Warframe damage types: Enemy weakness and other damage types

Warframe has been a complicated game. For a new player, there are so many things to be aware of and understand. It might seem a bit overwhelming. But there are different types of damages, vulnerabilities, elements, and much other stuff that just adds to the faction.

It’s time to dive into the understanding of the Warframe and its damage types.

Warframe Damage Types

All the damage that is dealt with by the different players will be shown by the HUD. That’s a huge number where is the combination of primary damage and the elemental damage is the mind. If you wish to know about the damage indicators, here are a few details:

  1. The default damage is white.
  2. Critical hits and stealth attacks show up as yellow.
  3. Orange crits are a stronger variant of the yellow crits.
  4. Red crits are a stronger variant of the orange crits.
  5. Damage against shields is blue, whereas damage against over shields shows up as purple.
  6. Damage against invulnerable enemies shows up as grey

Warframe has two damages: Primary and Elemental. We are going to cover both of these in detail below.

Primary Damage

Most of the weapons are present in the game have a combination of three damage types:

  • Impact (hammer), 
  • Puncture (a pin puncturing a wheel), and 
  • Slash (a blade). 

It is also said that the overall damage is dealt by a weapon which is an addition of all these different damage types. The best bass damage can be intensified with the usage of Serration mod (+165% damage).

So, make sure that you keep in mind that you do not need to add any physical damage to these weapons. Such as, it does not deal with any physical damage! Some of these weapons are Glaxion or Phage that will not deal with any physical damage.

Warframe damage type

Primary Damage Types and Weakness

Impact: There is a strong shield against all the enemies, and weak against the flesh tones. The proc deals remain shorter with the stagger effect. 

Slash: Slash is one strong damage type that is used against flesh-based enemies. Along with this, it also causes of bleeding effect is the tension of dealing with damage over the time. It becomes weak against the shields. Although, there is a great shield that is infested and it deals with true damage. Once proceeded, there is an ignored shield and the armor that deals with the true damage. You can consider this as the best damage in the game.

Puncture: It remains strong against the flash. Also the week against the armor. The puncturing process tries to minimize the incurring damage at least by 30% which becomes not really useful when there is a damage type such as a slash in the game.

Best Damage type: We have tried to explain above how slash remains the best of them all.

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Elemental Damage

It is a weapon that tries to deal and physical damage and can’t deal with the elemental damage did the usage of elemental damage Mod. If you take these and create these elements by mixing the two different elements, then the elemental damage is produced. It can be buffed further through the usage of different types of mods and dual stat mods.

Elemental Damage Types

Yet another weapon has the power to innate combined elemental damage with the type such as Blast for Lenz. If the weapon does only the physical damage, You can simply add more elemental damage using different elemental modes. All these elemental mods are for the combine to create damage and deal with the Blast, Corrosive, Gas, Magnetic, Radiation, or Viral.

Further explained:

There is a particular order where these mods are kept in a systematic manner. It also matters a lot! There is a hierarchy that begins from left to right and talks to the bottom. You can easily put multiple combined elemental damage types through a single weapon.

Let’s help you understand this better from an example. If you put the Hellfire or the Cryorounds on the Soma Prime, it will certainly create a deal blast damage.

  • Hellfire + Cryo Rounds = Blast Damage
  • Hellfire + Cryo Rounds = Blast Damage

Once you are the infected club to the combination, there will be a pattern that will deal with the blast + toxin damage.

Hellfire + Cryo Rounds + Infected Clip = Blast + Toxin Damage

And when you swap the hellfire that is combined with the infected clip, it provides a viral damage.

Cryo Rounds + Infected Clip = Viral Damage

Talking more about the elemental combinations and how these combinations are ideal for the faction, we have mentioned all the details below and this article. All the above mentioned details are just an example of how the modding work out.

Best Elemental Damage type: Although there is no ultimate elemental tie, it may very from one faction to another. It really depends on what you’re fighting with. So if you run across a build at all times, it is considered as an all-rounder.

All the weapons that already have innate combined elements are:

  • Penta (Blast), 
  • Nucor (Radiation), and 
  • Detron (Radiation) 

Whereas, all of them have their own type of how to deliver the damage. It cannot be changed however you tweak around with the mods. In addition to this, you can also add a few other combined elemental damage types. For example; you can add blast damage to the top of the radiation damage type.

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Understanding Enemy Weakness

Now let’s gather all the information on the knowledge from the above mentioned details to the right build for each faction.

Grineer – There are so many enemies are generally have a huge armor. It has a corrosive build, that must be running for all the grineer tileset missions.

Corpus – It has the following:

  • shields, 
  • magnetic damage that takes away 75% of their shield. Running a magnetic build along with viral damage might as well be great idea for these missions.

Unique Damage Types

There are a few unique damage types in this game that does not offer any kind of typical weapons.

True damage: The true damage happens when the damage type is completely ignored with the aspect of armor and a health. It can only be applied through the slash procs, finishers, and a few warframe abilities such as Ash’s Blade Storm.

Infested – All the interested enemies can be tanky as the mission progresses forward. To run a weapon, you would be requiring, Slash + corrosive damage to invest all the missions.

Corrupted Enemies – All the enemies are certainly found in the relic or the void opening missions. It is ideal to run a corrosive build for this kind of a situation.

Void: As they say, it can only be dealt with and is restricted by the Warframe’s operator. You can simply gain access to the operator once you have successfully fulfilled the war within the quest.

Tau: Tau remains a sentient energy attack damage.


This was a big no damage guide for all the readers out there. Do comment below if you think that we have missed out on any of them. We’ll be happy to assist and update the following on our list.

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