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Risk of Rain 2 has a plethora of items that can be used in the game. However, knowing which item is ideal for you is not that easy. If you are looking for the risk of rain 2 item list then you are at the right place.

In this article, we will discuss all types of items from common to lunar items at risk of rain 2. So, without wasting any more time let’s begin:

Common/White Risk of Rain 2 items 

Risk of rain 2 items

Harder Times: an opportunity to square approaching harm. To unlock: die multiple times. That shouldn’t be an issue. 

Paul’s Goat Hoof: speeds up. To unlock: bomb a Shrine of Chance multiple times in succession. You need to fizzle on a similar Shrine of Chance – the ones that cost cash and prize items – so cross your fingers the other way and appeal to God for the most noticeably terrible. 

Crowbar: bargain more harm to enemies with 90% or a greater amount of their health. To unlock: discover ten diverse Common/White items. You’ll unlock this normally just by playing, however, you can accelerate the cycle by purchasing new items from those three-pronged candy machines. 

Medkit: recapture a touch of health about one second in the wake of taking harm. To unlock: rout a tip-top beast. You’ll discover elites everywhere on higher troubles, so you’ll take this one out before long. 

Heap of Fireworks: opening a chest or holder dispatches homing firecrackers that harm enemies. To unlock copy similar thing multiple times in succession at a 3D printer. 3D printers are those little machines that let out explicit items. At the point when you utilize one, you’ll lose an irregular thing from your stock in return for whatever that printer is offering. 

Reinforcement Magazine: increase an additional charge on your auxiliary skill. To unlock: charge a teleporter without getting hit. This one takes some doing. Play safe, play with companions and attempt to kill the supervisor rapidly so you can securely remain inside the red transport charge quality. 

Rusted Key: produces a free reward chest in each level. To unlock: rout a teleporter manager in less than 15 seconds. Your smartest option here is to search up items in the first and second stages, at that point dissolve the stage two chief. Move as quickly as possible to keep the trouble clock low while gathering whatever number DPS-boosting items as could be allowed. 

Reinforcement Piercing Rounds: bargain more harm to supervisors. To unlock: charge a teleporter. You have to beat a phase, fundamentally. Thus, you know, go do that. 

Old Guillotine: insta-kill tip top beasts beneath 20% health. To unlock rout 500 world-class beasts. Not much, simply continue playing and killing elites and you’ll get this thing inevitably. 

Uncommon/Green Risk of Rain 2 items 

Savage Instincts: basic hits speed up. To unlock: arrive at 200% assault speed. The least demanding approach to buff your assault speed is by stacking Soldier’s Syringes utilizing a 3D printer. You can likewise remain in a Warbanner atmosphere or trigger Berzerker’s Pauldrons (more on those later). 

Collector’s Scythe: expanded basic hit possibility, basic hits recuperate you. To unlock total a Prismatic Trial. You can line up a Prismatic Trial – fundamentally a period preliminary in a controlled domain – from the primary menu. You don’t need to head the leaderboards or anything, simply finish one effectively. 

Imbuement: vanquishing beasts build your greatest health (up to +100). To unlock rout 3,000 enemies. You’ll unlock this in the end, however on the off chance that you need to accelerate the pound, you can camp a teleporter without completing the charge. 

Berzerker’s Pauldron: killing at least three enemies inside one second triggers a six-second buff which speeds up by half and your assault speed by 100%. To unlock: accuse the teleporter of under 10% health remaining. Your health should be low when you wrap up the teleporter, so let the last, not many enemies trim you down just before you hit 100% charge. 

War Horn: utilizing your Equipment thing gives you a major assault speed support for a couple of moments. To unlock: initiate and complete three Combat Shrines in a single stage. Battle Shrines are the earth emblems with the purple signs over them, not the hook formed Trial of the Mountain sanctuaries. They bring enemies when initiated, so simply investigate each stage cautiously until you get one with three sanctums. 

Runald’s Band and Kjaro’s Band: chance on hit to produce an ice impact or fire twister, separately. To unlock: open the mystery chamber in the Abandoned Aqueduct and annihilation the managers inside. The Abandoned Aqueduct is that sandy, desert-looking level. There’s a little territory toward the north-ish with a door along the back divider. Search for two little fastens on the ground around that zone. They bring forth in irregular spots, so start your pursuit at the pit before the door and spread outward. You and a companion need to step on the two fastens simultaneously to open the entryway. Inside you’ll discover two tip-top reptiles. Kill them to unlock these matched items. 

