most casings. 

Having a crew with various abilities can profit to your triumph particularly, if there are Warframes that can support or arrangement an a lot of damage. 

In the wake of completing Yam, you will be remunerated with 15 Judgment Points and may have procured a measure of 15 to 300 Endo.

3) Vodyanoi 

Like Yam, this mission will cost Judgment Points to start, explicitly 15 focuses. 

The enemies are up to level 85 here and may give a test to try and experienced players. 

We emphatically prompt that you carry a team with you because of the significant level and the abilities that the enemies have. 

Having a decent team with you is fundamental in making the most out of the mission by methods for rapidly killing the enemy and having the option to keep the drops in a single zone. 

Having a Nekros is significant for an extra opportunity to get more plunder which will bring about more Endo. 

Nidus assumes a major part here too, since he can pull enemies from an enormous reach permitting everybody to razz the enemies securely. 

Different Warframes that can bargain damage or backing the gathering can be picked relying upon your own inclinations and it is up to you as long as you have those 2 Warframes. 

Nidus and Nekros alongside the team remaining in one spot will keep plunder in one spot and ensure everybody can farm in the spot. 

When endeavoring to camp abstain from meandering excessively far as it will simply spread enemies out. 

Endo Farm Technique 

Endo Farm Technique

Our best strategy for farming Endo include two Warframes, Nidus and Nekros. 

With Nekros ability called Desecrate, we can drive enemies that have been killed and perhaps slice into pieces to drop extra plunder. 

The opportunity to drop increments when enemies are eviscerated because of the way that the power plunder influences body parts also. 

Nidus makes the mission simpler with is Larva ability by pulling in enemies to one spot and permitting the team to kill them uninhibitedly. 

This is best with a Nidus modded for Range as he will have the option to pull enemies from significant stretches sparing time and making it a more effective method of getting kills. 

Having a crew with you won’t just make killing enemies simpler, it will likewise make the farming meeting quicker since more enemies will produce. 

There is nothing of the sort as a best Warframe, anyway with regards to inclinations and situational missions, some Warframes can make farming more productive. 

Picking the privilege Warframes to function as a team will make your central goal finish quicker and simpler and by doing so you will spare a great deal of time and farm a decent sum. 

As Nidus pulls in the enemies, the team can zero in openly on the enemies inside the Larva, since the scope of its draw brings all enemies and none are left to free hit the team. 

Whenever Nidus has entrapped the enemies he may bargain damage too yet additionally ensure that he over and over utilizations Larva or the team may endure a shot. 

Fundamentally Nidus’ function in the team while doing Endo farming is to debilitate the enemies and heap them up for the team to chomp on. 

The proposed work for Nidus is increment his Range and Efficiency for him to spam Larva. 

As observed above enemies are being pulled from significant stretches and the team is prepared to destroy them. 

This is an incredible system to make the mission end quick and spare time permitting numerous runs and this is viewed as the most ideal approach to farm Endo. 

When the enemies got by Nidus’ Larva are crushed, Nekros’ Desecrate will make the opportunity of plunder increment. 

Contaminate will drive the dead enemies and any body parts that have been dismantled to disseminate and drop a thing by some coincidence. 

Endo is one of those things and inevitably you can acquire a lot of Endo toward the finish of the mission. 

Beside Nidus and Nekros, different Warframes can be included to the crew depending which Warframe they like to utilize and that they think will be useful to the gathering. 

You could add a support to buff the crew and tilt the chances in your manner giving the entire gathering a major reward contingent upon the buff. 

Should somebody choose to take an alternate help Warframe that recuperates or protects the team they can do that also. 

Significantly more Warframes that arrangement damage, as long as all of you go about as single unit and collaborate you will have the option to have quick and proficient Endo farming meetings. 

In under 3 minutes you and your Warframe can wind up with around 400 to at least 1000 Endo. 

Presently that is only 3 minutes, so suppose you did this around multiple times, you could wind up with 4000 to at least 10,000 Endo. 

Teamwork is the key and a decent team can make farming Endo simpler than you might have ever envisioned. 

Different Ways to Get Endo 

Different ways to get endo

1) Ayatan Treasures 

Ayatan Treasures are rich articles that can be found on various missions at irregular spots and by a little possibility. 

These can be utilized as enhancements or simply kept in an assortment, anyway there is something else you can do with Ayatan Treasures. 

You can sell the fortunes for Endo at Maroo’s Bazar which can be found on Mars. 

2) Selling Mods 

On the off chance that you wind up with a lot of additional mods that you needn’t bother with, you can likewise exchange these for Endo. 

Farming will as a rule result with you having an assortment of many extra mods and this can be an extraordinary reinforcement hotspot for Endo when you truly need it. 

3) Bounty Rewards 

Bounties get an opportunity to remunerate Endo which comes indiscriminately from the prize table the mission has. 

Depending on bounties isn’t the most ideal approach to farm Endo and ought not be drilled in methods for attempting to acquire a lot of it. 


Endo is a significant asset and is fundamental for making your mods more grounded to by and large build the capability of your Warframes and weapons. 

Having a decent supply of Endo is useful for later on in the game when you have to make those updates in the wake of getting certains mods, including Rivens. 

For a more itemized control on the best way to farm assets, click here to see the various approaches to farm just as a guide on what can be utilized to farm proficiently.

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