Best 15 Tekken 7 characters

Tekken 7 is a very old game series. It has many characters that have multiple play states. In this article, we have tried to cover different and the most unique characters from the game. Below mentioned is the list of the 15 best characters from the Tekken 7 characters list. Please have a look!

Well, this edition may not be as great as Tekken 5, which was considered as the last unbelievable game of the year. But, certainly, with inches of improvement, it took Tekken 6 to come with a bang. This game has lively characters and the player can select their favorite character to fight on the roster.

What one should know before stepping in the game is that all the fighters are equipped with multiple moves. They come in combos because double the better! They are equipped with different kind of moves that makes them better from other players. So you can choose your best storyline and rank even higher! We have created a list of a few Tekken characters that have the best fighting potential in the storyline. Read further to know more.


King tekken 7

No wonder, why it is known as the Tekken staple. King is a fierce character that is a masked wrestler and has stepped off from the squared circle and inside other fighting spots. It comes as a DLC character in Season Pass 2. Did you know? This character has supreme powers and great strengths which consist of strength throws, and high poking abilities. Make sure that you are ready in case this character closes upon you. Stay prepared for a beating.


Leo Tekken 7

This character initially came in Tekken 6 and after that Leo Kliesen appeared in the following games. Yes, even in the trailer that showed battling Armor King. Leo is shown as an orphan kid who has no parent. This character lost his parents in a circumstance where the police don’t want to do the investigation. This is basically for the veterans or the beginners. Leo’s play and fighting style is Bajiquan.


tekken 7 nina

Nina is one of the Best Tekken 7 characters and has always been one of the interesting sisters from the William family. To an extent, there comes an intriguing plot that is attracted towards. Nina offers a range in diversity and her story that is developed takes a twist with comparison to others. 


tekken 7 kazumi

This lethal character has first appeared in Tekken7. Kazumi Mishima is extremely fast and has the ability to decimate all the enemies with ease. Her move set needs to be appreciated.

The South Korean pro-Soo-hoon “Ulsan” is able to defeat the opponents time and again. This character showcases the power of the most spectacular fashion sense.


Tekken 7 bob

One of the top American martial art legends, Bob disappeared from the fighting world for some time. Lately, he realized that he has a small figure and cannot defeat the large opponents. Therefore, most of the people assume that Bob has been dead for years. When The King of Iron Fist Tournament 6 approached, The strong character decided to make a return and surprised everyone with his new figure. Yes, he turns out to be an obese man. He later claimed to have created his body to strengthen weightlifting and speed management.



Remember the veteran martial artist – Bruce Lee? Marshall Law is Namco’s tribute to this legendary martial artist. In every Tekken game, Law can be seen as adorning one of the similar outfits worn by Bruce Lee in his top-notch movies. Law showed multiple throws and actions as similar to his movies.


Tekken 7 eddy

One of the legendary capoeirista- Eddy Gordo. This will take you back to the edition of June 2, Tekken 7 that was played out of an Xbox one. One of the greatest Brazilian fighters who had only one goal to destroy Kazuya Mishima. He just wanted to avenge his father. Why? He swore all of this a long time ago. Interested already? Watch him in action right now.

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Yoshimitsu tekken 7

If you are interested in fighting the game swordsmen in our venerable way, then Yoshimitsu is the finest character that you will come across. Yes, this character appears in both Soulcalibur and Tekken games. One can proudly say that it is a bold new law that we have made it appear and Tekken 7 and is apparently similar to a form of an octopus.

No doubt, why it is considered as one of the most interesting looking characters in both of the series. One can spot a bizarre set of fighting moves in these games. Yes, he’s also appeared as a samurai-beetle-demon-samurai–alien–ghost-kabuki thing. It has various characters that fit the Yoshimitsu persona and the other character, Bandai Namco that has played equally well around this look.


Jack 7 tekken 7

Jack 7 functions as a bio-enhanced superhuman on the list. It might look like it’s a bit clunky to play alongside but when you bind all the abilities in amalgamation, it works as a fantastic machine. 

