Warframe Harrow Guide: Abilities and Builds

Warframe Harrow Guide

There are many characters in the game that have different abilities. Some can boost your team’s attack powers while others can boost the defensive abilities. But when it comes to an all-around warframe nothing beats the harrow. It can maintain the team’s health along with increasing the combat prowess. When it comes to the looks of this warframe, it can be defined as a dark-monk like a priest. So, if

Warframe Oxium Farming Guide: Best Places and Equipment for Farming

Warframe oxium Farming guide

Warframe is an ARPG game that requires intense grinding of relics to make some progress in the game. All these different elements have different advantages in the longer run. Today, we will be talking about one such element known as Oxium in Warframe. Despite the fact that it is just an uncommon element it is still hard to find this stuff. And, you can farm it by using several activities.

How To Get Equinox Prime Relics in Warframe?

Get Equinox

Over the years, there have been a plethora of action role playing games launched for gaming fans all around the globe. However, not every game has lived up to its expectations. Big titles such as Anthem and Destiny 2 failed to capitalize on their popularity.  But there has been one title that gained immense popularity since its launch. It is none other than Digital extremes and panic button games’ brain

Warframe damage types: Enemy weakness and other damage types

Warframe damage types

Warframe has been a complicated game. For a new player, there are so many things to be aware of and understand. It might seem a bit overwhelming. But there are different types of damages, vulnerabilities, elements, and much other stuff that just adds to the faction. It’s time to dive into the understanding of the Warframe and its damage types. Warframe Damage Types All the damage that is dealt with

Warframe corrupted mods: Farm Corrupted Mods


All the corrupted moods are also known as the special moments that can easily be octane from the Orokin Derelict which can loot the walls hidden within all of these missions. All these modes try to provide a different kind of warframes aura mods or other such specialized weapons that has dual stats and also give out a positive start that may leave a negative impact. However, this may try

Best Warframe Trackers and Timers of 2020

Warframe trackers

It is one of the most cooperative action role-playing games, it is a third-person shooter game that can easily be played on PC, Xbox One, PS4. It’s a spectacular game and has various contents included such as Albeit repetitive and Pay-To-Win, It also features many great looking graphics that have a rapid pace which makes it even more engaging. Now if you’re looking to keep the staff and track the

How to get Warframe Vauban: Prime, Abilities, and Builds

warframe vauban

Vauban is the most effective warframes that use the strategy and great crowd control.  All the abilities have the power to distract the enemy’s actions and stuns them. It also knows them back when completely rendering them immobile. This can certainly create a lot of disturbance to their enemies. How to Get Vauban? The Vauban warframe and other parts can be acquired as in relation to the rewards of different

Warframe hidden messages guide: Locations and Tips

warframe Hiddens messages

If you wish to obtain the Mirage, it is essential that you do the cost that will include the introduction as the lore and also create the process where you can obtain all the parts. This is quite similar to how can you receive a marriage for free, it will help you in deciding on how to purchase your platinum and will let you know for the enjoyment of the

How to get Mesa Warframe: Abilities and builds

Mesa warframe

Mesa is a gunslinger Warframe that is capable of dealing in huge amounts of damage within a span of mere few seconds that takes on the strongest of the enemies to the larger groups.  She also resembles in dealing with the ranged damage to different variety of enemies. It also specializes in gaining offensive and defensive from her personalized abilities. That’s what makes her a deadly gunfighter which is almost

How to get Octavia warframe: Systems, Chassis, music rooms


How to get Octavia Neuroptics The first mission starts right here: we are about to perform the Orokin Derelict Survival and this is there are you will get the blueprint of the Octavia Neuroptics. It gets dropped on the rotation C that means you need to spend at least 20 minutes to have a probability of availing the same. There has been a low drop rate over the Octavia neuroptics.