Cinquedea Elden Ring: Where to Find Cinquedea Dagger, Stats, Build

Players in Elden Ring will spend a significant amount of time exploring the area and fighting gigantic enemies, and you will frequently find yourself outmatched. As you get further into the game, you’ll need to make sure that you can strike quickly, forcefully, and purposefully. While the concept of a dagger may not inspire you, you’ll be able to get your hands on a fantastic weapon that allows you to move and strike with precision while doing reasonable damage to your opponents.

Those in search of such a dagger should look for the Cinquedea Dagger, and by following along with us, you’ll be able to learn where to find it, how to use it, and what it can do for you during your quest to become an Elden Lord.

Cinquedea Elden Ring


Weapons called Daggers can be found in Elden Ring. Cinquedea is a type of weapon called a Cinque. It goes up with Strength, Dexterity, and other things that make you strong. If you want to fight at a distance, this weapon is a good one to use. (Provigil) It is a short sword that is given to high-ranking clergy from Farum Azula. It makes bestial incantations more powerful. Cinquedea is a design that celebrates a beast’s five fingers, which is a symbol of how much intelligence its kind had when it was young.

How to obtain the Cinquedea in the Elden Ring?

In order to earn the Cinquedea in Elden Ring, players will need to complete a particular number of stages. The dagger is not something that can be obtained early in the game, and players will need to accomplish a significant portion of the game’s narrative arc before obtaining it.

As a result, in order to obtain the dagger, the Elden Ring Tarnished must:

  • Reach the Forge of the Giants, which is significantly later in the story, and players will need to travel at least this far in the game if they want to get their hands on the weapon.
  • Players can speak with Melina or listen to the flame after discovering the Forge of the Giant’s Site of Grace. As a result of having “done a sin,” they will fall asleep and be sent to the Crumbling Farum Azula.
  • The Tarnished must travel to the Bestial Sanctum and unlock its Site of Grace after arriving at the new location.
  • They’ll need to leave the Sanctum and look for a broken rat statue outside the structure. The Tarnished will need to do some platforming here, as they must descend a series of platforms from the side of the buildings.
  • The Cinquedea and the Dragoncrest Shield Talisman may be obtained by interacting with the statue, which is located on the lowest platform and has a luminous item drop.

For players who have put a lot of effort towards dexterity and faith in Elden Ring, the Cinquedea has become a must-have. The weapon is one of the most powerful daggers, despite its difficulty in obtaining it.

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Cinquedea Stats

Attack Stats

Physical – 98

Magical – 0

Fire – 0

Lightning – 0

Holy – 0

Attack Crit – 100

Guard Stats

Physical – 43


Fire – 25

Lightning – 25

Holy – 25

Guard Boost – 18

Elden Ring Cinquedea Builds

In the Elden Ring game, the greatest builds with the Cinquedea Dagger weapon are shown here.

Blackflame Build


  • Uchigatana
  • Nightrider Flail
  • Bloodhound’s Fang
  • Godslayer’s Seal
  •  Black Knife Set
  • Land of Reeds Set
  • Spellblade Set
  • Moon of Nokstella


  • Black Flame
  • Black Flame Blade
  • Catch Flame
  • Bloodflame Blade
  • Ash of War: Bloody Slash
  • Ash of War Unsheathed

DPS Melee Build


  • Reduvia
  • Eleonora’s Poleblade
  • Dagger
  • Twinblades
  • Twinned Set
  • Lord of Blood’s Exultation
  • Winged Sword Insignia

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