Risk of Rain 2: Abilities and Best Items of Mercenary

Risk of Rain 2 incorporates a few unique characters for players to unlock, including the Mercenary. Unlocking these characters for the play includes some work, and on account of the Mercenary, a tad of nothing but karma. Luckily, we’re here to help explain the subtleties of how to unlock the Mercenary in Risk of Rain 2. So, without any further ado let’s begin the risk of rain 2 mercenary guide.

How to Unlock Mercenary?

Risk of Rain 2

Mercenary is one of the more mainstream characters in Risk of Rain 2, which means it’s one of the primary characters that players will need to unlock. Be that as it may, most players won’t have the option to unlock Mercenary until they’ve just gained some great ground into the game — in this example, they’ll have to continue making a push forward until they recognize their first Celestial Portal. 

There appear to be differences among the player base who respect what makes a Celestial Portal show up. Given sufficient opportunity, players will unquestionably discover one — some of them appear to show up haphazardly all through different levels. A few clients over the Internet are revealing that a gateway will show up subsequent to making it past the fourth level, at that point circling right back to the furthest limit of the Rallypoint Delta stage, which is the game’s present third level. 

Despite which Celestial Portal is picked, head inside and discover the Obelisk. It ought to be anything but difficult to spot, however it might be difficult to really draw near to. Once positioned before it, communicate with it, pick the alternative to crush yourself from the presence, at that point watch as the current character makes their very own penance life. Try not to stress, it’s all piece of the Risk of Rain 2 experience. When the penance has been made, the True Respite accomplishment will pop, and the Mercenary character will unlock. 

Mercenary is a versatile survivor in Risk of Rain 2, actually, his portability is just second to Loader who can hook over the guide quickly, so a sorry reasonable battle. As a result of this versatility, the Mercenary can do things most different survivors can’t and arrive at places that different survivors essentially can’t go. This hurries the phases up a piece so it is marginally simpler to hurry through stages with him. 

Tragically, the Mercenary needs to follow through on a huge cost for the entirety of his portability, and that comes as softness. In contrast to Loader, the Mercenary can’t tank the whole occasion cool as a cucumber, and blasting elites wind up being the Mercs most noticeably terrible enemy. Saying this doesn’t imply that he doesn’t have survivability, however. As you will discover in the following segment, the Mercenary has heaps of implicit survivability with his skills, as long as you pick the right loadout for him. 

In this way, all things considered, the Mercenary is a relentless survivor in Risk of Rain 2, who likes to utilize his versatility to keep him alive as well as assist him with clearing stages fantastically quickly. 

Mercenary Risk of Rain 2 Abilities

Risk of rain 2 abilities

As usual, we will be going over each Mercenary ability at present accessible in this area. We as of now have a guide on the best loadouts for each survivor, so go look at that in the event that you are rather searching for the most ideal loadout for the Mercenary. 

Mercenary Passive: Cybernetic Enhancements 

It gives you a twofold bounce and that’s pretty much about this ability.

Mercenary’s Primary: Laser Sword 

Laser Sword is the Mercenary’s essential ability. It works correspondingly to Acrid’s essential where you can combo your assaults after a specific number of hits. For Mercenary, each third hit will accomplish more harm and hit in a bigger AOE. 

The one thing to think about the Mercenary’s essential is that no different abilities drop the Laser Sword assault. This means you can hold down the Laser Sword assault and ceaselessly assault which expands your DPS definitely. 

Likewise, there is a deferral between the keep going assault on the Laser Sword which you can drop with Whirlwind (Merc’s optional skill). This causes the assault to go off immediately and can expand your DPS significantly further. 

Mercenary’s Secondary: Whirlwind and Rising Thunder 

Hurricane makes the Mercenary cut either on a level plane or vertically depending on whether he is airborne at that point. Each cut does 200% harm and has a proc coefficient of 1, implying that things proc ordinarily on the two swipes. 

