Risk of Rain 2: Abilities and Items of Commando

Today we will show you the most ideal approach to play Commando in Risk of Rain 2. In this Risk of Rain 2 Commando manage, you will figure out how Commando plays, what things are best on Commando, and what Commando’s revolution resembles. 

Before we start, however, we would like to specify that we believe that Commando is the most noticeably awful survivor in Risk of Rain 2, something the network concurs with. We won’t mention to you what survivor to play, and extremely, all survivors are fun, however, we simply needed to put out a warning for you.

How to Play with Risk of Rain 2 Commando 

Risk of rain 2 commando

Commando is the principal survivor you get in Risk of Rain 2. He is the main survivor unlocked once you first begin the game, in this way he is the most vanilla character out of every one of them since the game is attempting to set you up for the remainder of the game. This prompts him being to some degree exhausting and by and large deadened. 

Run, shoot, run, shoot. That is about it for the Commando. Seemingly, this is everything you do in Risk of Rain 2 as a rule, however, it is very evident for Commando, who has a portion of the most noticeably terrible abilities in the game. 

The principal issue with Commando is that he needs to be proportional through things to turn out to be powerful, which once more, is the thing that most survivors in the game do. Be that as it may, Commando’s issue is he has close to zero need over some other character. So except if you are playing alone, almost everything in the game has a superior home than in Commando’s stock. 

Additionally, Commando needs versatility. He has a basic battle roll that scarcely moves him anyplace however that is immaterial, best case scenario. 

The best activity as the Commando is to concentrate on things. This isn’t a survivor that can disregard chests and progress nicely, in any event, being a couple of things behind can stop a run completely for the Commando, so ensure you get each and everything you can. 

Commando’s Abilities 

Commando’s Primary: Double Tap 

Commando’s first skill is called Double Tap. This is the customary simple to use essential assault where you just point and hold down the fire button. There are some intriguing characteristics about it, however. 

  • The further it voyages, the less damage you arrangement to enemies 
  • The more you hold down the fire button the less precise the assault is 
  • Each assault has a proc coefficient of 1 

To put it plainly, this makes it essential to be nearer to enemies as the Commando. The closer you are the more precise and the more damaging you to, so it is to your greatest advantage to get very close with him. 

Additionally, Double Tap has the most elevated opportunity to proc things (otherwise known as proc coefficient) out of some other essential ability. 

Commando’s Secondary: Phase Round and Phase Blast 

What Commando needs (unexpectedly) are damage. Despite the fact that he is the least complex survivor with incredibly clear abilities, he simply doesn’t do damage. With Phase Blast that changes. 

Stage Blast is unlocked by killing an Overloading Worm (you can look at the Loadout direct in the event that you need now where you can discover how to unlock it simpler). In the wake of figuring out how to pull that off, you approachability that does over 5x the damage of his Phase Round. 

  • Stage Round experiences enemies and terrain making it a meh AOE ability and a horrendous single objective DPS ability. 
  • Stage Blast doesn’t experience enemies, rather, it acts like a shotgun impact that is an extraordinary single objective DPS ability. 
  • Stage Blast is the damage that Commando is missing and makes it far simpler to overcome stages without passing on, even on Monsoon’s trouble. 

Commando’s Utility: Tactical Dive and Tactical Slide 

All things considered, this will be short. 

Strategic Dive is basically a move toward whatever path you are confronting, that is it. Strategic Slide is a slide toward whatever path you are confronting. The main ‘genuine’ distinction between the two is that Tactical Slide lets you shoot during the slide, boosting your DPS. 

Strategic Slide is only a superior variant of Tactical Dive, use it. 

Commando’s Special: Suppressive Fire and Frag Grenade 

So for Commando’s special he has two choices, Suppressive Fire and Frag Grenade. 

Suppressive Fire shoots six projectiles for 100% damage that daze each time they hit an enemy. Much like Double Tap, Suppressive Fire’s damage tumbles off with separation, notwithstanding, it scales with assault speed, discharging more projectiles the higher your assault speed is. 

Frag Grenade, then again, is actually as it sounds, a projectile that detonates for 175% damage. This blast does 4x damage in the middle. You can likewise hold up to two charges of the Frag Grenade with a five-second cooldown on each charge. 

Suppressive Fire is vastly improved both from a damaged viewpoint and a utility stance. 

Risk of Rain 2 Commando’s Rotation 

  • Twofold Tap a couple of times 
  • Use Phase Blast/Round 
  • Suppressive Fire any enemies you have to stagger 

Stage Blase/Round reset the exactness of Double Tap! So on the off chance that you are shooting an enemy that is really far away and you begin missing a few assaults, utilize your Phase Blast/Round and reset the precision to amplify Commando’s ranged DPS. 

Attempt to utilize Suppressive Fire just when you have to. The explanation behind this is a few enemies totally Shrek Commando (Templars for instance), so in the event that you don’t have a daze prepared to prevent them from killing you then you going to die. In the event that you have a sense of security, you can utilize Suppressive Fire for DPS as it is truly solid. 

Best Items for Risk of Rain 2 Commando 

Items for risk of rain 2 commando

With our other survivor guides in Risk of Rain 2, we just put the absolute necessities for them. Nonetheless, with Commando, we will need to put any longer rundown for his thing fabricate. 

  • Hopoo Feather – Mobility is one of the key things Commando needs 
  • Wax Quail – Same reasons as Hopoo 
  • Tri-tip-knife – Commando has a high proc possibility 
  • Clingy Bombs – Again, high proc possibility 
  • Soldier’s Syringe – Higher assault speed buffs Commando’s unique 
  • Reinforcement Magazine – Having more than one Phase Blast/Phase Round is amazingly powerful 
  • Bloodsucker Seed – Commando needs life-take since he has zero survivability 
  • Reaper’s Scythe – Same as Leech seed 
  • ATG Missile – Commando is an on-hit god 
  • Ukulele – Read previously
  • Conscious Meathook – Read previously 


Could there be more in this thing guide for Risk of Rain 2 Commando? Truly. Be that as it may, ideally you get the essence of what we are attempting to state here. Commando needs versatility and life-take for survivability since he has zero, and he benefits enormously from on-hit impacts since his Double Tap can proc the most out of each other essential. 

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