Sony collaborated with NBA star Paul George on PlayStation

Nike has always been known for its unique concepts for shoes and the inspiration from where they get the concept of it. The recent incident has led to its proof, Sony is partnering with Los Angeles Clippers star Paul George on a new pair of sneakers inspired by the design of the PlayStation 5. (Xanax)  

PlayStation 5 and Paul George, the NBA star’s  jersey number, 13. Which turns out to be 

Play stationa nd Paul George

PS5 + PG13 = a new pair of video game inspired sneakers

The design has been revealed and it is pretty interesting and there are many things in this shoe design to look out for. Like the PS 5 comes in 2 colours that is black and white. At the side of the shoe there is a number 13 stitched near the heel part.The different shapes featured on the PlayStation controller’s buttons are featured as well as a pattern similar to the PS5’s DualSense controller. The design of PS5 was made by Yujin Morisawa, who very well knows the inspiration of the design and the feel of it. So he was of great help to Nike for designing the sneakers which would resemble the PlayStation. 

“Creating sneaker collaborations with PlayStation and Nike Basketball has been one of my favorite pastimes in recent years, and I’m so thankful to this community for supporting me and sharing in my passion,” wrote George in a blog post published May 4.

The new sneakers will launch in select regions on May 14. A listing on Nike’s website shows the shoes will be available May 27, priced at $120.

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