Risk of Rain 2: Abilities and Items Of Huntress

When Risk of Rain 2 was launched, Huntress was actually one of the first characters. But do you know how to use Huntress perfectly? Or what are her abilities? Well, if you are looking for answers to such questions then this article will help you.

In this Risk of Rain 2 Huntress guide, we will talk in-depth about how to play with Huntress, her abilities, and more. So, without any more delay, let’s begin the article:

How to play with Huntress Risk of Rain 2?


The most important thing we should let you know how to play Huntress on the full-scale level. It is diverse for each character in Risk of Rain 2 so read this section to get a thought of what Huntress resembles. 

First of all, Huntress is the squishiest survivor in Risk of Rain 2. Both her underlying health pool and her health scaling is the most reduced in the whole game, making Huntress the alleged ‘glass gun’. As it should be, as she has a lot of harm in her unit, which relying upon the loadout you decide for her, can be a solitary objective, AOE, or even a tad bit of both. 

This implies you should be sharp-witted when playing Huntress, as even a solitary wanderer wisp or titan shaft could mean your end. In spite of the fact that, since you have a crazy measure of harm, on the off chance that you deal with her cool-downs effectively, you can dispatch any potential risk quickly. 

The greatest thing to comprehend with Huntress is she needs loads of things to arrive at max potential. While survivors like Rex or Acrid can be solid even without things, Huntress basically can’t deal with that accomplishment.

Proceeding onward, we have a brisk guide on Huntress’ abilities. 

Huntress’ Abilities 

Huntress Abilities

This segment is only an outline of the entirety of Huntress’s abilities. This won’t be a full ability to manage for her or which loadout is better (in spite of the fact that we will talk about it quickly). On the off chance that you’d prefer to perceive what Huntress’s best loadouts are and how to unlock them go here. 

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Huntress’ Primary: Strafe or Flurry 

Huntress has two essential loadouts to look over and the appropriate response regarding which one you should use on her is quite self-evident. 

Barrage shoots a bolt for 150% harm with a 1 proc coefficient. This has a fire pace of .5s and can be utilized while running, something different survivors can’t generally do. 

Whirlwind, then again, shoots three bolts for 100% harm each. On the off chance that you wind up handling a basic strike, you will shoot twofold the sum at an aggregate of six bolts (which all twofold harm also). In spite of the fact that the fire rate is slower, you despite everything end up with more DPS by picking Flurry over Strafe. 

Huntress Secondary: Laser Glaive

Huntress has one auxiliary choice to browse, Laser Glaive. Glaive is one of the most significant apparatuses in a Huntress’ toolbox as it clears soft yet irritating enemies out instantly and can make Shrines of the Mountain appear as though cake strolls. 

The glaive will skip multiple times for 250% harm, notwithstanding, that harm increments by 10% each ricochet, so the more enemies you hit the higher the harm goes. This commendation Huntress’s first ability (a solitary objective assault) very well and balances her pack for crude DPS potential. 

Huntress Utility: Blink and Phase Blink 

Huntress players have two or three abilities to think about in her utility skills also. Tragically, the decision is depressingly her underlying squint. 

Flicker, the base ability, permits Huntress to transport ‘forward’ which means in whichever heading she is confronting. So in the event that you are looking into, you go up, to one side, you go to one side, and so on. It doesn’t make a difference on the off chance that you are on the ground either, this ability will let you hop noticeably all around and cross in any case obstructed territories effortlessly. Significant ability to somebody as soft as Huntress. 

Stage Blink on paper seems like a straight buff. The content is precisely the same and can be utilized multiple times versus the one season of Blink. In any case, this isn’t the situation. Stage Blink doesn’t give you the energy that Blink does and just puts you a short separation before yourself and limits that development to the ground. Otherwise known as, you can’t utilize it to hop around the guide, making it to a great extent substandard compared to the Blink. 

Huntress Special: Arrow Rain and Ballista 

Huntress has two specials to browse. 

Bolt Rain transports Huntress into the sky and permits her to focus on a territory to set out a flood of bolts that bargains 225% harm every second with a .2 proc coefficient. 

Ballista transports Huntress in reverse and permits her to fire three bolts that bargain 900% harm each with a 1 proc coefficient on every bolt. 

For any Huntress player, We would suggest Ballista. Huntress has a crazy measure of AOE from her glaive and doesn’t generally require any longer, in addition to she strangely needs single objective harm without this ability in light of how little harm her essential assaults do (one of the most reduced in the game). 

Huntress Rotation 

  • Glaive 
  • Flicker 
  • Essential assault 
  • Ballista 

It presumably sounds entirely imbecilic/self-evident, yet let me disclose to make it understood. You begin with Laser Glaive to kill the entirety of the garbage hordes that are around the bigger and harder enemies you are attempting to battle. When the more fragile crowds are dead, you can feel free to utilize your Ballista to polish off the more grounded enemies, trying to utilize your essential assault at whatever point you have vacation on abilities. 

Additionally, significant. The flickering will drop the long activity of Glaive. In the event that you need to maximize DPS on Huntress, drop the liveliness with your Blink. 

Huntress Juggling

Something to know about Huntress is that she can “shuffle” herself noticeable all around for some time, making her quite difficult to kill for any non-ranged eneus. The way toward shuffling on Huntress is as per the following: 

  • Use Blink to get noticeable all around
  • Use Laser Glaive
  • Use Ballista

This won’t keep you noticeable all around uncertainly, yet on the off chance that you have things like Hard-light Afterburner or Backup Magazine, you can remain noticeable all around for nearly insofar as you’d like. Who needs to play Mercenary in any case? 

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Best Items for Risk of Rain 2 Huntress

  • Reinforcement Magazine – One of the best things Huntress can get in the game, better than most legendaries on Huntress 
  • Ukulele – She needs AOE once enemies begin enduring her Glaive, these assists get done with offing any she may miss with the Glaive assault 
  • Outsider Head–Huntress is CD subordinate, diminish her CD and she gets relentless 
  • Hardlight Afterburner – As we referenced above, you can shuffle Huntress for whatever length of time that you like with this thing 

There are more things that will be tremendous aids to any Huntress player, as Brilliant Behemoth, yet those sorts of things are acceptable on everybody and ought to be rejected from survivor explicit things. The things above are acceptable explicitly on Huntress and she ought to be the one getting them over different players (just on uncommon events should she not).


This was the guide about Huntress Risk of Rain 2. We hope this article will help you in the game. Lastly, if you use this character wisely enough, you can actually have much more fun in the game, so, good luck!

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