Elden Ring: Defeating the Malenia Blade of Miquella and the Goddess of Rot

The toughest optional boss battle in Elden Ring is Malenia, and numerous people have posted her location for where to locate her along with strategies for how to beat her, including an instakill for her second phase.

Even if you do not dare fight this optional boss, you will definitely know who she is since her appearance is associated with the game. Her flowing red hair was pretty much all we saw when the game was initially revealed, and she’s the statue for the collector’s edition.

She has a wonderful and iconic beauty, but she can be a major pain in the rear to defeat.



The location for where to locate the Malenia boss battle in Elden Ring is Miquella Haligtree.

You need two sides of a medallion. One-half of the medallion lies at the Village of the Albinaurics, southwest of Liurnia of the Lakes.

Hit the huge pot, chat to the person who was inside, and then get the medallion half. The second half of the medallion was discovered in Castle Sol.

You need to fall in love with Commander Niall at Castle Sol so you can then retrieve the medallion out of the chest behind his arena. After you’ve obtained the two medallions, return to the Grand Lift of Rold and choose “use secret medal”.

Now that you’ve utilized the hidden medal, continue to the Ordina, or Liturgical Town. Here you need to start four flames.

Once you’ve ignited all of the four flames, you will be allowed to visit the Haligtree dungeon. Visual help is available through YouTube video.

Malenia Blade of Miquella: Phase 1 and ideal summons

We choose to concentrate only on a Dex build for the Malenia Blade of Miquella boss battle in Elden Ring, focusing heavily on Eleonora’s Polebalde (dropped by an NPC invader in the Second Church of Marika in Altus Plateau). To know more about Altus Plateau, you can check our Elden Ring map guide.

As for summons, you have a few alternatives:

  • The first is the dependable Greatshield Soldier Ashes, which when cornered, may stunlock your adversary. Additionally, the Haligtree variation is excellent.
  • The other is Nokron Eternal City’s Mimic Tear Ashes. The summon generates a clone of your character with your loadout intact. However, its efficiency is proportional to your stats. If you equip it with a staff that demands a high level of Int but you only have a low level of Int, its spells will be weaker.

Due to Malenia’s powers, the summon you to choose here will affect the outcome of the fight:

  • Heal-on-hit: Each melee strike Malenia lands will restore a portion of her HP. If you’re alone, this entails evading and blocking as required. However, if you have a summons, cross your fingers that she does not strike them as often, otherwise it will be a lengthy struggle.
  • Greatshield/Haligtree Soldiers perform nicely here for the stunlock, yet if Malenia breaks free, she’ll swat them all in one swipe and regain a significant amount of HP. Meanwhile, the Mimic Tear version enables you to be more aggressive (i.e., you and your clone are whirling about with Eleonora’s Poleblade). Your clone, on the other hand, will struggle to protect itself. Nonetheless, it is feasible to equip just a bow at the start of the game before summoning the Mimic Tear, transforming it into a pure ranged DPS fighter (just be careful not to draw Malenia’s attention or she will tear your companion apart).
  • When Malenia draws back, she will perform a swift lunging stab. This is a high-damage ability that has the potential to kill you at full health if you have not invested enough points in vigour or if your physical defenses are inadequate.

Blade Dance: This is shown by Malenia floating in mid-air for a few seconds. She’ll then fire a series of slashes, switching between different targets. When she floats, it’s time to flee.

Malenia Blade of Miquella in Elden Ring is going to be a nightmare in phase 1 if you can’t time your dodges or blocks correctly, if you can’t stunlock, and if your own summons is often struck.

On the plus side, she has low Super Armor, which means that charged attacks, leaping attacks, or Ashes of War abilities would eventually stun her, allowing you to perform a critical hit. A critical hit will refill your HP and FP if you possess both the Assassin’s Crimson and Assassin’s Cerulean Dagger talismans.


How to handle Malenia’s fast attack

The benefit of the three-person stun-lock is that Malenia may not even have a chance to do her killing assault, but honestly, it’s best to have a backup plan in case that does happen, and there are two alternatives I’ve used that work the majority of the time:

Equip a great shield in your off-hand and immediately swap it for another to withstand the strikes as she leaps into the air. Continue rearward and make certain you are not immediately underneath her. You’ll need some endurance for this, but it will restore a significant portion of her health.

When she leaps into the air, flee as quickly as possible until she has finished the first two stages of the attack, then evade her when she comes at you for the third. This is made feasible via positioning. If you are exactly underneath her or swap aggro as she leaps, you are effectively killed.

Though you never know when she’ll launch this attack, it often occurs after she’s staggered and rises after a critical hit. While the first technique is more likely to succeed, the trouble is that all those hits regenerate her health. The second technique is far superior, and I’ve successfully avoided that strike four times in a single battle by using it. The trick is to run as soon as you see her leaping. She may even grab you in the rear a few times, but while she stops, you may gain some further space before evading the third attack.

The problem of this one is that you have almost no chance if you are underneath her and she leaps. Even with a small equipment load, I believe that evading it from that posture may be impossible, if not too tough to be a consistent option. That is why this is a smart alternative for exchanging aggro since you can maintain some space while maintaining sufficient stamina to flee if she does leap. In any case, if you see her leap, do not immediately begin rolling or slowly backing away (unless you’ve switched to a great shield).

Finally, consider optimizing your talismans to do the most amount of damage. If you have a small equipment load, you may improve damage by using the Blue Dancer Charm. The Ritual Sword Talisman, as well as the Claw Talisman for leaping strikes, will perform the same function.

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Malenia Blade of Miquella: Phase 2 and Scarlet Rot

Once the boss’ health is completely depleted, a cinematic will play. This initiates phase 2, in which you will face Malenia, the Goddess of Rot in Elden Ring. Keep an eye out for her first move, which can instantly kill you if you do not roll away — she will zero in on you at the start of the battle.

She will maintain her standard combo chains, but with one significant caveat: the majority of strikes will now result in Scarlet Rot build-up. If you’ve been to Caelid, you’re aware that this lethal ailment causes your HP to deplete more quickly than typical poison. Bring some preserving boluses along to counteract this status impact.

To cap it off, Malenia, Goddess of Rot, has two further noteworthy abilities:

  • Sword Saint:  If she flies farther back, she will force her weapon to emit many sword saints (spectres). Appropriately time your dodges, and then dodge again as she zips right into you.
  • Crash and Bloom: This is the pinnacle of Malenia’s abilities. This is thrown at the start of phase 2 and on a regular basis afterward. She’ll soar into the skies, surrounded by shimmering tendrils. This is your signal to flee and dodge roll right before she slams to the ground. Additionally, you’ll need to clear the hitting zone caused by a shockwave. Malenia will not strike for a few seconds. However, if you are too close to this AoE, it will result in a tremendous build-up of Scarlet Rot. If you have any ranged attacks at your disposal, now is the moment to use them.

How to get Malenia’s hand into the Elden Ring

You may have been invaded by someone holding Malenia’s sword who instantly began performing the blade hurricane technique. The Hand of Malenia is her combat weapon, and you may get it via Finger Reader Enia’s memories of her. Its talent is called Waterfowl Dance, and it allows you to reproduce the boss fight’s strike, but I’m not sure I’d want to do so again.

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