Warframe hall of Ascension: All Guide

There are a lot of reasons why you will in the end begin to cultivate Lua, the Earth’s moon: You either need to get yourself an Octavia and you need the Chassis outline from the music test or you need to comprehend ‘The Seven Principles’ (otherwise called ‘The Halls of Ascension’ or just ‘Lua Puzzles’ for their tempting prizes. There are seven tests (in addition to the music puzzle) on Lua, with every one giving out a special mod that must be found after you finished that test. 

You can discover those tests on each Lua mission, with one riddle ensured, however you may luck out and discover a few of every one mission. You ought to likewise realize that it’s absolutely RNG and you can’t drive a specific test to show up – so you may need to run Lua missions multiple times before you get all the mods you need and like. A portion of these riddles are pretty straightforward and explain, while others require dexterity, speed or a decent team. 

The Hall of Ascension clarified 

We should begin with the prize rundown, in light of the fact that relying upon what mod you need to cultivate for, you basically can disregard every other test and finish your main goal to restart and attempt to get your rising preliminary once more. Once more, there are seven distinct tests with seven diverse mod prizes, so cultivating every one of them can turn out to be very grindy and fairly irritating. Yet, since a large portion of these mods are vital to a min-maxed manufacturer, getting yourself into Lua and through those tests can be very fulfilling. Here is the rundown with the prizes: 

Readiness Test 

Readiness Test

There is a high possibility you will see this room quickly, in light of the fact that the large organ in the center parts with it. The Agility Test is somewhat harder as most different tests: You have to get it, yet you have to retain what to do and where to shoot straight away while bouncing through the room. Goodness, and don’t contact the ground, in light of the fact that the ground is magma… uhm, I mean… in the event that you contact the ground, the riddle will reset and you need to begin once again. You can arrive on the cap of each cylinder, the two moving strides on the ground, utilize the ground on the subsequent floor or (for simple mode) bring your Ivara and shoot Dashwire Arrows through the room. Bringing a solitary shot weapon will likewise make things way more simple. Here is the thing that you have to do: 

Shoot the main catch, directly over the entrance. It is somewhat squinting and once you hit it, the test will begin and two cylinders will begin gleaming with a touch of green. 

Hop inside the left cylinder and after a short second you will be driven into the air. At that point the catch on the left (on the divider!) will get dynamic and should be shot. At that point another, higher found cylinder will get dynamic. 

Once more, get into that tube, get dispatched into the air and now shoot the catch on the correct side of the room. Furthermore, don’t arrive on the ground! 

In the event that you have a second, glance around and look for two fastens directly adjacent to one another. They will be dynamic next, so get into a cylinder, get dispatched into the air and shoot the two of them. 

Presently you’ll be going into the subsequent floor, so bounce into the cylinder and securely land on the ground up there before shooting the primary catch, which is currently dynamic. 

Bounce into a functioning cylinder, at that point shoot the second catch on the upper level. Once more, securely land before you’re proceeding onward. 

Congrats – you’ve done it. All things considered, almost did it. You’ve opened up the gap in the roof, so hop into probably the most elevated cylinder, get dispatched into the air and utilize twofold hop (not shot bounce!) to get into the room above you. You’ll discover your reward and can go on with your central goal. 

Cooperation Test 

Cooperation Test

The Collaboration test is simple as it were, on the grounds that there is no time breaking point and you can’t generally bomb it. However, in the event that you don’t have at any rate another part in your team, you do need to bring some rigging for the last stage. You ought to have had the option to complete The Second Dream journey line at this point, so you can (and should) utilize your Operator in case you’re going in solo. The test itself doesn’t need any exceptional Warframe or weapon. This guide will clarify everything for a performance endeavor, in case you’re with at any rate one team mate, you won’t experience any difficulty whatsoever: 

Above all else, venture with your Warframe on the cushion toward the beginning and change to administrator mode. Presently hop to the cushion before you, marginally above you, and remain there to dynamic it. You can without much of a stretch distinguish it by its yellow shine. 

Presently get once again into your Warframe and locate the following sparkling cushion. Jump on it and trust that new cushions will sparkle – they are normally straightforwardly underneath you, so utilize your Operator to bounce down, step on them and rehash that cycle for every one of the four cushions in the room. 

Next you have to get into the caverns underneath the cushions you simply enacted. There are again four of those, so hop through the room, get into the lower levels of the caverns and step on the gleaming cushion. 

In case you’re finished with that, four cushions will have shaped a ‘divider’ underneath the center room. Go through them to bounce into the center room. 

Here it gets precarious in case you’re going in solo: You have to step on each of the four cushions in the center room on the double. Your Operator and Warframe can expect control of two, so you need at any rate two different brings forth (or a team mate). Loki’s ‘Distraction’ ability is a pleasant expansion. The equivalent is valid for Saryn’s ‘Shed’ or Chroma’s ‘Likeness’. You can likewise utilize any apparition and even the turret from your Air Support will assist. Simply make a point to have at any rate four things that can remain on those cushions! 

Presently you can basically bounce through the entry in the room and get your prize! 

