Risk of Rain 2 Rex | How to unlock and Abilities of Rex

Risk of Rain 2 is not your regular third-person shooter game. It has a roguelike feel to it. The game’s developers took 6 years to release this game after the original Risk of Rain game. And, the wait was worth it as the game was well-received by the gaming community.

That being said, there are many unlockables characters in the game like Engineer, Huntress, and Artificer. You need to complete certain challenges in order to unlock them. One such character is Rex. But how to unlock the risk of rain 2 rex and what is rex.

So, without any further ado, let’s begin with the article:

What is Risk of Rain 2 Rex?

Risk of rain 2 rex

Rex is a long-range character that is a hybrid between plant and robot. He utilizes a health point or HP to launch his attacks. Once you master the control of his long-range attacks, you can add him in your roster and give your opponents a run for their money.

How to unlock Rex?

How to unlock rex

Much like Risk of Rain 2’s other unlockable characters, Rex is attached to a particular in-game challenge. For this situation, unlocking Rex necessitates that the player completes the new ‘Power Plant’ challenge that was included in the Scorched Acres update. In principle, finishing the Power Plant challenge is truly direct, however because of Risk of Rain 2’s randomized mechanics, it tends to be shockingly troublesome regardless of whether you comprehend what you’re doing. 

To finish the Power Plant challenge, you need to take the Fuel Array thing from the case you crash-land in toward the beginning of your get and convey it right down to Rex’s shutdown body. The oblivious Rex can be found in Risk of Rain 2’s fourth stage, the Abyssal Depths, obviously, the specific area of his body is randomized during each new run. Confusing issues further is simply the idea of the Fuel Array thing itself. 

Sadly for the player, the Fuel Array is somewhat insecure. On the off chance that the player’s HP ever tumbles to 50 percent of its most extreme or lower, the Fuel Array will detonate. This explosion will in a split second kill the player regardless of the amount HP they have remaining. This basically implies the player needs to work through four separate stages and ideally locate the randomized area of Rex’s body in the Abyssal Depths while additionally ensuring they take as meager harm as could be expected under the circumstances. 

Discovering things that reestablish wellbeing or square harm will normally help with finishing the Power Plant challenge. Likewise, in case you’re playing solo, you, unfortunately, can’t utilize MUL-T regardless of whether you’ve unlocked him since the enormous case he begins in doesn’t have a Fuel Array. In case you’re playing multiplayer, however, you can simply snatch a Fuel Array from one of your partners’ cases. 

In the event that you can effectively bring the Fuel Array to Rex in the Abyssal Depth and opening it into his body, you’ll complete the Power Plant challenge and unlock him as a playable character for future runs.

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Risk of Rain 2 Rex Abilities

Rex Abilities

Being a robot/plant half breed, Rex has both computerized and natural abilities available to him. His uninvolved ability, Natural Toxins, causes it so the entirety of his assaults to get an opportunity to incur the Weaken debuff on foes, lessening their development speed, protective layer, and harm. 

With respect to his essential assault, DIRECTIVE: Inject, Rex fires a salvo of three needles at removed foes. In the event that the last needle in a salvo hits a foe, it exacts the Weaken debuff and recuperates Rex for 30 percent of the harm managed. 

Rex’s optional assault is Seed Barrage, a high-harm mortar which can be physically pointed, yet additionally costs 15 percent of Rex’s present wellbeing with each utilization. For his portability move, Rex can send DIRECTIVE: Disperse which produces a wide sonic shockwave. 

The shockwave pushes Rex back if he’s airborne and applies the Weaken debuff to all foes it hits. In conclusion, Rex’s definitive assault is Tangling Growth. At the point when utilized, Tangling Growth devours 25 percent of Rex’s present wellbeing and flames an enormous blossom that roots and intensely harms every close by foe. Rex likewise recoups some wellbeing for each adversary Tangling Growth hits.


That wraps up our guide on what is rex and how to unlock him. If you plan to use him in your roster in the near future then make sure to go through this article. It will help you in knowing his abilities and an easier way to unlock him. 

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