While still there may be many players that do not consider this character. He is one of the leading characters in this game. But, you need to understand and look back at the results of Hoa “Anakin” Lou which happened in 2019 finals during the Tekken World Tour. Anakin was ranked on the fourth and showcases how fierce a character can be. 


Jin tekken 7

You can refer to this character as a hero of the game. Jin Kazama has been the lead character from Tekken 3 to Tekken 5 and turned the villain to an eventual anti-hero in the 6th and 7th games, respectively. No doubt, Tekken 7 has made him a supportive character where one can invest their time and in his story.

The creators have developed Jim’s offense as the most precise as they wanted to check his moves. They just want to check if that belongs to the main leading character or not. Jin is the wholesome package as this character uses various combos to unload a severe beating through the fists or via using a wide range of kicks that he learned in knocking the opponent’s side. The distance that you can use both of your faces and you can use kicks as well to unleash the fully flawless victory.



Another main character of this game is Kazuya. It has always been full of varieties as compared to Heihachi. One of the greatest moves that Hughes is the cycle kicks. It not only helps in knocking down the opponent but also flings them up in the air and give them an act of good revenge.

All the moves of this character are gigantic and as powerful as any other character such as Akuma or Heihachi’s punches. Yes, all these punches are as deadly as his moves. You can call Kazuya as the antagonist of the plotline. This also makes in the substance of the story to be kept close throughout the ending. One of the best and the oldest Tekken gamers know how to make the moves right.


Lili tekken 7

Lili is one of the Monégasque teenagers who is the single child of a pacifistic oil tycoon. By the age of 12, Lili had been held by a set of thugs for ransom. And unwittingly, she took a few of her captors in the attempt to break free from different activities. She consequently took pleasure in defeating the opponents. So much so, it felt like the happiness of the thrill. But in the hypocritical society, her father also wanted her to grow into a prim and proper lady and not like a fighter. But, nonetheless, she stole his father’s private jet to travel overseas. She also competed in many of the street fighting competitions.


howarang tekken 7

This character is known for the kicking counterpart to Bryan in Tekken 7. Along with the previous and age-old gamers, one can use Hwoarang to unleash the rain of kicks towards the opponents. What this character does better than Bryan is the ability to launch his opponents flinch in the air.

He has an offensive-defensive mechanism and will allow you to jump in the middle air. You can continue attacking your opponent even when you are in a middle. Don’t let any opponent fall back on the ground even for a second of the time. You can easily spam through the cakes and one can master the combos. It is a very interesting character in the game as he is chosen solely for one purpose and is not at all canonical.


heihachi tekken 7

We cannot put pressure on the importance that this character has had in the game of season five, six, seven consecutively. Heihachi Has become a relevant character by becoming the character from one of the lead protagonists. He is there to pick you up when you are in a dilemma of a scenario campaign or if you wish to unlock any of the secrets of the Mishima clan. Ultimately, this will help you in developing the game.


Steve tekken 7

Let’s talk about Steve’s scenario! Yes, it has done equal justice to the time that he has focused on identifying his mother – Nina. Without a doubt, Steve has remained as a silent weapon to be used for the latter. All the seasoned players are well aware of the blindside of their opponents and know how to use this weapon at that point.

There is an inch off turn off, as he does not have any strength in the kicks and might just freak you out. But understand that his dodging abilities are supreme enough in many instances. If you’re interested in any spam attacks, all his moves are equipped with various counter-attacks. There are many casual players that would like to select Steve as their character and are still confused about whether to choose it or get rid of it. Thereby we have tried to solve your woes!


We understand that everybody has their own personal favorite characters in this game. Although, these top 15 Tekken seven characters have stolen our hearts. That’s why we have got them on the list accordingly. Make sure that you keep in mind that Bandai Namco does plan on making balance adjustments before Tekken World Tour 2020 kicks off. Are we excited? Oh, yes!

Make sure that you lookout for the latest updates with different balance adjustments that will hit later. It can extremely help to shake things and strengthen the meta-game on the power rankings of various characters.

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