How to get Rhino Warframe: Abilities, Constructions, Builds

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There has been a reason why rhino is one of the most classic frames and the entire Warframe tier list. The Warframe rhino is a bulky match who is the favorite amongst all the newcomers. It is upon the players how easily and as early as possible can they construct him. It lets them practice on how to do shooting and other things like parkour. He also has few basic

Warframe tier list 2020: Best Warframes

warframe tier list

Remember, how we used to be a fan of candies as kids? Sweets were everywhere, a candy store was like heaven where we would get in a quarrel with our parents if they did not get us what we have been desiring. But the problem arises when you become older than your age and get overwhelmed by all the options that are available.  It is more similar to staring at

Best 5 Tekken 7 DLC Characters

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Let’s throwback to 2017: what is the first thing that you remember in the gaming world? If you have played this patchy version of Tekken 7, then you are surely a game ahead. It consists of crazy 13 characters that take up the entire game. Yes, it is way back down the current-gen consoles as it was initially the PC launch series. All the characters are featured under the wide

Tekken 7 Guide: Ranks And Point System

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It has remained a grey area for many new players that have come and remained here in the Ghost Battle mode. There are continuous matches that come along with the rankings against the AI. (valium) It was previously introduced in Tekken 5. So, if you have been an age-old player, you will understand what are we trying to convey here. Other players will feel like you’ve been promoted directly to

Best 15 Tekken 7 characters

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Tekken 7 is a very old game series. It has many characters that have multiple play states. In this article, we have tried to cover different and the most unique characters from the game. Below mentioned is the list of the 15 best characters from the Tekken 7 characters list. Please have a look! Well, this edition may not be as great as Tekken 5, which was considered as the

Best Tekken 7 mods you might not have heard off

Best tekken 7 mods

Even Tekken Has a Modding Community It has remained the most prominent fighting game franchise for as long as we can remember. Yes, it has been without any modding scene. The conjecture changed as Tekken 7’s PC release in the month of June 2017. Read further to know more about the top Tekken 7 mods. Faster Loading Speed Take a look at the faces. The expression says it all! All