Elden Ring Quests Guide: Location of All Quests and Best Quests

Elden Ring Quests Guide: Location of All Quests and Best Quests

Do you want to learn more about Elden Ring’s best quests? Elden Ring has quests, just like any decent RPG, but there’s no in-game log to keep track of all the discussions you have with NPCs. There’s a potential that you’ll miss out on long quest lines with engaging stories and high-quality prizes if you don’t keep note of every NPC you deal with. Although there are numerous critical things

Elden Ring Guide: 15 Best Side Quests in Elden Ring You Can’t Ignore Them

Elden Ring Guide: 15 Best Side Quests In Elden Ring You Can't Ignore them

Many secret quests exist in Elden Ring that diverges from the main path. The best side quests in the game are listed here. Everything in Dark Souls 4 is unclear, as is customary in the Soulsborne franchise—sorry, Elden Ring. Despite its open-world nature, the game lacks mini-maps, explicit instructions, and quest markers. Players will have to pay close attention to the mysterious NPCs, as even their seemingly insignificant quips could

Elden Ring Mohg Guide: How to Beat Mohg Lord Of Blood

Elden Ring Mohg Guide: How to Beat Mohg, Lord Of Blood

When you confront Elden Ring Mohg, either The Omen or the Lord of Blood, you’ll have blood on your hands, especially now that you know his attacks from this Elden Ring boss guide. Mohg is actually two bosses in Elden Ring. Mohg, the Omen, his lesser form, resides in the Cathedral of the Forsaken, deep under the city of Leyndell, the Royal Capital. The complete combat is against Mohg, Lord

Elden Ring Guide: All Legendary Armaments Weapons Locations

Elden Ring Guide: All legendary Armaments Weapons locations

This page lists the locations of all the Elden Ring Legendary Armaments. For the Legendary Armaments trophy, you’ll need 9 legendary armaments. Although one of them is missable, you may still get it in co-op by having another player drop it for you. Legendary armaments are the game’s most powerful weapons. The Legendary Armaments trophy and achievement are unlocked by finding all of them. There’s also a tenth Legendary Weapon,

Elden Ring Millicent Quest: A Complete Guide 2022

Elden Ring Millicent Quest: A Complete Guide 2022

Millicent Quest, an NPC in Elden Ring’s game, has her own story that covers virtually the whole game and is crucial to one of the game’s most mysterious endings. The quest is not as straightforward as the Ranni quest; there are multiple steps and bosses to contend with, as well as a few chances to go wrong if you aren’t careful. Millicent’s quest begins in Caelid, at Gowry’s Shack, so

Elden Ring Achievements/Trophy: Complete List and How to Unlock them

Elden Ring Achievements: Complete List and How to Unlock them

Elden Ring is a trophy hunter’s dream come true; here’s a complete list of all the Elden Ring Achievements/trophies. Elden Ring, a game developed by the same team that pioneered the Soulsborne subgenre, more than lives up to the nature of its predecessor. It’s a more mechanically approachable game than Dark Souls, but if you expect a simpler trip, you’re in for a rocky ride. Elden Ring has 42 accomplishments

Elden Ring: Speedrun World Record Guide 2022

Elden Ring Speedrun World Record Guide

This speed run was accomplished by Distortion2, who just broke the 30-minute barrier with a pace of 28:59. This is an any-percent speedrun, which means that any flaws or vulnerabilities the user discovers and exploits are fair game, and several are used to speed up the run. The basic order of events that Distortion2 addresses are as follows: Belfry Grace Farum Azula Run Volcano Warp Godskin Nobel +9 Upgrade Maliketh

Elden Ring Guide 2022: Location of Seppuku Ash of War

Elden Ring Guide: Location of Seppuku Ash of War

Are you on the lookout for the Seppuku Ash of War in Elden Ring? This “Blood Ash of War” is definitely worth the discovery because it scales strength, dexterity, and arcane abilities in addition to generating blood loss accumulation. If you’re utilizing a Bleed build, this is a weapon you’ll want to add to your armory, and here’s how to do it. Ash of War: Seppuku enables your character to

Elden Ring Fia Quest: Fia’s Quest Complete Walkthrough 2022

Elden Ring Fia Quest: Fia's Quest Complete Walkthrough

Are you unsure how to proceed with the Elden Ring Fia quest? You may have come across the deathbed companion in the Roundtable Hold and are wondering if there’s more to her than just giving out hugs and boosting your composure. Fia’s questline, despite looks, is one of the more complex in Elden Ring, requiring you to delve into other tasks only to acquire her what she needs. It can

How To Get Hoarfrost Stomp Ash Of War: Elden Ring

Elden Ring Ash Of War: How To Get Hoarfrost Stomp

Are you on the lookout for the Hoarfrost Stomp in Elden Ring? Although this specific Ash of War is tough to locate, it is certainly worth the quest. It’s a Cold Ash of War that normally does frost damage, adds D-tier intellect scaling, and reduces strength and dexterity by one. Hoarfrost Stomp is a universal strike that works on all kinds of weapons and has an AOE effect, so let’s