Top 5+ Risk of Rain 2 Mods

Risk of Rain 2 is one of the most enjoyable games you will ever play! If you are a Risk of Rain 2 player and want to add more spice to the game or make it more fun, then all you need are the best Risk of Rain 2 Mods. There are many Mods out there to make your game more amazing and happening. Here are few top Risk of Rain 2 Mods you must try to flavour your game:

Bigger Bazaar

Bigger bazar

Well, play it like a real business! Check how good you are at spending money. You can purchase items with cash or coins you earned in the levels. To play smart, try Temporary Lunar Coins if Lunar Coins are the mode of your payments. It makes the game more unusual, with features like six random items available for purchase.

After installing the Bazaar portal, the money you earned in the last level is not converted to make it possible for you to buy items. After leaving bazaar, your money is again converted into experience points. You can exchange Lunar coins or adjust the value of money in the config. With the new restriction configurations, you can limit the amount of buying per person.

Stats Display

Risk of rain

Let’s add more alertness or access to you about your levels, a number of enemies you killed in your every level after the end. It displays the stats of your characters in the game like damage after every hit, rate of fire, crit ratio, and more. You get to know where you lack in the game and how to deal with it. With this amazing Mod, you can understand what you need to cope with your weakness and win the game!

Diluvian Difficulty

Diluvian Difficulty

To add more thrill and make the game harder, here is the fantastic Diluvian Difficulty Mod. It has many modifiers like Elites, Shrine of Blood, Player Health Regeneration, Monster Health Regeneration, Difficulty scaling, Oneshot protection, Teleporter. You can play with your friends if all the players have the Mod.

Share Suite

share suite

Any games become more fun when you can play it with your friends. But while Playing Risk of rain 2 Wiki with the friends the drawback is that the items are sniped or steal by your friends which you purchased, in this case, most of the time only one player ends up getting all the things. Share suits solve this problem very well. It gives cash and duplicate of that particular item to every player after any person picks it.

So, you do not need to worry about the loot distribution while playing with your friends you can fearlessly enjoy playing with your friends with this Mod. 3D printers and Resequencing works only on the one who activated it not everyone else. Now you no longer need to get frustrated for someone else stealing your item you were saving for your friend. It has unique features like Item sharing, robust money spending/sharing system, shared equipment system, and ensures a balanced game.

Boss Item Drops

Boss items drop

There are a lot of items in the game; Boss items are unique and hard to get. This Boss item drops mod increases the chance of boss tier items dropping from their respective boss enemies. It allows Little Disciple, Queens Gland, Genesis Loop, and Titanic Knurl to drop from their bosses. It requires a dedicated or a host server to function this installed Mod. It’s a little and straightforward mod making the game more fun.

Items Stats Mod

Items stats mod

This is a fantastic beneficial mod that shows or notifies you whether the item is worth taking or not as soon as you point a mouse on it. It saves you from wasting money or coins on useless items. You get to know the value of items before buying to make a smart decision.

There are many other Mods available, but these are the best ones. So, enjoy the game like never before with these new and unique Mods! (

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