Crafty Test 

Crafty Test

The Cunning Test will help you to remember The Second Dream, since you will confront the Security Eye again – a small manager with extraordinary power. The room is effortlessly distinguished by the four columns that have a gap outwardly, with each gap being shrouded in an energy field. To begin the test you have to initially discover and shoot the covers of two water pipes, every one on the left and right half of the room. Whenever you’ve shot the cap of, water starts streaming into a pit and on the off chance that you ‘enacted’ the two lines, the smaller than expected manager will bring forth in the center of the room. 

You can’t damage or kill the Security Eye, yet rather bait it into shooting the openings on the exterior of the columns and deactivating the energy field simultaneously. Whenever you’ve figured out how to deactivate each of the four energy handle the little supervisor will disappear and you can bounce down an opening in the room. Get your prize and you are finished! 

After a column gets wrecked, the eye will transport once again into the center and begin turning, delivering electrical discharges and dark mists, so get behind a column, avoid all assaults and don’t contact or remain in the mists until this stage is finished. 

Perseverance Test 

Perseverance Test

This test is another test you rather would do with a team, but on the other hand it’s conceivable to ‘cheddar’ your way through it and do it solo. Recognizing the room (or rather the test) may be somewhat tricky on the off chance that you don’t have the foggiest idea what you are searching for, on the grounds that the room itself isn’t conspicuous or overly remarkable like the other test rooms are. Search for a major stage, embedded in a round pit and with disconnected laser cushions in general. 

To begin the test, one player needs to hop in the cushion, which will fire up all the lasers in the room. They are pointed legitimately towards the middle and arrangement tremendous damage to whoever is remaining there. There is likewise an imperceptible nullifier field around the center cushion, so abilities and buffs won’t spare you. The test is over once the glass section is loaded up with water, which takes around one moment. This implies whoever is remaining in the center needs to make due for that long. When the time is up, the gateway will just open in the cushion and you can bounce down and get your prize. 

Power Test 

Power Test

The Power Test is quick and simple, in the event that you realize what you are doing. Above all else you have to distinguish the room, which has a cushion in the center with a twisting flight of stairs going down. The steps are shut for the present, yet once you’ve total the preliminary the cushion will open up and you can follow the steps down to the entrance and to your prize. 

To begin the test you need draw near to one of the four circles, which will at that point begin to empty energy out of your Warframe. Whenever it is charged, you have to rapidly make a beeline for the following circle and let your energy get depleted once more. This way you have to charge each of the four circles in the room and you should be speedy about it, since this test is planned and in the event that you don’t charge them quick enough they will reset and you have to begin once again. In the event that each of the four circles are charged, the winding flight of stairs opens up. 

Speed Test 

Speed Test

The Speed Test is likely the most extraordinary and hardest test of all the Hall of Ascension puzzles. You not just need to avoid a great deal of Death Orb impacts, yet additionally finish the test as expected or you have to restart the entire mission and discover the room once more. Recognizing the starter room is very simple, since it is the main room in Lua with a ton of dynamic lasers in it. Beginning the test is additionally pretty simple, since you should simply shoot the enormous, sparkling catch on head of the entryway on the opposite side of the laser room. 

Presently an entryway will open behind you and uncover the passage to the primary corridor test. When you step on the weight plate before the presently shut entryway, the entryway will open not long after and you need to race through three corridors so as to complete the main half. On your way through the corridors Death Orbs will attempt to wreck you and moderate your advancement, so you have to evade those. On the off chance that you make it as expected (before the last entryway closes), you have to go on to the second aspect of this test. Shoot the catch on head of the entryway and push straight ahead to the following lobby. 

Once more, the weight plate will initiate this corridor and you need to hurry through it without arriving on the solidified ground – or you will be eased back entirely hard and it is impossible that you can complete the test as expected. In the event that you cause it as expected, to return to the laser room, where a column has showed up. Climb it and hop into the entrance room. Experience the entry, finish your Lua mission and you have yourself a Speed Drift! 

Covertness Test 

Covertness Test

The Stealth Test isn’t generally a test of your covertness skills, but instead of your ability to avoid laser shafts and misuse the framework. On the off chance that you haven’t done the test previously, finding and recognizing the room can be somewhat astounding, on the grounds that it would appear that an ordinary long lobby room from the outset. However, when you’ve get to the furthest limit of the room, you’ll see a major, brilliant cushion just before you and once you step on it you will begin the test. Be careful that you can’t restart it and on the off chance that you fizzled, you fizzled – you need to get fortunate some other time. 

When you began the test, blue and yellow lasers from Orokin circles, moving wall and different things will begin to glance through the room, so make a point to rapidly get into covering up. Your objective is on the opposite side of the lobby (so you for the most part need to return from where you just arrived) in a room behind the passage. There will be another large, brilliant sparkling cushion you have to step on. So you can basically bounce through the room, avoiding all laser radiates. When you’re on the opposite side, you will quickly pass and open the gateway to your prize. 


Lua is a special spot, with great assets and intriguing spots to investigate. It is additionally the main spot with unique tests and riddles. Finding and comprehending those ‘ lobbies of Ascension’ tests can be dubious, particularly in the event that you don’t have the foggiest idea what to search for or what to do. However, on the off chance that you follow our guide, you’ll rapidly get past all the riddles and will be compensated with special mods that a ton of endgame fabricates use.

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