Rising Thunder drives both Mercenary and enemies into the air, managing 450% harm to all enemies hit by the assault. Considering how Huntress’s Ballista thumps her noticeably all around, it is generally a similar thought. 

The fundamental explanation that Whirlwind is better for Merc has to do with harm potential and furthermore the way that having Backup Magazines improves Whirlwind much, however, Backup Mags don’t make Rising Thunder that greatly improved. 

Mercenary Utility: Blinding Assault 

Blinding Assault is the Mercenary’s utility skill, which permits him to run over the guide a few times while likewise harming each enemy he comes into contact with. 

Your scramble will paralyze enemies and do 300% harm, in addition, each time you hit an enemy, you can run once more, up to multiple times. You can tell what number of more runs you have left by taking a gander at the ability in your hot bar. Blue is three, yellow is two, and red is one. Strangely, stacking assault speed causes Blinding Assault to go further, so make a point to bring more Soldier’ Syringes in the event that you truly need to go all the way. 

Mercenary’s Special: Eviscerate and Slicing Winds 

Mercenary has two unique abilities to browse and the decision is consistently Eviscerate over Slicing Winds. Never under any circumstance ever utilize Slicing Winds except if you are totally memeing. 

Kill focuses on any close by enemies and assaults them for 110% harm through the span of the ability. During the assault, you can’t be hit. Notice how it says can’t be hit and not can’t be harmed. This is on the grounds that any debuff you have on you, state from a fire tip-top, will in any case do harm and can kill you in any event, during this assault. 

Cutting Winds is the subsequent choice the Mercenary has which permits you to fire a cone assault before you that assaults three enemies for up to 8×100% harm. 

Killing is the bread and butter of the Mercenary because of the I-outlines it gives you. Continuously pick Eviscerate. 

Mercenary Risk of Rain 2 Rotation 

  • Laser Sword Attack 
  • Run 
  • Laser Sword Attack 
  • Hurricane 
  • Laser Sword Attack (completed combo) 
  • Run 
  • Laser Sword Attack 
  • Run (last scramble) 
  • Laser Sword Attack 
  • Destroy 

To clarify the combo completely you have to comprehend that the Laser Sword’s subsequent assault can be dropped by Whirlwind, so we are successfully utilizing Whirlwind to liveliness drop the second Laser Sword assault and that way we can utilize the third more grounded assault snappier. 

The scramble between assaults is on the grounds that you have quite enough time between each run to either utilize the Laser Sword twice or to utilize the Laser Sword + Whirlwind combo. Since we need the Whirlwind to assault to drop the activity of the Laser Sword, we run after the underlying swipe. This is the most elevated DPS combo you can do. 

Destroy can be utilized anytime after the runs or whenever where you discover you have to avoid assaults. You would ideally do it after your runs are on chill off so you can amplify your survivability and DPS.

Best Items for Mercenary Risk of Rain 2

We as of now have a Risk of Rain 2 level rundown for things, so this will be things that are acceptable on Mercenary, instead of simply great things. 

  • Reinforcement Magazines – Literally perhaps the best thing on Mercenary period 
  • Center Crystal – A melee survivors closest companion 
  • Solider’s Syringe – Every ability that Mercenary has is supported by assault speed 
  • Harder Times – You need as much assistance as possible get since you are a melee bowe 
  • Hopoo Feather – Double bounces are old, attempt triple hops 
  • Brainstalks – No CD in the wake of killing an Elite, Mercenary loves this 
  • Reaper’s Scythe – You need some type of life take as Mercenary and this is truly outstanding 
  • Bandolier – Always in melee go, so you can get the CD reviving ammunition packs 

Once more, these are only a portion of the preferable things on Mercenary rather over best things all around. Focal point Makers Glasses would be here something else, in light of the fact that who would not like to crit?


That concludes our guide for Mercenary. We hope this guide helped you in learning about this character. The abilities of Mercenary are out of the world and they will provide a huge boost to you in battle.

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