How to get Artificer in Risk of Rain 2

Risk of Rain 2 is one of the enjoyable games and it is a third-person roguelike video game developed by Hopoo Games. Risk of Rain 2 is coming out with new features and characters and Artificer is one of them. Here’s everything you need to know about unlocking Artificer in Risk of Rain 2. RoR2 Artificer plays the role of a mage.

He can cast powerful long-ranged AOE spells but requires a lot of grinding before you can finally unlock him.

Risk of rain 2 Artificer

How to unlock Artificer

Two requirements needed to unlock Artificer in Risk of Rain 2 are 10 Lunar Coins and access to a Lunar Portal. Lunar Coins are a rare currency dropped from enemies.

You’ll come across some naturally during the course of your game but you can also check out our Lunar Coins Guide to speed up the process.

However, to get to the map in which the Artificer is found, you need to go through a blue portal.

In order to get the blue portal to open, you must donate a single lunar coin to what is called a “Newt Statue” which is a small rock with blue spikes that are usually found in a crevice or some other hard to find location.
(Due to this, you actually need 11 coins in total to get to the shop and then free the survivor)
Once you donate a token to the statue, it will say “A blue orb has appeared” in chat. Once you get this message, you must activate the teleporter and defeat the boss before it is full charged.

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Hope this will help you to get this character.

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