How to get growing power and best farming area

Opening Silver Grove quest, examining plants for quite a long time and sitting tight for the earth day/night cycle to change at regular intervals is the thing that makes Growing Power the most uncommon and most costly Aura mod for Warframes. 

“Why?” “For what reason do I at any point need Growing Power?” “What do I use it for?” are your first contemplations that enter your thoughts!? We mean what you even need that for genuinely?

We will answer all these questions in this article. So, without any further ado, let’s begin:

What does it do? 

Warframe Growing Power

“Applying status impacts with weapons increment Ability quality by x for x seconds” (+25% Ability Strength for 6s Max Rank 5) 

So on the off chance that we figure out how to land a status impact like poisonous, destructive, heat or whatever with a weapon we will pick up +25% Ability Strength for 6s!? That sounds hard and muddled, to land a status chance with a weapon, yet we should separate it. So coherently we need a weapon with high status. Where do we discover it? Don’t the vast majority of us as of now have it? 

Truly I am discussing Ignis Wraith that aggregates heat damage. Here you have it. One remaining snap and your Warframe gains +25% Ability Strength. 

You have to look for plants during night and day. 

Which Warframes need Growing Power? 

Each casing needs Ability Strength reward. However, what we are searching for is a casing that utilizes abilities while shooting with our essential weapon. Sounding familiar? 

For me Ember would be the one crushing that ringer. A full Ability Strength (World on Fire) work with this mod will tidy any horde up to level 70. Ideal for Plains of Eidolon bounties, however we can discuss that later. 

Farming Growing Power 

Farming Growing Power

Growing Power drops structure Knave ghosts with a 6.06% possibility alongside the accompanying things: 

  • Gun Amp 51.52% 
  • Daze Justice 36.36% 
  • Ruby Dervish 6.06% 

Indeed, this will be a long guide so be set up to peruse a great deal, yet I’ll attempt to make it as straightforward as could reasonably be expected. However, first of all, you have to do the Silver Grove quest. On the off chance that you as of now have done it there ought to be a Nightfall Apothic diagram in your stock. Discovered it? Check the necessary parts: 

  • 2 Morphics 
  • 2 Dusklight Sarracenia 
  • 6 Moonlight Dragonlily 
  • 12 Sunlight Threshcone 

Barring Morphics, each segment referenced is a plant which must be acquired through filtering. You can acquire scanners either from the Market (Codex Scanners) or Cephalon Simaris (Synthesis scanners). To keep it short, they are plants that are situated in maps, which need filtering to be gotten as things. 

Best farming area 

So as to discover all the output targets, you do need to visit some various planets and missions. A few hubs yield better outcomes or are just a superior decision due to their central goal types. Here are our top choices: 

Post for stores of poison pools, where they can be found in amounts of 1-4. You can yield four to five for every mission. 

Evening glow Dragonlily – > Cervantes (Earth) 

This one is somewhat dubious. Planet earth has a day/night cycle. Each keeps going 4 hours and twilight plants produce just around evening time. Check online destinations to see its cycle. It can generate anyplace on map. You can yield three to five for each mission. 

You can discover Moonlight Dragonlily just during the night cycle. 

Daylight Threshcone – > Cervantes (Earth) 

It brings forth just during day time and same likewise with Dragonlily, you have to check the whole guide around. You can yield nine to fifteen for each mission. 

The Synthesis scanner subsequent to being overhauled with Cross-Matrix Widget (50.000 standings at Cephalon Simaris) has a 45% opportunity to twofold your filtering yield. 

To wrap things up, subsequent to making some Nightfall Apothic, we have to prepare them as apparatuses at the arms stockpile. Just an amount of 2 Apothics can be conveyed as riggings per mission. 

After done preparing we have to begin searching for different players that have additionally made Apothics. For most extreme benefit, every player must have 2 Apothics prepared. In the wake of making a team, head to E Prime (Earth) and begin looking for a Silver Grove Shrine on the guide. Lotus will alarm you in the event that one is found close by. 

Quest the guide for a Silver Grove Shrine. 

Lotus will let you know once you are close to it. 

When discovering it, players ought to go to the hallowed place and individually utilize their Apothics, which at that point brings forth a Knave phantom. Subsequent to completing him, it will drop an unidentified thing that will be uncovered after extraction. 

  • Stage 1 : Use Apothics to bring Knave apparition. 
  • Stage 2 : Eliminate the Knave apparition. 
  • Stage 3 : Collect the red mod that it drops. 

You will get some ‘Unidentified Items’ and one of them may be Growing Power! 

Tips for better outcomes: 

Hydroid’s Pilfering Swarm enlarge expands the measure of unidentified things subsequent to contacting the ghost with appendages. 

Nekros’ ‘Despoil’ ability additionally builds the measure of unidentified things. 

Smeeta Kavat beguile functions too, in light of the fact that she duplicates the pickups which incorporate mods. 

Asset sponsor or Resource drop chance promoter don’t influence shrouded rewards, since it considers the class of mods and not as an asset. 

By following the guide above and finding a team with farm-related Warframes, you ought to have won an aggregate of 18-21 unidentified things from killing apparitions and get zero to three Growing Powers for every run. 


Indeed, to experience every one of these cycles it requires a ton of explicit things to make it worth farming in the event that you are basically doing it to sell it later. It isn’t very time productive for fledglings, so rather center around doing vault runs or get Anasas Ayatan Sculptures and Riven mods from forays, sell those and afterward buy a Growing Power. 

However, on the off chance that you actually arrive at the point in the game where you can farm the mod quick enough to make it worth your time and energy, feel free to do that – it will yield some pleasant Platinum!

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