Risk of Rain 2 | MUL-T – Character Skills, How To Unlock & Item Builds

MUL-T is the best robot in all of Risk of Rain 2 and perhaps the most grounded survivor in all of ror2. Thus, to assist you with arriving at your greatest potential with MUL-T, and perhaps assist you with beating Monsoon trouble somewhat simpler, we’ve created this risk of rain 2 MUL-T guide. This guide will turn out the entirety of the best things on MUL-T just as certain tips on the most proficient method to play MUL-T better. 

How does Risk of Rain 2 MUL-T Play? 

Risk of Rain 2 MUl-T

Like we stated, MUL-T is perhaps the best survivor in Risk of Rain 2. The purpose behind this is on the grounds that he has the most elevated DPS capability of all ror2 characters due to his crazy assault speed with his rail-weapon. On the off chance that you have ever perused a guide from me before you have most likely heard me talk about proc coefficients, which are only the little numbers that decide how much a thing procs. Indeed, MUL-T manhandles the f*ck out of them. 

MUL-T is honored with the best assault speed in the game with his auto-pneumatic nailer, in spite of the fact that the proc coefficient is diminished to .4, which means he procs 40% less with each thing. That being stated, the assault speed is so extraordinary you wind up proccing more with MUL-T than most different survivors in the game. Additionally, on the grounds that MUL-T has such high assault speed, modifiers like Soldier’s Syringe, which speed up dependent on the rate and not by a base sum, will buff MUL-T’s DPS considerably higher. 

To lay it out plainly, MUL-T just holds down the essential assault button 90% of the time. You could, obviously, run diverse loadouts, however, most different loadouts share the equivalent usual methodology. 

Our preferred thing about MUL-T however is the reality he has the most elevated HP in the game AND it scales the best out of each survivor too. In this way, he can do the most noteworthy DPS and has the most HP.

Risk of Rain 2 MUL-T’s Abilities 

MUL-T’s Passive: Multifunctional 

MUL-T’s inactive permits him to run two bits of gear at once. By utilizing re-device you can trade the gear openings. One thing to note about this detachment is that every gear has a free cooldown. That implies that you can utilize one of the types of gear you have without agonizing over the CD of the other bit of hardware. 

MUL-T’s Primary 

You fire quickly for 60% damage with a proc coefficient of .4 which sounds awful on paper, however is really a reasonable compromise. The assault speed alone compensates for the minute damage and proc chance you have and improves the more assault speed things you stack. 

Rebar Puncher is basically a rifleman that fires for 600 percent damage. Tragically, this is something contrary to his Auto-Nailgun, you exchange damage for assault speed and it isn’t justified, despite any potential benefits for this situation. In any event, when you stack a few Crowbars (they increment damage on enemies above 90% health), it despite everything won’t have an enormous effect. 

Scrap Launcher and Power-Saw are simply image abilities. Scrap Launcher has a cooldown which is only a no-no for an essential ability when your other two abilities can’t redress (his utility and exceptional). (siennaridgeaz.com) Power-Saw turns MUL-T melee and consequently, MUL-T can do an astounding 1000% damage for every second, which once more, sounds great on paper. Be that as it may, when you give it a shot once for yourself, you’ll never get the Power-Saw until the end of time. 

MUL-T has an odd thing going on with his essential abilities, he in fact has four. Significantly stranger, he can have two immediately. This implies he can run Auto-Nailgun and Rebar Puncher simultaneously without picking between either. 

One idiosyncrasy that you have to exploit is the reality you can have two similar primaries simultaneously. A great many people utilize this to prepare two Auto-Nailguns in light of the fact that it is without a doubt his best ability. Something else, when you use Retool, you end up now and again trading to an essential that you would prefer not to have out at that point and could wind up hosing your DPS. 

We prefer to run Rebar and Auto-Nailgun on the grounds that the Rebar is useful for killing hard to arrive at lesser wisps (the nailgun is very wrong). 

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MUL-T’s Secondary: Blast Canister 

Impact Canister is a paralyze inside a daze. Shooting the Blast Canister dispatches a daze canister for 220% damage with a to proc coefficient of 1, which will at that point detonate into all the more little daze canisters that do 5×44% damage with a proc coefficient of .3. 

The long cooldown of six seconds makes it less ideal for doing damage and basically utilized for times when you have to paralyze an enemy like a Clay Templar. 

MUL-T’s Utility: Transport Mode 

Transport Mode is MUL-T’s primary method of, well, moving. It is his solitary portability ability and hurries him around at a genuinely better than average speed, and much like Loader’s punch accomplishes more damage the quicker you go. 

Transport Mode gives MUL-T 200 protective layers and arrangements 250% damage to all enemies he slams into while likewise staggering them. Little enemies are basically raced into and pushed aside, while bigger enemies will stop the skill and take an extra assault (otherwise known as 500% damage). 

You can utilize this ability as either a vehicle ability, a utility ability for its dazzling potential, or in any event, for additional DPS. It is an entirely flexible skill, so use it any way you need it at the time. 

MUL-T’s Special: Retool 

MUL-T’s Retool is a special ability. It is the thing that permits you to trade between your gear and essential abilities. That is it. No damage, no other advantage, only the trading among hardware and abilities. 

Risk of Rain 2 MUL-T’s Rotation 

Typically we would put a survivor’s revolution here, yet for MUL-T, you truly don’t have a turn to adhere to. You for the most part hold down your Auto-Nailgun and toss out your Blast Canister at whatever point you have to shock an enemy. Else, you aren’t doing damage. 

TL;DR: Tape down your essential ability hotkey. 

Best Items for Risk of Rain 2 MUL-T

  • Crowbar – If you utilize your Rebar this will simply add to the damage it does, else it truly isn’t that acceptable on MUL-T 
  • Soldier’s Syringe – Better on MUL-T than any other individual as a result of the percent expansion to his assault speed (the most elevated in the game) 
  • Paul’s Goat Hoof – Increases MUL-T’s utility skills damage and assists
  • Hopoo Feather – MUL-T needs portability 
  • Individual Shield Generator – One of the couples of survivors that can reasonably run a shield assemble (in view of his huge health pool) 
  • Berserker’s Pauldron – Attack speed increment.
  • Secrecy Kit – Helps with the shield assemble 
  • 57-Leaf Clover – You shoot a metric f**k-ton of nails at enemies. With a clover, you can roll each of these for a superior result 
  • Greatness – A lunar thing that duplicates health however changes over it to shield. For the shield manufacture 


That was all we could tell yours about MUL-T. We hope this guide helped you in learning more about this survivor. If you are planning to unlock this survivor in the near future then make sure to go through this guide to help yourself.

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