Wax Quail: bouncing while at the same time running lifts you forward. To unlock: arrive at 300% development speed. This thing is like Predatory Instincts in that you can cheddar it utilizing a 3D printer with Paul’s Goat Hoofs, Energy Drinks, or Red Whips accessible. You can likewise gather those items normally and polish things off with a Warbanner quality. 

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Legendary/Red Risk of Rain 2 items 

N’kuhana’s Opinion: fire homing fire skulls when recuperated. To unlock: discover the raised area to N’kuhana. This special stepped area gets an opportunity of generating in the Wetlands level. Search for the L-molded stone stage sticking out of the precipice to one side, stroll up it, and search for an opening along that bluff. You should see a few roots jabbing out of the divider close to the opening. Advance toward the opening – hopping off the precipice if essential – and head through the cavern inside, after the red lights. You’ll go to an enormous chamber with a skeleton gliding in the center. Shoot the skeleton to unlock N’kuhana’s Opinion, at that point drop down into the pit to come back to the Wetlands. Allude to the GIF above on the off chance that you get lost. 

Shaky Tesla Coil: Destroys close by enemies like clockwork. To unlock bargain 5,000 harm in one shot. You’re going to need to develop a lot of items and levels to bargain 5,000 harm on any character, yet it helps on the off chance that you play a character with a solid burst move like the Artificer’s lightning sphere. (You can discover more subtleties on Risk of Rain 2 character unlocks here.) You can likewise utilize hardware items like the Royal Capacitor or Preon Accumulator. 

57 Leaf Clover: Improves the odds of arbitrary impacts working in support of yourself. To unlock a total of 20 phases in a solitary run. The main genuine alternate way to this thing is playing on simple trouble, and still, at the end of the day, clearing 20 phases won’t really be simple. To keep things sensible, organize finding and charging teleporters. Try not to attempt to acquire each and everything in each level, as you risk being exceeded by the ever-ticking trouble clock. 

Aware Meat Hook: chance on hit to gather homing, harming meat snares. To unlock circle back to the principal stage. You’ll have to clear around seven phases to circle back to the beginning – consider it arriving at New Game+. Gracious, and in the event that you see the Celestial Portal which prompts the monolith, makes certain to go to the following stage as opposed to utilizing the pillar. 

Soulbound Catalyst: kills lessen gear (use thing) cooldown. To unlock: find and actuate eight one of a kind Newt Altars. An Altar of Newt can be found in irregular areas in each level, so you’ll simply need to scour for them. On the off chance that it enables, they to appear as though mollusk shells from a good ways. Every raised area costs one Lunar Coin to enact, so you’ll have to gather eight to unlock this thing. 

Dio’s Best Friend: increase one additional life. To unlock: remain alive for 30 minutes. This is snap-on simple trouble, so simply avoid any and all risks for 30 minutes. 

Brainstalks: killing tip-top beasts triggers a three-second buff during which your skills have no cooldowns. To unlock: rout a first-class supervisor on rainstorm (hard) trouble. The catchphrase here is tip-top chief, not the world-class enemy. (Tramadol) Tiptop managers don’t bring forth until later stages, so, all in all, the trouble clock will probably have reached the “HAHAHA” stage. Storm trouble is serious stuff, so bring companions for this challenge. 

Revival Rack: all recuperating impacts are multiplied. To unlock: reach and clear the third stage without mending. Your characteristic regen doesn’t mean something negative for this challenge, clearly, yet you do need to stay away from all other mending items. That implies no Medkits, no Monster Tooth, no Bustling Fungus – nothing. Simply go slowly and stow away to regen when important.

Lunar/Blue Risk of Rain 2 items 

Offer of the Drowned: decreases hardware (use thing) cooldown by half however drives it to actuate at whatever point it’s accessible. To unlock: kill 20 recluse crabs by pursuing them off a precipice. You know those little stalagmite things that shoot rocks at you? Better believe it, those are recluse crabs. At the point when you draw near to them, they’ll abandon the other way. You will probably constrain them to abandon directly off a bluff, so think about this as an activity in crowding. Fortunately, you don’t need to kill every one of the 20 out of one run. Gather the entirety of your understanding and channel your internal sheepdog. 

