Target has stopped selling Pokémon cards in its stores.


Target has officially confirmed to Bleeding Cool that it has decided to stop it’s selling the Pokémon cards from May 14th in its stores throughout the U.S., however, the reason stated by Target was “the abundance of caution” and said it was concerned about the safety of guests as well as the store employees. The Pokémon cards would be sold on the site. Currently, Pokémon cards (and other trading cards)

Sony collaborated with NBA star Paul George on PlayStation

Paul George on PlayStation

Nike has always been known for its unique concepts for shoes and the inspiration from where they get the concept of it. The recent incident has led to its proof, Sony is partnering with Los Angeles Clippers star Paul George on a new pair of sneakers inspired by the design of the PlayStation 5.  PlayStation 5 and Paul George, the NBA star’s  jersey number, 13. Which turns out to be 

Xbox is partnering with the studio behind the world’s biggest mobile games

TiMi studios is the product of the collaboration of Microsoft’s Xbox and Tencent. TiMi has recently developed a very hit mobile games called Call of Duty: Mobile and Honor of Kings. TiMi is a product of the strategic partnership intended to create game content but not much is know about the current situation and the future ventures for the same, and what kind of games are to be expected from TiMi. Microsoft

Citizens of the Philippines are earning cryptocurrency by playing video games amid a pandemic

Amid the surge of the Second wave of Coronavirus, people of the Philippines have found a unique way of killing time in the lockdown by playing a video game and earning cryptocurrency by playing it.The gameplay, however, isn’t just for fun. Axie Infinity, created by SkyMavis, allows players to earn income. The game rewards aren’t just limited only to the game, players can earn money by simply playing the game

Xbox Teases A New Game That Will Blow Fan’s Minds

Bethesda XBOX

The competition between Sony and Microsoft continues as both companies try to acquire more exclusive IPs. First, Microsoft bought ZeniMax Media, Bethesda’s parent company, and with this, it assured that future “Fallout” games will appear exclusively on Xbox. Few aspects of the merger aren’t decided due to lawsuits against Bethesda; This move indicates the dedication of Microsoft to acquire the developers to make games for its console only. The excitement