Risk of Rain 2: Unlock, Abilities, and Items of Acrid

Acrid is a character that has appeared in both the Risk of rain games. After being absent for a while from the sequel, he has made an entrance in Risk of Rain 2. But has any of his abilities changed? How to unlock him?

If you are looking for answers to these questions then you are at the right spot. Today, we will provide you the answers to the above-mentioned questions in this Risk of Rain 2 Acrid guide. That being said, let’s jump right into the article:

How to Unlock Acrid?

Unlock Acrid

Before actually unlocking Acrid, you must reach the Void Fields in order to have a shot at unlocking him. Once you reach there, here is how you unlock acrid:

Since you’ve arrived at the Void Fields, things are going to quit fooling around. As the depiction indicated, you have to begin looking for the zone for Void Cells. You will know them by the purple lights darting away from them into the sky. When you discover and actuate the first, of nine all out you’ll have to discover, everything will commence. 

Directly off the bat, moving excessively far away from a Void Cell will chip away your health, so your development is constrained as it is charging. Normally, this is the place enemies will bring forth, however, your activity is simply to endure. The cell will charge paying little heed to whatever else, so kill a lot or as meager is important to remain alive. 

When the principal cell is finished charging three things will occur. First, you get a thing, and second, the following cell will show up. Third, and generally significant, your little sheltered region around the primary cell will evaporate, which means you’ll begin taking harm right away. 

Get yourself to the following cell as quickly as conceivable to shield from losing an excessive amount of health, at that point rehash a similar procedure once. Fortunately, time doesn’t push ahead in the Void Fields, and the following cell isn’t naturally actuated, so you have a lot of time to recuperate before generating the following wave.

You need to repeat this step for 9 times when the final wave will be hit. Defeat the enemies in this wave and as a reward, you will be able to unlock Acrid.

Who is Acrid?


For one thing, Acrid is viewed as a melee/ranged hybrid which implies that he can either get up in enemies’ appearances or gradually trim them down from a far distance. As far as we can tell, it is continually going to be the last mentioned. As a melee survivor, Acrid truly doesn’t have anything going for him like Loader or Mercenary. Both of those have heaps of versatility and some survivability. Spoiler ready, Acrid doesn’t. 

This implies getting into melee go is a colossal bet. You either kill the enemy rapidly or you wind up getting smacked directly back, and about all enemies in Risk of Rain 2 smack harder. Try not to try and kick me off on Imps. 

So with that all being stated, you should possibly ever go into melee run when you are polishing off enemies with your melee assault. Much like Loader, you should utilize your different abilities (and toxin) to do 90% of your harm while your melee is utilized if all else fails. 

Risk Of Rain 2 Acrid’s Abilities

Risk of Rain 2 Abilities

Acrid’s passive is his most significant skill by a long shot. Much like how Rex can debilitate enemies, Acrid can harm them. This toxin does 1% of their maximum health every second for 10 seconds, or as such, does 10% of the enemies’ maximum health as harm. 

Essentially, on the off chance that you save poison on an enemy for 100 seconds, even a chief, you will take them to 1 health (since it is non-deadly). This makes Acrid too great at dependably killing supervisors, it is difficult to fall behind when you can kill any manager in 100 seconds. 

Tragically, be that as it may, this can’t proc. So no crits or anything of that way. 

Acrid’s Primary: Vicious Wounds 

So to the extent, Acrid’s abilities go they are for the most part entirely basic. His essential is only a swipe assault that does 200% for the initial two hits and afterward does 400% harm on the third swipe. 

Honestly, this is quite awful. It does just somewhat more harm than the Mercenaries essential and doesn’t have the wide curve that his ability does. In addition, on the off chance that you read the above segment, you shouldn’t utilize this very much. If at any time given the chance, change to the Visions of Heresy. 

Acrid’s Secondary: Neurotoxin 

Acrid’s auxiliary is seemingly more significant than his essential. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t matter, it is 100% indeed more significant. 

Neurotoxin bargains 240% harm with a proc coefficient of 1 and furthermore harms enemies. Toxic substance, obviously, does 10% of an enemies’ maximum health more than 10 seconds, in spite of the fact that, it is non-deadly. 

Spam this ability however much as could be expected. In addition to the fact that it applies poison, yet it is likewise Acrid’s best way to harm flying enemies and has a simple 2-second cooldown so you truly have no reason to not utilize it. 

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Acrid’s Utility: Caustic/Frenzied Leap 

Acrid has a decision between two utility skills (on the off chance that you have unlocked it). Harsh jump is the default and it does 320% harm while additionally dazzling and harming all enemies hit. Furious jump, then again, accomplishes more harm and has a CD decrease for each enemy hit, yet doesn’t harm.

We figure you should whatever you feel good with, however, we favor the Caustic Leap. Do note, notwithstanding, that Caustic Leap’s toxic substance is additionally non-deadly. 

Acrid’s Special: Epidemic 

Acrid’s last ability is called Epidemic. This ability spreads toxic substances to up to 20 different focuses around the enemy you hit with Epidemic, making it incredibly helpful for managing enormous gatherings of enemies that have piled up. 

This ability has a proc coefficient of 1 so getting a Ukulele makes freeing immense bunches from enemies almost inconsequential. Likewise, don’t hesitate to spam it since the CD is overly low for how powerful the ability is. 

Best Rotation for Acrid

Best Rotation for Acrid
  • Pestilence
  • Neurotoxin
  • Awful Wounds/Neurotoxin/Leap

Not actually that troublesome however that really is the means by which to do it. When confronting manager enemies you will probably need to apply poison a few times. Remember to constantly harm them at regular intervals to boost your productivity. 

Best Items for Acrid 

Acrid, much like different survivors, truly flourishes with AOE things and DOTs. Basically on the grounds that his toxic substance can’t kill without anyone else and consequently having something consistently ticking for deadly harm is acceptable. 

  • Formal Daggers 
  • Gas 
  • Will-o’- the-wisp 
  • Ukulele 
  • Tri-Tip Dagger 
  • Center Crystal
  • Reinforcement Magazine 
  • Old Guillotine 
  • Rose Buckler 


This concludes the guide of Risk of Rain 2 Acrid, we hope this will aid you in learning everything about Acrid. Moreover, if you want a little feel of nostalgia, this character will be the best choice for you moving forward. 

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