Gaming Keyboard VS. Standard Keyboard

Gaming is fun as it is. But there are ways you can level up your gaming experience, one of which is using a gaming keyboard. Gaming keyboards are an essential part of any gaming setup. But what sets a gaming keyboard apart from your standard keyboard, and what makes it worth buying? Let’s talk about it.

What sets a gaming keyboard and a regular keyboard apart is how they are marketed. Before, multiple keyboard brands produce and develop keyboards that are specifically for gaming. But in reality, any keyboard can be used for gaming.

Today, many keyboard brands create keyboards that will really enhance your gaming experience. They create their keyboards with distinctive features that will help set them apart from your regular keyboard.

Gaming sessions can get intense, which regular keyboards are not built for. So, although you can use it for gaming, you won’t have the same experience as when you use a gaming keyboard.

But that’s not to say that you can’t use a regular keyboard for gaming, because you can! So, before you spend a hefty amount on a gaming keyboard, take a few minutes to research its features. From there, you can decide if it will really enhance your experience or if you can make do with a regular keyboard.

The Top 6 Features of a Gaming Keyboard


Any button on a gaming keyboard may be simply assigned a special function. This makes it really easy for you when you’re playing an intense game. Macros help to simplify repeated keys by letting you save the action and start executing it when needed.

This is useful in games where you must click on several keys to perform certain actions or attacks. Aside from games, if you use a tool or website that needs you to perform a specific set of actions, you can use macros to simplify that process.

N-Key Rollover

N-key rollover is the ability of a keyboard to properly manage many simultaneous keystrokes. Having a keyboard with an n-key rollover can help read and register all the keys on your keyboard regardless of how many keys were clicked (this depends on what type of key rollover your keyboard has).

This is particularly useful for games that require you to press many keys at the same time. This will also keep keyboard ghosting at bay.


Your regular keyboard is not able to read and register more than 3 key presses at once. A gaming keyboard with an anti-ghosting feature will eliminate this issue.

Anti-ghosting gaming keyboards will be able to read and register more key presses simultaneously. But remember, there’s a limit to how many keystrokes it can recognize.

Whereas, with n-key rollover, you can press on any and several keys simultaneously and all of the keypresses will still be registered.

RGB Backlight

Backlighting is common on gaming keyboards, whether it’s a single color or full RGB. Several full RGB per-key keyboards have effects as well as individual key color personalization.

Although backlighting does not significantly improve gaming performance, it does add flair to your gaming setup. They’re also convenient for individuals who like to work or play in low-light environments.

Ergonomically Designed

Since gaming sessions can take hours, gaming keyboards are designed with your comfortability in mind. Modern gaming keyboards are ergonomically designed to help reduce repetitive strain injuries.

Some gaming keyboards also include a wrist pad for added comfort and ergonomics.

Longer Lifespan

Unlike regular keyboards, gaming keyboards are built to handle the brunt of heavy key presses. This is because gaming sessions can become quite intense, so these gaming keyboards were built to be durable to be able to handle the heavy key presses of gamers.

That being said, with their durable build, they naturally have a longer lifespan.

Conclusion: Are Gaming Keyboards Worth It?

With these added features, gaming keyboards can be on the pricey side. However, there are a lot of different gaming keyboards that range from low-end to high-end that you can choose from.

Gaming keyboards are designed to offer numerous advantages for PC and console gaming. They improve your performance and boost your gaming experience.

If you have the money to spend on a high-quality gaming keyboard with mechanical switches, it’s definitely worth the purchase. While they are truly worth purchasing, you don’t really need one if you don’t have the budget and if you’ll only use it for casual gaming.

With that being said, it’s up to you and your needs. So, whether buying a gaming keyboard is worth it or not, is totally up to you! (

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