Warframe Oxium Farming Guide: Best Places and Equipment for Farming

Warframe is an ARPG game that requires intense grinding of relics to make some progress in the game. All these different elements have different advantages in the longer run.

Today, we will be talking about one such element known as Oxium in Warframe. Despite the fact that it is just an uncommon element it is still hard to find this stuff. And, you can farm it by using several activities. Furthermore, if you use Oxium based weapons, believe us you are gonna need plenty of it. So, without any further delay, let’s have a look at the Oxium farm guide:

Best places to farm for Oxium

Oxium Farm Details

Oxium Osprey is also a Corpus unit just like many other uncommon items. So, theoretically, you should be able to farm it by doing any endless Corpus mission. However, that won’t work as you need it in big amounts to actually put it in some use. That said, these are places where you can easily farm Oxium:

  • Io (Jupiter): Ever since the game has remade Jupite, Io’s spawning rate has drastically improved with a huge army of enemies. To make sure your farm enough Oxium tries to survive at least 20 waves. Moreover, you could use a speed, Nova, in your group in order to improve your chances of winning… 
  • External Terminus (Pluto): This is most likely the best spot to cultivate for Oxium, however it accompanies a couple of difficulties. The most prominent being the potential spawn of Ambulas. You likewise need to battle Bursas toward the finish of each turn (so every five rounds), which can be stopped beneficial to farm Oxium. 
  • Corpus Excavations: If you get yourself a decent group, going into excavation missions with Corpus units is likewise a decent technique to increase a decent measure of Oxium. Make sure to get extra protection for the team in order to make the most out of this mission.
  • Corpus Survival: Most of the warframe Oxium farming groups prefer endurance missions over other missions. That can help you to some extent but these missions have to some degree a huge RNG component, essentially in light of the fact that you have to locate a decent camping spot and furthermore have a decent spawning rate. So, if you love doing survival missions then this is the right mission for you for farming Oxium.

These were some of the best places to farm Oxium in WarFrame. However, you need the right equipment to get the job done. So, now let’s have a look at the best equipment to complete your Oxium farm guide. 

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What is the best equipment for Oxium farming?

The common belief is that Nekros is the best for desecrating the bodies of Oxium Ospreys to collect Oxium. However, Oxium Ospreys explode on their death more often than not. So, it will only make your farming efforts go in vain. 
Now, you might be wondering, is there any other way to get the job done? Well, yes there is. You can use a Pilfering Khora with a good build. Along with that, you can equip it with augmented mod Pilfering Strangledome. Although the chances for a double loot is only “65%” by using this method. But on the bright side, you will get a lot more Oxium in survival or defense missions.

Extra sources for Oxium

The major source to get Oxium is to kill Oxium Ospreys, there are no two ways about that. However, it doesn’t mean there are no other ways. You can always rely on the storage containers, creates, and lockers while being on mission. Lastly, there are chances to get Oxium on bounty missions such as Cetus and Fortuna.


This wraps up our Oxium farm guide, we hope now you understand everything there is to know about warframe Oxium farming. If you liked this article then make sure to drop a comment in the comments section below.

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