Shining Meteorite: rain down meteors which harm all characters, including you. To unlock: acquire five lunar items in a solitary run. Lunar items can accompany genuine downsides, so this is more difficult than one might expect. You can acquire lunar items by buying them from lunar chests found around levels for one coin each, or at the lunar shop got to by means of the blue entrance for a few coins each. Given that you will likely remain alive long enough to get five lunar items, I’d avoid the Shaped Glass and Transcendence items, which make you substantially more powerless. 

Hellfire Tincture: touch off all characters inside eight meters, including yourself, managing ticking fire harm to everything. To unlock: kill 15 enemies at the same time. At the point when Risk of Rain 2 says all the while, it would not joke about this. We’re not talking ‘inside one second’ or ‘with a similar Huntress glaive’ here. Immediately. There are no easy routes here: you’re going to require a major gathering of enemies and a serious burst ability or thing. Take the methodologies you used to unlock the Unstable Tesla Coil and dial them to 11. 

Steps of Heresy: supplant your utility skill with Shadowfade. Blur away to recuperate 25% of your greatest health and become immaterial and increase 30% development speed for three seconds. To unlock: kill 15 managers in a single run. This is another clear, savage power thing: simply continue playing until you kill 15 managers. 

Equipment/Orange Risk of Rain 2 items 

The Back-up: call a crowd of strike drones for 25 seconds. To unlock: fix 30 automatons or turrets. You can discover automatons and turrets stuck in the ground everywhere. They get exponentially more costly over the long haul, so attempt to get them from the get-go. After a couple of runs, you’ll have your reinforcement. 

Regal Capacitor: destroy a focused on enemy, managing high harm and staggering it. To unlock: rout all teleporter managers subsequent to enacting two Shrines of the Mountain. Each Shrine of the Mountain you trigger brings forth two or so additional managers when you initiate the teleporter, so enacting two will generally significantly increase your supervisor check. Have some good times! 

The Crowdfunder: shoot a consistent hail of slugs which cost $1 each (value scales after some time). To unlock: gather $30,480 gold aggregate. You’ll unlock this in the long run just by playing. Furthermore, indeed, in case you’re pondering, the Kickstarter for the first Risk of Rain raised $30,480. 

Contorted Woodsprite: increase a woodsprite that recuperates you and can be sent to mend partners. To unlock: completely update a Shrine of the Woods. You’ll discover Shrines of the Woods in the Distant Roost, the foggy stage with loads of evergreen trees. They look like green shamanistic emblems, and they cost cash to utilize. Utilize a similar sanctuary multiple times to maximize it and unlock this thing. 

Preon Accumulator: fire a mass of vitality which destroys close by enemies and detonates on sway. To unlock: open the planned security chest in Rallypoint Delta. Rally point Delta is that blanketed guide which is often the third stage. The planned security chest will bolt the following ten minutes, so at the end of the day, you have to arrive at the third-ish stage and discover the chest inside ten minutes. The chest appears to generate everywhere, except it’s often discovered smack in the center of the stage (and once in a while inside a box). Godspeed! 

Radar Scanner: show all chests and compartments on the guide for ten seconds. To unlock: gather ten beast or condition logs. These examination logs drop arbitrarily, so simply continue playing and keep your eyes stripped for skimming course books. 

Offbeat Vase: make a quantum burrow up to 1,000 meters in length. To unlock: rout the supervisor of the Gilded Coast with no lamps going out. You can get to the Gilded Coast by enacting a Golden Shrine before initiating the teleporter for that stage. These holy places are uncommon products, so keep your eyes stripped. Take the brilliant entrance that shows up and you’ll enter the Gilded Coast. Once inside, kill enemies to gain cash which you can use to light the seven lamps in the territory. When every one of the seven are lit, you’ll have the option to harm the chief. Keep in mind, kill him before any lights go out. This challenge is truly intense, so I’d bring companions for this. 

Impact Shower: purge every negative impact, including debuffs and harm after some time impacts. To unlock: die three blazing deaths. That’s right, you need to consume yourself alive to unlock this. The most effortless approach to do this is to discover Blazing Elites and let them lay into you, yet make certain to flee when your health gets low, that you can guarantee that the fire DoT is what kills you.


That wraps up our guide on the risk of rain 2 items. We hope you found this list helpful and you can use these items in-game. However, make sure to have a good look at the risk of rain 2 lunar items as these items are a little tricky. And, they can’t be used for many characters.

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