Grendel Warframe Guide: All Abilities and Builds

Warframe is a game where you need to get certain warframes and use them strategically to make sure your team stays on top. There are many warframes that you can get by finding blueprints. However, each warframe has a unique skill set and will help you in improving that aspect of your team.

In this article, we will discuss the Warframe Grendel build and how you can get it. This warframe is one of the more durable ones and has excellent fighting prowess as usual. That being said, let’s discuss Warframe Grendel in detail:

How to get Grendel Warframe?

Grendel warframe

This step is quite important for anyone who wants the Grendel Warframe. As if you do not have its parts you cannot explore the various builds that are available out there. One way to gain the blueprint of Grendel is to hunt for his parts by acquiring the locators. This method will cost you 75 vitus essence in total (25 vitus essence for each part.)

If you do not want to go through the troubles of hunting for its parts, you can always buy his blueprint from the market. But buying his blueprint comes at a hefty cost of 35,000 credits. It is totally up to you which method you want to follow. According to us, the first method is better as it will help you in indulging yourself in the game in a better way.

Abilities of Grendel Warframe

abilities of grendel warframe

Once you acquire the blueprint of Grendel we are sure you must want to know how this Warframe will be helpful to you? Well, keeping that in mind, here are all of Grendel’s abilities that you can use in a fight:

1. Feast

Grendel’s belly opens up and sucks enemies before him, putting them inside his belly which add to his protective layer because of his uninvolved and causes them to accept damage as Grendel is damaged. 

Holding the ability will let the enemies out, managing damage, and delivering the poison status impact as they are thrown before Grendel. 

This is useful for his uninvolved as every enemy will give him 50 defensive layers which makes him significantly more strong and the enemies in his belly give stock to utilizing his different abilities. 

Enemies will be sucked towards Grendel and will start to vanish, putting them in his stomach until further activity. When Grendel lets the enemies in his belly out, they get tossed with such power that they end up in a thumped downstate, permitting you an opportunity to assault them further. 

2. Nourish 

Grendel starts to devour an enemy in his belly, damaging them or in any event, killing them to give a buff to himself and his partners. Those close by will get one of three buffs relying upon the enemy that was devoured, giving either an energy multiplier, expanded damage as poison or extra defensive layer. 

This is an extraordinary method to buff himself and his team expanding either survivability including a decent measure of offense. Grendel will do a step movement when projecting his feed ability which devours an enemy or damages them the second they step starts. 

3. Regurgitate 

Grendel covers an enemy with bile and spits them at where you are pointing, propelling them forward and managing damage to a territory. This is a solid hostile ability that can do a decent amount of damage to both the enemy and those inside the territory where the enemy is propelled. 

The enemy will be spat out where your reticle is pointed and an enemy inside your belly will be delivered as the shot. 

4. Pulverize 

Grendel changes into a ball and starts to abound toward the path that you hold your development keys, damaging any enemies that he slams into dependent on a range around the ball. Enemies will be thumped back when he slams into them while different enemies inside his belly will continually take poison damage. 

Bouncing and landing will cause damage in a zone where the ball during such development. This ability is extraordinary for both managing damage and crowd control as it can wreck enemies, making them powerless and will do a lot of damage to those in Grendel’s belly. 

Grendel will jump first before changing which is a short activity before he will change into the ball. Rolling will thump enemies around which should over and again be possible to shield enemies from having the option to assault you or your team.

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Warframe Grendel Builds

Coming up with great builds for your Warframe is not an easy task by any means. You have to consider a lot of perimeters before finalizing the perfect build according to the style of your play. Keeping that in mind, we have compiled a list of builds that will aid you in fights and improve your chances to win. So, without any further ado, let’s have a look at them:

1. Bruiser Build

bruiser build

The Bruiser Build is intended to allow him to keep going long during missions and take on a huge amount of damage without utilizing his abilities from the start. This permits him to turn out to be significantly more grounded once his buffs are utilized and make him tougher when battling enemies. 

With the expansion of the Gladiator mods, his skirmish battling is improved which functions admirably with the individuals who do a great deal of scuffle battle, particularly the individuals who center around basic builds. Grendel will even now have an expansion with ability terms, effectiveness, and quality which improve the entirety of his abilities. 

2. Balanced Build 

balanced build

This build gives a decent increment for the entirety of Grendel’s ability details, permitting him to utilize the entirety of his abilities with every one of them having expanded impacts. 

Grendel will have the option to utilize his abilities sparingly just as his buffs will give a wonderful lift to him and his partners. Utilizing this as a starter build is extraordinary for the individuals who need to try out Grendel or play in a more adjusted way. 

3. Nuker Build 

nuker build

The Nuker build permits Grendel to utilize his abilities all the more regularly because of high measure of energy and expanded energy proficiency. 

A decent arrangement of damage can be managed by the expansion of his ability quality which permits him likewise to utilize Feast on a few enemies alongside Regurgitate as intends to utilizing them as shots. 

Grendel will likewise have the option to buff his partners every once in a while yet this will last a little shorter with regards to length however can cover an enormous zone making it appropriate for projecting during the minutes when required. 

When utilizing his Pulverize ability, Grendel can have it dynamic longer since it will go through less energy and since he has a huge energy pool. 

4. Skill Caster/Buffer Build 

skill  caster

This build permits Grendel to project his abilities with a decent arrangement of ability quality and length which gives drawn out and more grounded impacts. 

A feed can last more and can profit the team well when utilized while his different abilities can bargain a decent measure of damage with the expanded ability quality. 

This build functions admirably for the individuals who wish to utilize his skills all the more regularly for polishing or managing damage during specific circumstances. 

5. Crowd Control Build 

crows control build

The Crowd Control build is intended for Grendel to use his abilities with an enormous increment in range and a slight increment in his other ability details. 

His abilities will cover a bigger range permitting him to utilize Feast to snatch enemies from a more noteworthy separation. 

Feed will have a huge sweep also to arrive at partners to give a little however helpful buff when utilized for team play. 

Disgorge will influence an enormous region, wrecked enemies in a huge region to help with crowd control while his Pulverize ability increases a circle around it that speaks to the huge territory that it will wreck enemies in. 

This build is intended for influencing enemies with Grendel’s hostile skills with an a lot bigger range than expected. 

6. Power Build 

Power Build

The Power Build offers a lot of ability solidarity to improve Grendel’s abilities, making his buffs more grounded and his hostile abilities bargain more damage. Grendel will have the option to utilize his buff which will last a decreased yet at the same time helpful measure of time with superiorly expanded impacts. 

Damage finished with his abilities will be expanded to nearly 3x more the first damage which makes it useful for managing a lot of damage during specific circumstances. This build is valuable for battling enemies alongside utilizing Grendel’s skills to expand his damage yield.


That wraps up our full guide about the Grendel build Warframe guide. We hope now you know everything about this character and its builds. If you are planning to use this build in the near future then make sure to keep his abilities in mind, Because several people might their valuable resources on a Warframe that they won’t even use after a few days.

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