Best 5 Tekken 7 DLC Characters

Let’s throwback to 2017: what is the first thing that you remember in the gaming world? If you have played this patchy version of Tekken 7, then you are surely a game ahead. It consists of crazy 13 characters that take up the entire game. Yes, it is way back down the current-gen consoles as it was initially the PC launch series.

All the characters are featured under the wide umbrella of DLC. It is also known as downloadable content. Such an amazing feature enables the gamers on the other users to purchase either individually or in packs.

But the sensational question remains on everybody’s mind is: Which Tekken 7 DLC Characters is the Ideal Character of Them All?

Although, this has been more than convenient than ever that the gamers can now purchase separates. It must be convenient with multiple players that have narrowed down the list. If you’re interested in purchasing any of these amazing characters, let’s help you understand the familiarities and unfamiliarities of the context. ( Read further to know more!


zafina tekken 7

This character made a debut in the previous season of this game. Later on, Zafina was again found out in Tekken 7 DLC. From which we can gauge that it was a borderline overhaul of the past iteration. It was authentically thought as of a generic character in the sixth season. In the next season, this character pulls a completely different reputation altogether. 

The sinister slaying female Fatale catch herself sealing the Tekken 6’s final edition and the boss – Azazel, within her own body. It actually results in the reworking of what was come into the amalgamation with the metaphysical presence – “The Rectifier of All Things”. It serves as a fresh and authentic concept. All the characters that are present to this addition enjoy the legacy character’s development for the future and its maintenance. 

Zafina Price: $6.99 


negan tekken 7

Most of the people that are currently reading this article might be aware of The Walking Dead’s imposing opposition. Yes, that was the first guest character of our list. It was followed later from the next seasons of the same show. Another addition that was added of the DLC’s second season was polarizing to speak less in quantity. There have been fans all across the globe and have been rejoiced. 

And gradually, when the time passes, the character- Negan eventually finds himself as one of the recipients of general positive acclaim. The underdog reputation comes under the tier rankings. There has been a close inclination towards the extreme range in the combat that has given them new ranks as a worthwhile purchase. To know more about this character, it is precisely described as the “easy to pick up, hard to master” type. 

Negan Price: $3.99

Armor King

tekken 7 armor king

Let’s jump back to the previous topic that talks about the legacy support along with the Burning Knuckle leap. It is also considered as the fan-favorite, Armor King has been re-introduced back to the franchise of the Tekken game. So does so, it continues in the Season 2 DLC pass as well. This strong character survives in the incredibly potent modification of the previous god-like chain grappler – King. It features and enlightens his own importance through this series. He further moves to the pallette swap and fortunately serves there. 

If we talk about the further damage, then the King has enough potential and transfers it well to his own abilities that will transfer later. The efficiency is further intensified and replaced by the better arsenal moves. Thus, it creates a meticulous and a well-crafted synergy. Yes, it increases with time while using Armor King in play.

Armor King Price: $2.99


noctis tekken 7

This is yet another guest character and is also known as the renowned characters in the game of Tekken 7. Final Fantasy XV’s Noctis is the “pick up and play” character. With this game, the protagonist has been revealed and outstretched to the crowd whose audience may not have found out the pique in interest. But when you continue fighting in such games, you’re much more accessible to the character. It is quite similar as per the truth where Noctis remains a gateway character in this franchise of the game – Tekken 7. It finally opens multiple doors for many more plays at one go. The remarkable abilities to play against the opponent, it simply whiffs off the leads that give birth to the various combination. There have been multiple nuances where the accessibility has worked further and there have been a myriad of nuances to be safe towards the block.

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Geese tekken 7

It feels like we are back in those days when sketchy arcades used to be a fad! There were yet another Skinner Box difficulty systems, but without a doubt, the final one was saved for the latter. Although, SNK Playmore’s Geese of Fatal Fury and Art of Fighting remained on ranking #1 as the leading DLC character of the entire list. Yes, this crazy game – Tekken 7 will sweep you off from your feet. To be way too functional and practical, Geese has a set of intriguing skills and great adaptability features to learn and outgrow the past. It is available so much in abundance that the potential plan that has been led out by the tyrant may have a probability of damage in between. Alongside, the fear of who is facing in the ranked matches remains struck with our hearts forever. The damage has been protected with a shield layer and the output touches the mobility and so does the defense remain well-rounded. Talking about the ‘Ranked Matches’, the fear remains substantial again. 

Geese has his own way to move to paradise. Understand this while playing the game and you’ll be able to seek and learn new tactics on the way. 

Geese Price: $3.99

Final Word

It is pretty similar to how we learn an instrument such as guitar and get discouraged because we do not become pro at first go! Yes, it may seem like a haphazard. However, it takes time and effort to master the art and so would this game. 

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